Med Appts Are the New Hot Dates

Definitely not my desk

There was a time when seeing a good-looking doctor could at least brighten the day but now all my doctors are either children or young females so that takes the shine off that.

We are still trying to coordinate carer transport and medical appointments which nearly sent me round the twist this morning. First I have to ring my care service to see when they have scheduled my regular helper because they have a habit of changing times, which I forgive as I am in the habit of changing it too for emergencies so it works both ways.

Then I find we are going to be a bit short of time for the appointment I have made for next week. So I ring back the skin clinic and see if they can bring it forward yes. But I have already put it all in the phone calendar with a reminder an hour before and all that stuff.

So I go back to my care service to say when did they say my helper was starting and they said 11:45 and I said that was good because I now had made made my appointment for 12 15 in Charlestown, pause for thought, I did I say that I’m trying to read my very big print notes which says Gail comes at 11. 15 Dr 11:45. and if that waswhat I have put that in my calendar well that is what it will have to be because I am turning up at 11:45 at the skin clinic whatever.

So that is one appointment done now I have to get ready for my eye clinic appointment that until yesterday I had forgotten about it because I have had visitors and my whole schedule is out of whack and I don’t know what day it is. I would have known today was Thursday if the Gardeners had come yesterday as they always did on a wednesday but now the village has sent the Gardeners packing who were a lovely little team of garden gnomes and have hired contractors who have not been seen yet so the courtyard is becoming a mess without their leaf blower every week. But that is a minor problem.

It was a big mistake to wake up at 6 a.m. and decide to get up to get things done when my brain is decided it’s not going to function till after 11 a.m. .

Today should have been shopping social day with my helper my but I have overspent during my cruise and trips to the garden centre plus the retail therapy handbag previously mentioned and I had my online groceries delivered and paid for yesterday and I have to come up with $500 upfront to have a needle stuck in my eye at 12:45. I think it’s a good idea to curtail the shopping anyway.

Now I did say my appointment was at 12:45 didn’t I?

Later: Sooooo, c can only blame lack of sleep but I was only just showered and dressed when my helper arrived at 11:15 and we set off for the eye specialist and arrived there at 11:45 a.m. Yes you know just 11.45 when I had just said about my appointment was 12:45. Oops. That worked out ok as we had time to go across to the shopping complex and check out the mobile phones at JB Hi-Fi plus HP computer tower I had ordered without actually looking at it and found a new midnight blue Delonghi kettle on special or $69 which I texted to my son would be a great idea for my birthday in September ! Well he gets it at discount.

By then there was only just time to get back for my appointment and my helper had to leave me there aas arranged because it was nearly 2 hours before I actually went in for my eye injection, and after 3pm when my taxi dropped me home $30 poorer. 4 hours of not fun, apart from the laughs Gail and I had along the way.

Such is my social life. The only hot in my hot date was the new date in my calendar and warm latte we got from the bistro next door.

Does Retail Therapy Kill Pain?

Well that got your attention! I did find the most wonderful bag today which has been made locally in Belmont and was so nice and well done with lots of inside pockets and the smell of leather that it simply had to come home with me.

At the time I felt no pain apart from a little twinge of guilt that it was too expensive, but then it was 30% off so that made it a bargain, right? Retail logic beats financial restraint every time.

silk and leather bag by Which Bag?

Ive been looking for a bag that will fit upright into the basket of my Harley – rollator with a flap that comes down over the front to prevent pilfering. Tick. It slides into the front basket easily. Tick. Wont keep tumbling off like my silver leather backpack did. Tick. The strap reaches round the handlebar to hold on to. Double tick. Bright enough to find easily, and it makes me feel good. Lots of ticks.

Funny how a new handbag can make a girl feel special.

And it is perfect to take on my Xmas in July lake cruise on Tuesday.

Well Merry Christmas to me!

Sheryl Keating and Brooke Galea are the designers and makers of each individual bag. Here is some detail from their Facebook sales site.

Its Pleasant Peasant Pizza Night!

My kitchen smells divine, and Rustic Italin.I used to go out with a rustic Italian. Too tired to do much, but made a pizza to share with my neighour.

Not being one for following tradition, and espousing Dominos, I add herbs to my plain flour, and minced garlic, before adding the olive oil and yeast mixture I have kick-started as dried yeast in a cup of warm water with a pinch of sugar.

By the time I am ready to go it is frothing at the bit and hot to trot. I mix it all together using a knife, gathering it all together, then …timer weñt. Here it is

Actually the photos don’t do it justice, there looks to bè way too much cheese while the thinly cut ham is hiding. Ìt is actually a pleasant blend of flavours; ham cheese pineapple mushroom, à tiny bit of onion and mozzarella thinky slice, topped with shaved oarneañover a garlic and herb base that acts as garlic and herb bread combined. The crispy but soft-inside base is spread with chunky Italian pasta sauce instead of stronger tomato paste. ‘It’s a wee bit goormay’ we would say in Scotland. An Aussie may say, ‘you’re havin’ yerself on mate’, but an English person may wrinkle the nose and say ‘it looks positively disgusting’. I guess you have to be there?

2.15 am and by the picture stage above I realised I had already broaçhed the same subject in the same way not many posts previously. That is twice now I have repeated yself. Actually I had to go bacķ in to finish writing it now because Ì was too tired to think.

My body is biting at me back big time for treating it with such disrespect yesterday. Way too much protein and at the wrong times to interfere with my medication absorption. Now having a massive fibromyalgia attack. could hardlý get out of bed boy did it hurt to move. I’ve got the restless legs going on underneath but not obviously tremors on the outside apart from my left arm being jerky and the restless legs. I woke up from a nightmare when I thought I was suffocating. I was feeling it hard to breathe in the dream then once awake. What’s up? Maybe it was sleep apnoea? No indigestion thank goodness but I had slept through my 10pm overnight Madopar which I have just taken with paracetamol. I was really overtired all yesterday from staying awake to watch too many comedy clips on YouTube by Ladbaby, a couple could come from Nottingham, 20 miles from Worksop, where I lived. You may notice squiggly tails on some of the letters, caused by very light fremors in my hands. Im giving up here now because my mind is doing mini mind shutdowns. Back to sleep I hope 2.41am

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Float Your Boat

On Saturday evening Angela and I set off for the yacht club nearby to bag a good spot for watching the Float Your Boat Parade, a Lake Macquarie Council initiative. To give them credit they do try, and the event was a big success, with people travelling from as far as Singleton,87 kilometres up the Hunter Valley to view the spectacle

The flotilla of led light decorated boats was due to set sail this night at 6pm, so we found two surprisingly comfy outdoor chairs on the outside deck

and waited, and waited. It was so nice to be out in the evening for a change.

On checking the itinerary we learned the float-by was not due at our part of this big lake of many bays until after 8pm so we enjoyed a really tasty roast lamb dinner out on the deck in quite balmy air that was only just taking on a chill.

The water was very calm, reflecting all the lights around the lake’s edge.

The effect of the architect’s design is to feel as though one is sitting on the deck of an ocean-going luxury liner.

My better photos have to be uploaded from my ipad but these give an inkling of the bright colours of the shark, dinosaur, pineapple, red stilletto shoe, and sinking Titanic as they passed, then returned closer to give us a good look.

That was enough excitement for one day so we came home and tried casting our photos to my tv to see what we had taken on our phone cameras.

Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist

Note: clicking on the blue lettering should lead to my Youtube videos. You may need to tap the speaker icon to unmute and the square in the bottom right-hand corner to turn it sideways! Please comment below if it doesn’t worķ. x

Do You Like Elvis? Phil Nicholson’s voice is uncannily like the late Elvis Presley.

Known as Arron Phillips, Phil Nicholson and his wife Pauline have a lot of fun going around mostly the UK singing Elvis songs, using backing music but definitely his own voice for all the lyrics.

Pauline makes his very effective and professional-looking Elvis costumes, of which he has several.

Some of my best evenings out have been at the Olive Grove Courtyard Arron Phillips at Olive Grove and local clubs enjoying Arron’s performances. Like Elvis he has a quick wit and enjoys a bit if banter with the audience, in the same manner.

Of course I have seen many Elvis impersonators around but Arron (not Aaron) is a tribute artist, not an impersonator, he stresses, and while I have listened to Elvis many times throughout my whole life and like most of us am totally familiar with Elvis’s voice, however the timbre of Phil’s voice as Arron singing Elvis is just so much like Elvis Presley that I can’t tell which is the Elvis CD and which is the Arron cd without looking at the label.Phil Nicholson as Arron Phillips singing Love Letters

I think it swould be awesome if be were to include an original song of his own into his set, after all the songs only stopped because Elvis had left the building, so to speak.Arron Phillips sings Gospel

In outback Australia we have the hugely popular Parkes Elvis Festival, where in the full heat an sun of an Aussie summer everyone, even the kids, dresses as Elvis, and Elvises from all over the world come to meet and perform. It makes the national news as the whole country town gets into the spirit. Maybe the 21 hour flight may be as daunting for Phil/Arron as it was for the real Elvis Presley, but they are missing one of the best voices of all of them, plus a real character and nice person who in his own way puts the joy back into being Elvis, before the burgers. click here to see the 2020 Parkes Elvis prigram

And 9 years ago the Singing Santas doing ‘Blue Christmas’Singing Santas Blue Christmas at Dobbies Garden Centre near Worksop, UK to a recording by Elvis (or is it Elves)? This one for you, Phil!

I had the Best Day! Qwirkle!

Recently I met an interesting young man and learned to play Qwirkle!

Jonathon Bridge and Katie Butler came by Uber to our community room where we met up with Philip Atkins from Uniting to discuss Jonathon’s idea as a Young Entrepreneur With Disability of taking his passion for table games to engage people in the community to have fun.

His special interest would be disabled people, but on this day he took on the elderly (me), the vision impaired (Katie Butler from Challenge Community Services) Check out Katie’s page and one very well behaved guide dog.

Jonathan’s enthusiasm was infectious as and after a quick run through of how this game of Qwirkle works (on a similar line to dominos with colours and shapes) we were soon totally involved which for me these days with my short attention span was really a good result.

” I had hoped to work within the ndis, but my plans changed a while back”, Jonathon Butler said:“What I hope to do now is to host regular game nights for various organisations and their customers as a contract worker, perhaps even as an employee of one group or another. I am still interested in being mobile; taking my work with me, though my focus is away from individual homes and more towards community centres where I can set up a room for play regularly“.

Jonathan’s real interest is in designing new table games and it is refreshing that he does not want to put them on the internet as such.

He is also researching to find a way to put his games from the table to a big screen for people like me to be able to play with someone else in the room and not just remotely through a computer.

He is still in the development process and looking for people who will let him come and try his games with them.

We are going to have a go at Scrabble soon but he does have a range of games that he is keen to teach and play that he thinks are more interesting than the usual Monopoly and standard board games.However he is willing to set up those as well.

Since he was featured in the Newcastle Herald recently he has been inundated by so many suggestions and so much interest his “head is reeling,”, he says.

For my part I thought he might fill a niche with the elderly whose families no longer sit round the table to play Cluedo or Uno.

Jonathan was so patient and encouraging that Katie and I were soon taking him on.We only stopped when my backache overcame my concentration – my excuse for ‘I was losing’!

Phillip Atkins with Ros Betts listen to Jonathan Bridge discuss his plans.
Jonathon Bridge – young entrepreneur
Explaining the rules to Katie Butler- Co-ordinater of Challenge Community.Org.Au gives the game a go