A Wolf in The Forest

Im just in the process of looking back at the things I have done, now I have more time and am in the process of trying to keep my brain creative while my body is deciding what to do with itself. This is what I call one of my word paintings, published in Wolf WarriorsContinue reading “A Wolf in The Forest”

My Badly Spelled Easter Poem

Badly Spelt Easter Bunny Im a funny Easter bunny I don’t like eggs I don’t like hunny (Tho Pooh does) Don’t have a house And I don’t need munny I eat my veg But it must be carrots Or maybe greens Not seeds for parrots (yuk!) Im not a furry Critter in a hurry I’mContinue reading “My Badly Spelled Easter Poem”

Poyetry (sic)

Haven’t done a poyum in ages no lovelorn laments Rants and cross rages Came up with some thoughts Just a moment ago Then I blinked and forgot… ………. maybe it’s good that lately life has not given me much to complain aboutor be driven perhaps it is good to be sitting content thinking I mustContinue reading “Poyetry (sic)”