What a Waste of an Hour

When you decide to use the çhat service rather than going through the offshore operator service to get your tablet fixed (not). The following is a record of your online chat. General Info Chat start time Sat, ***** 06:03:34 GMT Chat end time Sat, ***** 07:02:51 GMT Duration (actual chatting time) 00:59:16 Operator Erickson ChatContinue reading “What a Waste of an Hour”

Found a Possible Scrabble Buddy

Entrepreneurs-with-disabilities-are-putting-their-startups-to-the-test. Jacob, in the attached story loves playing board games so much that he thinks he might try taking his skills out there in the region to provide a service for homebound people. What caught my attention is he may be able to get some games up on to a screen so visually impaired peopleContinue reading “Found a Possible Scrabble Buddy”

Today sucks (or it Did) May 3rd 2019

There have been too many of these bad days in a row so something must be done but it just goes to show that you should never give up because just when I was about to moan about everything going wrong since I’ve got up it started getting better. I am having to wind downContinue reading “Today sucks (or it Did) May 3rd 2019”

Magazines for Macular Degeneration

I Used to love my magazines, particularly home decorating magazines and country style magazines. Every month I would buy at least one or two and save them all until the time came when I could no longer read the small print or see a photograph correctly. I was very sad to have to give themContinue reading “Magazines for Macular Degeneration”

Im a Level Four!

Which in government terms means I have one leg practically hanging off, or am at deaths door OR – there is a general election in the next few weeks. Well they have my vote. This means funding is now available for a few hours more support through my agency, Uniting. Take note though I haveContinue reading “Im a Level Four!”

Stockton ferry use on the rise as commuters bypass stresses of traffic, parking and fuel costs | Newcastle Herald

https://www.theherald.com.au/story/6069078/ferry-use-rises-as-commuters-bypass-traffic-and-parking-blues/?src=rss&utm_term=0_4465202af3-3cb3876d15-66403101&utm_campaign=3cb3876d15-NEWSLETTER_EDITORS_PICK_DAILY&utm_source=The+Newcastle+Herald&utm_medium=email&utm_email=9980537b30 It’s also great fun to take the short round trip over the water to look up the river, out to the harbour mouth and back to the city skyline. Sometimes we were beetling across the river as a huge tanker was entering the harbour and heading for the channel. That got quite thrilling oneContinue reading “Stockton ferry use on the rise as commuters bypass stresses of traffic, parking and fuel costs | Newcastle Herald”

My Godaughter’s Wedding

https://www.theherald.com.au/story/6021229/hundreds-of-singles-looking-to-mingle/ My short piece about Matt and Ainslie’s wedding is directly under this and I was surprised and pleased to see it show up in my Google news feed! The lovely photo was taken by Ainslie’s niece, Aimee Coupe. I finished a second version of the lovely wedding story and emailed it to Country StyleContinue reading “My Godaughter’s Wedding”

Hark The Herald

ttps://www.theherald.com.au/story/6021229/hundreds-of-singles-looking-to-mingle/?cs=12 Ive got a fourth piece iñ the Newcastle Herald Topics column and am having a lot of fun with a dialogue I have running with Damon, the Editor, by email. He says to keep sendiñg him my ‘musings’, most of which are not for publication. NFP. I am finding it’s hugely liberating to beContinue reading “Hark The Herald”

Watch “Walk more normally with Parkinson’s – 4 simple ways” on YouTube

Not something you can do along the main street but these movement hints really work! Especially the unlocking ones, which can be done anywhere. Needs must. Well worth a .try. Alexander Tressor himself lives with PD so he knows what works. Some of his other videos are set outside which is a nice change fromContinue reading “Watch “Walk more normally with Parkinson’s – 4 simple ways” on YouTube”

My Take on :Aged care’s new front line: our own homes

Please read the newspaper article (link below) before reading my personal story – which is for friends, carers and other Parkinsons people: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/aged-care-s-new-front-line-our-own-homes-20190305-p511u2.html There is a lot of truth in this. We need an Ombudsman or agency to checķ with on quotes. My son could get me a clothes drier cheaply through his store butContinue reading “My Take on :Aged care’s new front line: our own homes”

Statins and PD – BAD

click here A new large study presented at the American Neurological Association Annual Meeting has found a strong connection between cholesterol-lowering medications and Parkinson’s disease. Contradicting previous claims that statins are protective against PD. Well today has proved to me that statins are really bad for me. This morning I posted how well I feltContinue reading “Statins and PD – BAD”


…as we used to call it in the family. We also ate Beef Strongenuff. Delicious! But tonight’s catastrophe is not a laughing matter. I nearly forgot to take my new night time Màdopar till about 11:30 pm. Swung open the kitchen cabinet and a bottle of vitamins threw itself (didnt know its own strength –Continue reading “Katastroff”

We all know that Americans pay more for healthcare…MetNews

This is very interèsting, especially as here in Australia I am currently paying out hundreds of dollars to 1. My neurologist yesterday 2. My dentist on Monday 3. My eye specialist for consult and injection on Tuesday Plus a gap of $20 to my physio. I get part of thoserefunded through my private medical insurance.,Continue reading “We all know that Americans pay more for healthcare…MetNews”

As Expected

We all knew it would happen and after a good start at 8 a.m. stripping off the quilt cover,putting on the washing, putting clothes away from yesterday’s washing , taking the garbage and recycling along to the bin, gone on up to the mailbox on the top level and down the three levels of theContinue reading “As Expected”

Lee Holmes Healthy Diet

Like me Lee Holmes had fibromyalgia which made her very tired, sick and sore. She was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and after much research has come up with healthy eating that contains a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric. It all made sense and I have come home not with her latest bookContinue reading “Lee Holmes Healthy Diet”

Poyetry (sic)

Haven’t done a poyum in ages no lovelorn laments Rants and cross rages Came up with some thoughts Just a moment ago Then I blinked and forgot… ………. maybe it’s good that lately life has not given me much to complain aboutor be driven perhaps it is good to be sitting content thinking I mustContinue reading “Poyetry (sic)”

Shopped Till I Dropped

Actually I lie about shopping as my care providers messed up and nearly forgot to send someone to take me to the Audio Clinic so we were running half an hour late by the time they had sent someone who fortunately I had help from before and liked. Her van type car was murder onContinue reading “Shopped Till I Dropped”

Helpful hint for meds

My friend Angela is always coming up with good ideas to make my life easier. I already mentioned the use of non-slip rubber matting for opening bottles and jars which works brilliantly but now I have also found it is great for catching the tablets from my blister pack or Webster pack as they callContinue reading “Helpful hint for meds”

My Jimi Hendrix Experience

cjheck out Jimi Hendrix here Watching a program oñ 60’s musician Jimi Hendrix on SBS and remembering going to his very loud live concert in Chesterfield, UK. He played his electric guitar with his teeth, behind his head and in ways never seen before. Much of it was wasted because the audience screaming was totallyContinue reading “My Jimi Hendrix Experience”

Having such a Good Morning.

Having the world’s best milkshake in Coles Shopping Centre, having caught my friendly local taxi down and sorted out my meds with Adam at Blooms Chemist. From now my tablets will be delivered weekly in a bubble, or Webster pack with each group of tablets ready in itslittle window for each day, morning noon andContinue reading “Having such a Good Morning.”

New Mole

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/17534943/ Having had a malignant mole ( Hutchinson Freckle) years back and subsequent near misses I am concerned that the sudden growth of a raised mole on my hip that never sees sunlight may be limked to levadopa and my increased dose. It is over the area where I have almost constant abdominal pain (diverticulitis).Continue reading “New Mole”

The Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

I haven’t talked about my weekly visits to Rankin Park Hospital for assessment and mentoring but I am still feeling the benefit of the course, which was the precursor to the excercise classes I am booked to begin in January. The clinic seems to focus on living with PD, as opposed to dying fròm..and livingContinue reading “The Parkinson’s Disease Clinic”