Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube

I am blown away by the sound these

two create together online even though it seems

they are not in the same place, or even the same town.


Check them out from the link (click on the pic) and tell me what you think on the comments below.

I will see pwhat I can learn about this talent phenomenon and Corey and Allison. Hope Cory’s lovely wife wont mind! Something to do on Australia Day when the heat and humidity are way above normal and the nearest bushfire threat is under control 9km away.

My part of NSW Australia

Float Your Boat

On Saturday evening Angela and I set off for the yacht club nearby to bag a good spot for watching the Float Your Boat Parade, a Lake Macquarie Council initiative. To give them credit they do try, and the event was a big success, with people travelling from as far as Singleton,87 kilometres up the Hunter Valley to view the spectacle

The flotilla of led light decorated boats was due to set sail this night at 6pm, so we found two surprisingly comfy outdoor chairs on the outside deck

and waited, and waited. It was so nice to be out in the evening for a change.

On checking the itinerary we learned the float-by was not due at our part of this big lake of many bays until after 8pm so we enjoyed a really tasty roast lamb dinner out on the deck in quite balmy air that was only just taking on a chill.

The water was very calm, reflecting all the lights around the lake’s edge.

The effect of the architect’s design is to feel as though one is sitting on the deck of an ocean-going luxury liner.

My better photos have to be uploaded from my ipad but these give an inkling of the bright colours of the shark, dinosaur, pineapple, red stilletto shoe, and sinking Titanic as they passed, then returned closer to give us a good look.

That was enough excitement for one day so we came home and tried casting our photos to my tv to see what we had taken on our phone cameras.

Xmas in July

Three of us have booked to go on the Nova Xmas in July cruise round Lake Macquarie in July.

Christmas in July as I know it started back in the 80s and it is only coincidence that I had said to the Branxton Inn proprietors that I wished we could have a full Xmas dinner in July when the weather is coldest because many of us from Europe really miss a winter Xmas but cant face a hot oven when the temperature outside here in Australia is 30C.

Over recent years seafood and salad picnic or barbeque on Xmas Day has become a new tradition, with fresh prawns replacing turkey, and the option of hot Xmas dinner in the chill of July.

The best ever traditional family Christmas dinner I ever had was at the home of Rita and the late John Rayner when I went back to Worksop, UK. It had everything a Xmas dinner should have, including the flaming brandy on the Christmas pudding, but that is a story in itself! The crisp white tablecloth on the dining table, candles and cystal. Wonderful roast dinner. Lots of laughing. A storybook lovely Christmas Day in frosty December.

The other best family Xmas dinner I remember was just after my parents died a year apart and Anne and Richard Backhouse of Worksop invited me to join their grown up sons plus some Asian visitors in their warm and loving Christmas Day. The visitors had never experienced this event and loved it.

My sister in upmarket Chesire does a very impressive modern take on the day that starts with champagne and orange juice wonderful brunch to keep us going till turkey time, which is a separate feast. Absolutely worthy of an entire spread in Horse and Hounds.

So in July, around 1980, the Branxton Inn put on a full Xmas Dinner, Xmas tree, decorations, crackers and all, and it was wonderful! Each year they were booked out. The event started popping up everywhere, and is now an established tradition.

Karen,Paul,Pam and I did a lovely Xmas in July once at a country resort at Wyong. Log fire and all. Country walks by the lake. Xmas Party in the Hall. Nice memories.

Last year my ‘nearly-daughter’ and former flatmate, Angela, did the Xmas in July cruise round Newcastle Harbour. It is not a big boat but just a big enough crowd to be relaxed and friendly. The meal was turkey and ham buffet which was easy to handle. We tootled around the harbour and up the channel in perfect weather for a couple of hours watching the view mainly from inside the saloon while a cruise-style entertainer did his bit. Great fun!

This year Nova cruises are offering the same here on lake Maquarie on my doorstep for only $63! $59 for concession holders.

Karen Ang and myself are already booked.

Helloo sailor! Sorry…Helloo Santa!

Ñote: photos are taken through tinted windows.

“Manic Mobility Scooter Terrorises Village” on YouTube

NOTE: The subtitles are nothing to do with me, and often incorrect, as someone pointed out. Don’t know how to delete them.

Norman, our new neighbour aged 92, against the wishes of his daughter has 2Day purchased a mobility scooter. Since he always does everything at top speed it was no surprise to find him speeding around he pathways of the village in a dangerous manner. When I catch up with him here on the video he has just crashed very loudly into his outdoor furniture while trying to reverse into his place for the first time!I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. If you watch carefully you’llsee him keep popping up in different areas in the video. He’s going ing to be quite dangerous unless they manage to slow him down and I could quite easily get run over stepping out of my face? please it’s take has taken me uages to get this to upload to YouTube so you could see it. the other thing that happens is that Ros has come to me for help because she can’t get the garage to unlock with the remote control hardly surprising since she’s not using the remote control but trying to do it with her car keys!