Bedroom Makeover -Something from Nothing

Update on the Bohemian Fairy bedroom : new

The silk pillowcase adds a touch of luxury.

Just adding an accent cushion can change the mood. Embroidered this gears ago

from My House. Love it! Feels so nice. The bobble effect is so cute and it was the only one left in db size to fit my king single bed. Exactly what I was looking for and on special, so it fitted the something from nothing criteria.

Only the bedside table tops to do and Ive bought an oyster effect marbling kit to try. (See update below) Even a vision-impaired person can come up with something, no? Checking YouTube videos.

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In slideshow: French cafe curtains new from eBay.Paper balls from discount shop

Aldi drawers with added pink glass rose knobs. Treasure chest blanket box by Andrew Hobson

Where this story began!

Note: The mood board

I have started a mood board for my new bedroom design.

The new adjustable bed has replaced my white modern wood bed. that I really liked and has been a great improvement for health and sleeping but the whole dynamic of the bedroom is now wrong.

Actually, doesnt look too bad here

My main problem is now the placement of the bedside cabinets, known elsewhere as nightstands. This is a common problem, according to the Houzz website, because when an adjustable frame and mattress elevate, they block access to the table, which is now behind the mattress and out of reach.

One has to be a contortionist, risk falling out of what is now a raised platform, to reach back. Many suggestions have been put forward but there is obviously a market for the solution.

Ive not helped my back, trying various solutions, and dragging pieces of furniture around. There is simply no more space in The Bijou Abode for one more floor item.

The answer comes back to my original two-drawer bedside table. It is the right height, but when in the ideal position now the bed raises.

Which is where the Ikea NOT uplighter lamps come in. The switch is on the loose cable so moveable. The angle led lamp will shine over my shoulder for reading, etc, while uplights always provide a soft ambience. They will stand in the space behind the cabinets, leaving more free space on the tabletop.

The original chabby chic of the matching tables had progressed to beyond distressed!

When shabby chic has passed even distressed. Trying silver colour – and here it is. So much better. How we did it on a link below.

Update: Silver cabinet and charcoal marble top. The marble effect is still drying Here is how I did it

Click here: The full story of the cabinet makeover

Extra large cushion from discount shop. Eiffel Tower in diamantes. Love bling!

French cafe’ curtain lets more fresh air in at night but is double layered for privacy. $20 new from eBay. The satin damask curtains were $20 new from the bargain shop at Jewells and wash & drip dry. The tasselled tiebacks cost $5. Paper party balls. $2.50 same shop. The fabric roses were a leftover from my Godaughter, Ainslie’s wedding.

I found the bedhead substitute in my favourite local garden centre, Cherry Road, at Elebana. Made in India, designed for outdoor rooms, it was just what I had in mind to fasten to the wall high enough not to be dislodged by the raising of that end of the bed.

Even better, it was on special for $90! I put it on lay-by till after Xmas the Gail and I picked it up after having lunch in the cafe there. I put in a request for our village Maintenance Consultant aka Terrific Trevor, our helpful Handyman.

It was touch and go whether the very heavy wood carving could be safely mounted above the bed, but Trev came back with a plan, and a concrere drill. It wil never move bow. I love it!

Now for the bedside lights, wood tops for the bedside cabinets and a safer safety rail. Looking for a satin bedcover.

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