Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube

I am blown away by the sound these

two create together online even though it seems

they are not in the same place, or even the same town.


Check them out from the link (click on the pic) and tell me what you think on the comments below.

I will see pwhat I can learn about this talent phenomenon and Corey and Allison. Hope Cory’s lovely wife wont mind! Something to do on Australia Day when the heat and humidity are way above normal and the nearest bushfire threat is under control 9km away.

My part of NSW Australia

Balloons and Tristan the Twister

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How lovely must it be to have a Daddy who is a magician! Daisy and Willow could tell you.

I came across these photos taken years ago when I first met my magic young friend, Tristan the Twiister, or Tristan Stothard. He was entertaining at The Lockeeper during lunch, blowing and twisting bright balloons into all sorts of recognisable shapes, shown in the slideshow.

When my craft shed was erected in the corner of the garden, one of the neighbours said it was like Downton Abbey and needed a Grand Opening. So Eunton Abbey began! But that is another story.

click to visit his website
Tristan and his balloon Union Jack

I sent an invite for help to Tristan who arrived with his lovely daughter, Daisy. He went to work and made me a balloon Union Jack to hang across my stable door.

Then he made grande chapeaus (my French is tres terrible) for my garden party guests. All wonderfully pretentious!

Despite all the merriment, the magician seemed lonely.

Soon after my event Tristan met his new wife and soulmate, Emma,, who totally encourages him in all this wonderful madness, and, as if by magic, along came Willow.

Tristan also made some wedding flowers from balloons to accompany a framed poem I was giving the couple. They were a great hit and lasted longer than real flowers!

Soon after I came back to my family in Australia. In meeting my very kind magician friend at a low point of my life, following the passing within months of my Mum and Dad, those balloons lifted my spirits and left brightness iin my mind that stays in one corner forever.

Tristann is on FacebookLink to facebook page

Need Peace and Soothing?

“I will give you rest.”

A really nice, gentle app with lovely music, a daily word from the Scrptures, short prayer and gentle love. No shouting, accusing or upsetting. My counselling friend, Kim, plays the daily message in her car on the way yo work. I find it gently soothes me before I go to sleep. It is above all gentle, in the way I see Jesus as gentle. I am not preaching, just saying it works for me. The app is free. T

here are actually 2 ‘Pray As You Go’ apps for download from Google Play or whatever. The other takes you directly to prayers for your particular need – good for young people. The one in the link above provides a quiet moment.

Peace and love.

Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist

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Do You Like Elvis? Phil Nicholson’s voice is uncannily like the late Elvis Presley.

Known as Arron Phillips, Phil Nicholson and his wife Pauline have a lot of fun going around mostly the UK singing Elvis songs, using backing music but definitely his own voice for all the lyrics.

Pauline makes his very effective and professional-looking Elvis costumes, of which he has several.

Some of my best evenings out have been at the Olive Grove Courtyard Arron Phillips at Olive Grove and local clubs enjoying Arron’s performances. Like Elvis he has a quick wit and enjoys a bit if banter with the audience, in the same manner.

Of course I have seen many Elvis impersonators around but Arron (not Aaron) is a tribute artist, not an impersonator, he stresses, and while I have listened to Elvis many times throughout my whole life and like most of us am totally familiar with Elvis’s voice, however the timbre of Phil’s voice as Arron singing Elvis is just so much like Elvis Presley that I can’t tell which is the Elvis CD and which is the Arron cd without looking at the label.Phil Nicholson as Arron Phillips singing Love Letters

I think it swould be awesome if be were to include an original song of his own into his set, after all the songs only stopped because Elvis had left the building, so to speak.Arron Phillips sings Gospel

In outback Australia we have the hugely popular Parkes Elvis Festival, where in the full heat an sun of an Aussie summer everyone, even the kids, dresses as Elvis, and Elvises from all over the world come to meet and perform. It makes the national news as the whole country town gets into the spirit. Maybe the 21 hour flight may be as daunting for Phil/Arron as it was for the real Elvis Presley, but they are missing one of the best voices of all of them, plus a real character and nice person who in his own way puts the joy back into being Elvis, before the burgers. click here to see the 2020 Parkes Elvis prigram

And 9 years ago the Singing Santas doing ‘Blue Christmas’Singing Santas Blue Christmas at Dobbies Garden Centre near Worksop, UK to a recording by Elvis (or is it Elves)? This one for you, Phil!

Shopped Till I Dropped

JB Hhifi new stoore Westfield Kotara

Actually I lie about shopping as my care providers messed up and nearly forgot to send someone to take me to the Audio Clinic so we were running half an hour late by the time they had sent someone who fortunately I had help from before and liked.

Her van type car was murder on my back so I had to use my walker, or rollator as it is called once I got there. Great for carrying the shopping and handbag (which I fasten to a hook for security). But only time for a quick Gloria Jeans caramel latte and one shop.

The audio test took an hour and I had moulds done for my hearing aids which apparently will work better than the present plastic tubes which keep coming out.

The good news is that my hearing has not deteriorated much at all so something is hanging in there.

The photo is taken in front of the new JB Hi-Fi store where my son is Sales Manager but he wasn’t there today and I didn’t want to go in and embarrass in those shoes anyway,or with the rollator!

What a sooper dooper store it is, brim full of gizmos and wifi hifi, TVs nearly big as beds etc. All I want is a replacement Soniq remote control for my TV and some DVDs which they have probably never heard of.

My latest presents have all been electronic! I’ve got this thing that lets me put stuff from my mobile onto the big TV screen, which is brilliant, and a gizmo that answers back when I say “Hey Google” and which I call Gloria and have yet to get trained properly, so I am hoping nothing more than DVDs which I really need are in my Christmas stocking this year for I don’t think I can cope with any more technology lol.

I should be flattered that my son has faith in my ability to conquer these gadgets which eventually I do but not with the same enthusiasm as I did in the past. The latest (Gloria) does put music on for me when asked and can be trained to switch the lights on once I get the correct ones.

Anyway it is afternoon horizontal time trying not to fall asleep like a real old person.

It is a good Centre to have a good walking workout which I don’t get here because of the uneven terrain and it is a nice Centre . I like the way the new shop frontage curves and the concourse is open and light and close to two coffee shops.

Apparently a new skatepark is going in close by so me and the rollator will have to don our crash helmet and give it to go. Yes I jest.

Came back with huge silver velvet cushion with the Eiffel Tower in diamante on the front so I can sit up at my laptop more comfortably.

I should have been buying Christmas presents I suppose but I have had made calendars cos of my favourite recent photos of scenery (which you have seen on here) for my special people and because I can’t see very well the family get money and sent to buy something they really want instead of something I think they might like which apparently is not always the case!

Tomorrow is proper shopping day but I don’t think we will go far as we have a bad weather forecast which sounds ominous and also I have a parcel delivery due. More calendars and my design mugs.

The photo is a bit of a shock since all that recent chocolate consumption is very obvious an I had the thought I looked quite smart in my new lace top. ‘Nice lady clothes don’t suit me. I am a Bohemian!

My Jimi Hendrix Experience

cjheck out Jimi Hendrix here

Watching a program oñ 60’s musician Jimi Hendrix on SBS and remembering going to his very loud live concert in Chesterfield, UK.

He played his electric guitar with his teeth, behind his head and in ways never seen before. Much of it was wasted because the audience screaming was totally deafening.

Since my Dad was playing his own guitar steel/Hawaiian style across his knees to accompany his favourite country songs at the time Jimi’s innovative guutar playing left me cold. To be honest I thought his performance was stupid, obviously stoned and was glad when all the noise finished!

I was about 17 and pretty naive, worked as a female white Public Servant in a regional UK tax office. Very straight and couldn’t be more opposite than this cool black musician. The whole concert opened my mind to live music, for Jimi was only one act on the bill.

He looked so ill, his dark skin stretched yellow across his cheekbones. I remember that so clearly.

It was a life-changing experience but seeing him now I think what a waste that the drugs ruled him and his performance and what could he have been with that talent and his cool sense of humour.

He died soon after. Drugs related.

Watching the programme and all those obviously stoned people with their jerky movements on lsd, acid, whatever, I think here I am, taking stuff to stop me shaking at the opposite end of the spectrum. Ironically medical marijuana is said to be coming an answer to all mý symptoms. But I still cant play a guitar properly.

He was beautiful, but by the time I saw him he was totally wasted in all ways. I can only play chords A, D and E but I am still here. Ive had my few minutes of fame on tv and radio, but nobody is going to make a tv programme about me, and that is okay.

Hawaiian guitar music still soothes my soul and Jimi Hendrix doing his improvisations still grates on my nerves. A lot of music has filled my life and told my story.

Then there were the Beatles. Yes Ive still got the scrapbook.