Dragon Days – story

One day, when the sun was shining, all the baby dragons in Paula’s house decided to go and play in the woodland.
Mummy dragon, whose real name was Paula, had said they could go on their own this time, because she was waiting for the arrival of their new brother or sister – or both, or two boys or two girls. You never knew with dragons!
Before they set off Paula told them where to find food and drink in the woodland. Then Brown and Spot all set off together with Freddy and Lulu, but being dragons they soon wandered off in different directions.

Spot found the shady pool by the big rock first and the tree root with lots of yummy witchety grubs. 
He wasnt greedy, and left plenty for his siblings. One by one they shuffled into the clearing, tired but happy. They had a great picnic of fresh witchety grubs, green pond weed with slime, and water. When they get bigger, Spot told them, they would be able to throw flame from their tongues to hsve barbecued witchety grubs! “Oooooh”, they all said together.

For the rest of the afternoon the tiny dragons played together; running under the waterfall, sploshing in the mud on the edge of the pond then jumping ‘splat’ into the water, swimming around pretending to be the Loch Ness Monster and making each other laugh so much!

When the shadows came over the pond they knew it was time to go home for tea. They went in a line, like elephants do, and followed Brown home through the trees.

They had a great surprise when they got home. The newest little dragon had arrived! It was curled up in a basket at Mummy’s side, fast asleep. They all came over to see their new brother, very quietly, and Mummy gave them all a hug to show they were special too.

Grandma Dragon had arrived to visit and she made them toasted crumpets with honey to celebrate. Guess how Grandma toasted those crumpets? Then they all curled up together in.their big bed of soft ferns and fell fast asleep. The End….for now!
©Eunice C English

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