Dream On 🏖

In Harthilll, England, stands a ruined barn. It faces a castle motte from Norman times. The castle itself has gone but the old walls are nice. Harthill is a nice friendly village in Nottinghamshire, England. An ice cream van sits by the pond most days, selling its own Parnhams ice cream from a machine. .ItContinue reading “Dream On 🏖”

Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!

Here in Australia we were so proud to see baby Archie wearing the tiny sheepskin boots given to him by retired Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, on our behalf. Called Ugg boots here for as long as I remember (although there has been a legal challenge to the brand name from outside the country) theyContinue reading “Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!”

Get in line girls He’s mine!

Tucked away at the bottom of the Topics column today was a snippet that made my day. Mr D’Arcy and his wife have finally separated. Whoopee!At last he can be mine! Cutting back on chocs and Christmas pud immediately. Never mind a New Year Resolution. What better incentive go hit the gym and finally startContinue reading “Get in line girls He’s mine!”

She Really Did It!

Just as I was writing the follow-up to my friend Naomi Allen’s headshave event, the news announced that raging bushfires had reached the little town where she and her family lives! I nearly died with shock. I knew she hadn’t been well that morning. ‘The boys were very scared’ was a bit of an understatementContinue reading “She Really Did It!”

Musical Bathroom Chairs

I’m hating this old person thing, buying all these aids, such as a deep sided dinner plate, but I do love my new bathroom chair in the shower. Quite expensive through my Occupational Therapist, but there now case of those split- second blackouts I have now and then. My bathroom is tiny but easy-clean lowContinue reading “Musical Bathroom Chairs”

A Fridge That Does Your Shopping

You know that moment when you are in the supermarket aisle and you know there is something missing in the fridge that you were going to replace, but can’t remember? Or you wonder which vegetables you wanted and you wish you could just ring your fridge and ask it to tell you? Well now youContinue reading “A Fridge That Does Your Shopping”

Take the Grandchildren!

Australia has many unique animals. Our family used to love visiting the Reptile Park, especially Eric the huge crocodile. You dont need to worry about the snakes there. They help provide anti-venom that goes out to save lives. heck them, and everything from cute koalas and huge hairy spider to baby Tasmanian Devils out atContinue reading “Take the Grandchildren!”

Balloons and Tristan the Twister

How lovely must it be to have a Daddy who is a magician! Daisy and Willow could tell you. I came across these photos taken years ago when I first met my magic young friend, Tristan the Twiister, or Tristan Stothard. He was entertaining at The Lockeeper during lunch, blowing and twisting bright balloons intoContinue reading “Balloons and Tristan the Twister”

An Easy and Fun (Free) App for Photos and Videos

I have reached the stage where I am up to my ears (new headphones) in technology but I have found a (previously recommended somewhere) little free app at Google Play Store by Movavi.com that starts by showing you how to edit bits of videos or add photos, then it is fairly easy to follow theContinue reading “An Easy and Fun (Free) App for Photos and Videos”

Really Helpful and Positive PD Video

https://www.davisphinneyfoundation.org/video/the-pd-you-dont-see/I have found these the least daunting and most helpful sources of information regarding Parkinsons and living with it. Families and caregivers may recognise some concerns they may have, and be able to accept that is why we are behaving this way. Perhaps then the family doctor or specialist can be consulted.Some PD vids scareContinue reading “Really Helpful and Positive PD Video”

The Nicest Thing You Can Say

“I forget you have Parkinsons” my helper said as I was struggling to get out of tthe car after our two hour outing. For a professional to say that was praise indeed, for I try hard to stay on top of it. We had set off for the little shopping centre at Jewells with theContinue reading “The Nicest Thing You Can Say”

Need Peace and Soothing?

“I will give you rest.” https://pray-as-you-go.org/p/o/2520 A really nice, gentle app with lovely music, a daily word from the Scrptures, short prayer and gentle love. No shouting, accusing or upsetting. My counselling friend, Kim, plays the daily message in her car on the way yo work. I find it gently soothes me before I goContinue reading “Need Peace and Soothing?”

The Olive Tree Wedding Gift – Update

Update:. The Queen was very pleased to hear about the tree planting inspired by, and now part of, her Commonwealth Canopy initiative. Recently she sent me a lovely letter in response to my sending her the story. It may not be the done thing to discuss it but I will say that I was soContinue reading “The Olive Tree Wedding Gift – Update”

Its Pleasant Peasant Pizza Night!

My kitchen smells divine, and Rustic Italin.I used to go out with a rustic Italian. Too tired to do much, but made a pizza to share with my neighour. Not being one for following tradition, and espousing Dominos, I add herbs to my plain flour, and minced garlic, before adding the olive oil and yeastContinue reading “Its Pleasant Peasant Pizza Night!”

Float Your Boat

On Saturday evening Angela and I set off for the yacht club nearby to bag a good spot for watching the Float Your Boat Parade, a Lake Macquarie Council initiative. To give them credit they do try, and the event was a big success, with people travelling from as far as Singleton,87 kilometres up theContinue reading “Float Your Boat”

Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist

Note: clicking on the blue lettering should lead to my Youtube videos. You may need to tap the speaker icon to unmute and the square in the bottom right-hand corner to turn it sideways! Please comment below if it doesn’t worķ. x Do You Like Elvis? Phil Nicholson’s voice is uncannily like the late ElvisContinue reading “Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist”

Xmas in July

Three of us have booked to go on the Nova Xmas in July cruise round Lake Macquarie in July. Christmas in July as I know it started back in the 80s and it is only coincidence that I had said to the Branxton Inn proprietors that I wished we could have a full Xmas dinnerContinue reading “Xmas in July”

In Agony! Myself to Blame – older post found in Drafts

Woke up feeling great and keen to plant up my latest self-watering pots. Noticed my left arm was slow to react to messages like picking up potting mix but managed very well. The burning pain increasing in my abdomen made it hard to focus but I pottered on for three hours in all, including aContinue reading “In Agony! Myself to Blame – older post found in Drafts”

Herbs and Statins Can be bad for Pparkinsons – older post

Been feeling worse daily since temporary doc put me back on statins I had stopped taking in UK. Insisted ..suvastatin would be bettter than pprevious Lipitor. Heard that lemon thym tea was good for fibro. Oops made mine with lemon sage from garden not tthyme plant. Drank pot full. Ill all yesterday but lemon thymeContinue reading “Herbs and Statins Can be bad for Pparkinsons – older post”

I had the Best Day! Qwirkle!

Recently I met an interesting young man and learned to play Qwirkle! Jonathon Bridge and Katie Butler came by Uber to our community room where we met up with Philip Atkins from Uniting to discuss Jonathon’s idea as a Young Entrepreneur With Disability of taking his passion for table games to engage people in theContinue reading “I had the Best Day! Qwirkle!”

Our Start in Australia

As told to the Newcastle Herald: Best Place in the World Herald history writer Mike Scanlon’s piece on the Greta migrant camp last Saturday brought back memories for Belmont’s Eunice C English. Eunice arrived in Australia as a migrant in 1972. “The Greta camp had gone, but we began our new life in Singleton. WeContinue reading “Our Start in Australia”

Letter to The Editor (humour)

A local designer/manufacturer has had one of her bikinis featured in ‘Sports Illustrated’, says our local paper: I was very pleased to see that Nicole Lucas is planning on expanding her recycled bikini range into what she deliciously calls her curve range, rather than extra-.large. Then I saw it only stretches to a size 18,Continue reading “Letter to The Editor (humour)”

The Height of Crazy!

Once you stop caring what other people really think life becomes a lot more fun! For instance I can now swing from the chandelier – literally ! I mentioned before my love of glass and the more my sight deteriorates the more I like sparkly. If you look carefully at the photos of Matt andContinue reading “The Height of Crazy!”

What a Waste of an Hour

When you decide to use the çhat service rather than going through the offshore operator service to get your tablet fixed (not). The following is a record of your online chat. General Info Chat start time Sat, ***** 06:03:34 GMT Chat end time Sat, ***** 07:02:51 GMT Duration (actual chatting time) 00:59:16 Operator Erickson ChatContinue reading “What a Waste of an Hour”

Im a Level Four!

Which in government terms means I have one leg practically hanging off, or am at deaths door OR – there is a general election in the next few weeks. Well they have my vote. This means funding is now available for a few hours more support through my agency, Uniting. Take note though I haveContinue reading “Im a Level Four!”

My Badly Spelled Easter Poem

Badly Spelt Easter Bunny Im a funny Easter bunny I don’t like eggs I don’t like hunny (Tho Pooh does) Don’t have a house And I don’t need munny I eat my veg But it must be carrots Or maybe greens Not seeds for parrots (yuk!) Im not a furry Critter in a hurry I’mContinue reading “My Badly Spelled Easter Poem”

As Expected

We all knew it would happen and after a good start at 8 a.m. stripping off the quilt cover,putting on the washing, putting clothes away from yesterday’s washing , taking the garbage and recycling along to the bin, gone on up to the mailbox on the top level and down the three levels of theContinue reading “As Expected”

Lee Holmes Healthy Diet

Like me Lee Holmes had fibromyalgia which made her very tired, sick and sore. She was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and after much research has come up with healthy eating that contains a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric. It all made sense and I have come home not with her latest bookContinue reading “Lee Holmes Healthy Diet”

Downturn unedited voice to text

Corrected version in progress below this: There is no point in keeping a diary even online if I don’t tell it how it is and today and yesterday how been difficult days. I am very conscious eye deterioration in my condition especially mentally. I am just getting on top of it which is why I’mContinue reading “Downturn unedited voice to text”

Tiger Moth Near Miss

I wrote this last week but forgot to publish! Blacksmiths Beach New South Wales https://maps.app.goo.gl/AMDj7 They were talking about having hallucinations with Parkinson’s at the clinic and yesterday I thought I had had one. I was at the computer, heard a plane going low over the village that I thought might have been one ofContinue reading “Tiger Moth Near Miss”

BUTLINS: the holiday you never forget -no matter how hard you try

Before I tell you my memories, visit the camps on Youtube: Butlins Holiday Camp and the other place I had a great holiday with Marilyn Noon/Kilner and her parents, age 15:Trailer for Derbyshire Miners HC One of the band’s that played at DMHC. Photos taken at the pool: Roy Dwain and the Roamers From Wikipedia:Continue reading “BUTLINS: the holiday you never forget -no matter how hard you try”

Non-slip socks for Parkinson’s experiment

click here Seniors Magazine is carrying this story about some special socks. I noticed several people wearing socks with bright coloured rubber dots on the shsoles during my dance class the other day. Seems like a good idea as shoes can restrict movements and circulation plus they look very comfy. I can’t make it tooContinue reading “Non-slip socks for Parkinson’s experiment”

Poyetry (sic)

Haven’t done a poyum in ages no lovelorn laments Rants and cross rages Came up with some thoughts Just a moment ago Then I blinked and forgot… ………. maybe it’s good that lately life has not given me much to complain aboutor be driven perhaps it is good to be sitting content thinking I mustContinue reading “Poyetry (sic)”

All Done for Another Year

We had our picnic dinner inside with the aircon since it was hot outside. We had the Apricot Liqueur and watched The Greatest Showman on dvd. Might write more tomorrow but now Im lying down listening to Tripwire by Lee Child with a box of After Eight mints. Been a really good Xmas Day.

Watch “Power for Parkinson’s Move & Shout: Full-Length At-Home Exercise Class” on YouTube

click to see video Darn, Im working between the phone and the tablet while doing a disk check on my laptop and I’m just taken a photo to add and finished my little story but a jerky finger has hit ttrash and it’s gone from both devices. Anyway it’s worth clicking on the link toContinue reading “Watch “Power for Parkinson’s Move & Shout: Full-Length At-Home Exercise Class” on YouTube”