Musical Bathroom Chairs

I’m hating this old person thing, buying all these aids, such as a deep sided dinner plate, but I do love my new bathroom chair in the shower. Quite expensive through my Occupational Therapist, but there now case of those split- second blackouts I have now and then. My bathroom is tiny but easy-clean lowContinue reading “Musical Bathroom Chairs”

The Nicest Thing You Can Say

“I forget you have Parkinsons” my helper said as I was struggling to get out of tthe car after our two hour outing. For a professional to say that was praise indeed, for I try hard to stay on top of it. We had set off for the little shopping centre at Jewells with theContinue reading “The Nicest Thing You Can Say”

Med Appts Are the New Hot Dates

There was a time when seeing a good-looking doctor could at least brighten the day but now all my doctors are either children or young females so that takes the shine off that. We are still trying to coordinate carer transport and medical appointments which nearly sent me round the twist this morning. First IContinue reading “Med Appts Are the New Hot Dates”

Flying Not So High But Thrilled

Photo courtesy Airborne Flight Training Going up tandem in a motorised hanglider, or microlight (we used to call the ultralights) is one of the best experiences of my life, and I highly recommend going up for a bird’s eye view of the world while the wind rushes past. Coming down to land is such anContinue reading “Flying Not So High But Thrilled”

I had the Best Day! Qwirkle!

Recently I met an interesting young man and learned to play Qwirkle! Jonathon Bridge and Katie Butler came by Uber to our community room where we met up with Philip Atkins from Uniting to discuss Jonathon’s idea as a Young Entrepreneur With Disability of taking his passion for table games to engage people in theContinue reading “I had the Best Day! Qwirkle!”

Letter to The Editor (humour)

A local designer/manufacturer has had one of her bikinis featured in ‘Sports Illustrated’, says our local paper: I was very pleased to see that Nicole Lucas is planning on expanding her recycled bikini range into what she deliciously calls her curve range, rather than extra-.large. Then I saw it only stretches to a size 18,Continue reading “Letter to The Editor (humour)”

The Height of Crazy!

Once you stop caring what other people really think life becomes a lot more fun! For instance I can now swing from the chandelier – literally ! I mentioned before my love of glass and the more my sight deteriorates the more I like sparkly. If you look carefully at the photos of Matt andContinue reading “The Height of Crazy!”

Im a Level Four!

Which in government terms means I have one leg practically hanging off, or am at deaths door OR – there is a general election in the next few weeks. Well they have my vote. This means funding is now available for a few hours more support through my agency, Uniting. Take note though I haveContinue reading “Im a Level Four!”

As Expected

We all knew it would happen and after a good start at 8 a.m. stripping off the quilt cover,putting on the washing, putting clothes away from yesterday’s washing , taking the garbage and recycling along to the bin, gone on up to the mailbox on the top level and down the three levels of theContinue reading “As Expected”

Poyetry (sic)

Haven’t done a poyum in ages no lovelorn laments Rants and cross rages Came up with some thoughts Just a moment ago Then I blinked and forgot… ………. maybe it’s good that lately life has not given me much to complain aboutor be driven perhaps it is good to be sitting content thinking I mustContinue reading “Poyetry (sic)”