Got By The Cornavirus

Rang the mobility shop to enquire where my new special walking shoes had got to. It seems they are not being allowed out of China where they were manufactured because of the coronavirus. So at least my feet will not be catching the coronavirus and spreading it to the rest of me which is wasContinue reading “Got By The Cornavirus”

Which Historical Figure Would I Invite to Dinner?

I was going to invite Jesus. He brings his own wine, has some great party tricks and tells great stories. He is a really nice bloke who stands up for his rights. He is the original sandal-wearing, long-haired hippie. Not a vegetarian though as he is very big on fish. With bread. Very full ofContinue reading “Which Historical Figure Would I Invite to Dinner?”

Geting Back on the Parkies Meds

Thursday 13th Feb 2020 Because I had been missing sifrol for over 2 weeks, the hospital could only describe me a half dose for six days. Should be getting back into my system. Yesterday my new Carousel game with my tablets in. And last night I took the 1st full tablet on my normal doseContinue reading “Geting Back on the Parkies Meds”

My Flying Saucer! – new medication dispenser

I am very pleased with my new gadget. Battery operated, it’s to help get my medication at the right time. Also the right amount. The cardboard Pack that I will get was getting ready-made from the chemist was not working with my vision. After I had fought my way in there was usually one tabletContinue reading “My Flying Saucer! – new medication dispenser”

Xadago – Safinamide – Im Dreaming Horror Films – progress diary

Xadago – 5/2/2020 Fell asleep into blisful sleep ay 7pm. Had wanted to wait till after 10pm when I take my Madopar PBS overnight tablet. Disgusted to wake at only 10.30pm thinking it must be at least 3am. Got up had belated meal but not hungry. Got a sudden fancy for seafood. Seafood saladContinue reading “Xadago – Safinamide – Im Dreaming Horror Films – progress diary”

First time ever I have experienced disabled discrimination (Telstra)

Tonight I made another attempt to obtain this phone using my points for being a loyal customer. The fact that I am a loyal customer did not carry any weight where the call centre is in some foreign country. Remember this is my third attempt. Despite being told I cant see to drive, so noContinue reading “First time ever I have experienced disabled discrimination (Telstra)”

It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd

Note: goto Facebook group: Telstra Complaints (the vent your anger one) Don’t talk to me about TElstra – again! After an hour on chat because I don’t have a valid passport or drivers lecence for ID (I have alternatives that online won’t recognise) which are necessaryfor them to post out free my desktop phone usingContinue reading “It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd”

Parkinson’s update…My neurologist

I’ve done quite well for a while without needing to increase my Parkinsons medications but lately I have been having great difficulty even typing with a stylus onto the tablet or iPhone because my fingers are not going either far enough or getting the signal to the right place which is totally frustrating. I haveContinue reading “Parkinson’s update…My neurologist”

When You Can’t Sleep

When you try to cash in your customer credits online for a $40 desk phone and it will only accept passport or drivers licence for delivery identification and neither of yours are still in use. Yet they delivered a very expensive iPhone last week without any I’d! Begin forwarded message: From: Telstra 24×7 Chat TranscriptContinue reading “When You Can’t Sleep”

Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube

I am blown away by the sound these two create together online even though it seems they are not in the same place, or even the same town. Amazepots! Check them out from the link (click on the pic) and tell me what you think on the comments below. I will see pwhat I canContinue reading “Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube”

Missing Wartime Bomber Found A authorities are trying to track down relatives belonging to the violets lost in this plane crash during the war. Its believed theremains may still be inside the bomber and a proper funeral will be respectfully provided which is why they want to find family members even after this time. It must be goodContinue reading “Missing Wartime Bomber Found”

Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?

Well for those of you my friends who have been watching the progress of my bedroom refurb (hope you weren’t holding your breath) you would have seen from the original plan that my finishing touch was to be the lights to stand behind the bedside cabinets. I have found the perfect ones thanks to Google,Continue reading “Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?”

This Scottish reporter was tricked into wearing full protective gear to hold a fearsome Aussie drop bear So we got another one and the funny thing is that the reporter, Debi Edward, is Scottish like me and in Scotland the haggis is the equivalent of the Aussie drop bear where we can warn tourist to look out for them! She will be forever always welcome in Australia and be ‘shouted ‘aContinue reading “This Scottish reporter was tricked into wearing full protective gear to hold a fearsome Aussie drop bear”

You gotta know when to fold them

From The Gambler by Kenny Rogers country music star. Well I was sitting watching a program on the ABC about stroke victims coincidentally from my area and I realised I was still trying to untangle the blooming Christmas lights to put up in the garden. Then I realised my face was very red and IContinue reading “You gotta know when to fold them”

Watch “Connie Talbot Sings LIVE! at GMTV Album Launch (4:3 version)” on YouTube

Please click here to watch When you can’t sleep which is a big problem for us parky’s people YouTube s a real help and last night or around 4 a.m. this morning I came across this lovely little girl and her lovely voice. Connie actually wrote the song she performed on Britain’s Got Talent whenContinue reading “Watch “Connie Talbot Sings LIVE! at GMTV Album Launch (4:3 version)” on YouTube”

Bedroom Update – something from nothing

Well it has already been described as ‘Bohemian Fairy’ and ‘whimsical, but my updated bedroom is nearly there after a lull over Christmas. I picked up my Indian carving from Cherry Road Garden Centre, and Naughty-Norman-93 (he of the runaway mobility scooter on Youtube), insisted on staggering along the path with it. He is stillContinue reading “Bedroom Update – something from nothing”

Merry Xmas to Mee!

Isnt this the most beautiful thing?! Designed and made in Sydney, Australia, by Sheryl and Brooke of WHICH BAGS, to fit in the front bag of my rollator. I am absolutely wrapt with it! Each item is carefully hand-made, so I requested a large makeup bag for my Dance Mom daughter-in-law in this dance fabric.Continue reading “Merry Xmas to Mee!”

Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!

Here in Australia we were so proud to see baby Archie wearing the tiny sheepskin boots given to him by retired Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, on our behalf. Called Ugg boots here for as long as I remember (although there has been a legal challenge to the brand name from outside the country) theyContinue reading “Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!”

The Annual Xmas Dinner – Village Life

Off the record. Definitely NOT for the newsletter. Hottest Xmas dinner on record? At least by temperature when the aircons werent coping. Knew it was a big mistake when the young soprano sang Brahms Lullaby before we even lined up for the food. It started off with everybody quite chirpy and a good crowd butContinue reading “The Annual Xmas Dinner – Village Life”

Get in line girls He’s mine!

Tucked away at the bottom of the Topics column today was a snippet that made my day. Mr D’Arcy and his wife have finally separated. Whoopee!At last he can be mine! Cutting back on chocs and Christmas pud immediately. Never mind a New Year Resolution. What better incentive go hit the gym and finally startContinue reading “Get in line girls He’s mine!”

Potato cakes with fried egg and hollandaise – Recipes –

6am. Been awake with fibro/ligament and connective tissue pain so must get up and moving. Might as well give this a go for brekky. Death by cholesterol! Might as well add bacon. And here is the low vision, been awake since 4am version. Couldnt’t stand up long enough to stir a proper Hollondase sauce,Continue reading “Potato cakes with fried egg and hollandaise – Recipes –”

Volunteer of the Year? – Village Life

He may be in his eighties, but Narla long-time resident, Frank O’Grady, likes to keep busy. With his wife Jenny, they are responsible for creating and looking after some of the nicest parts of the village gardens. The fountain is located next to the rotunda, and had been unused until recently when the pump wasContinue reading “Volunteer of the Year? – Village Life”

Village Life – Ssh don’t tell the neighbours!

Just waiting to get a call from the estate manager asking why the heck my former flatmate,Angela, and I were spray painting a couple of bedside cabinets out in the communal garden on a Sunday afternoon. All I can tell you is that we won’t be doing it again but I’m rather pleased with theContinue reading “Village Life – Ssh don’t tell the neighbours!”

Synchronicity – again and again

Ive been up for hours writing. The idea came from a post on the blog called The Wee Writing Lassie, who has just become a follower of my site. Her blog featured a quote by Ailish Sinclair (we are all three Scottish writers) that unblocked the obstacle holding up A Door Slams. I had gotContinue reading “Synchronicity – again and again”

Xmas Shopping All Done Online and in Bed But

What to give my sons in their forties if its not a JB Hifi always welcome gift card. Then I saw the very Aussie humorous advertising on the Knobby’s hugely successful website. It had their email address. I had an idea! And before you scoff I got a Distinction at the University of Newcastle forContinue reading “Xmas Shopping All Done Online and in Bed But”

Did I say Online grocery Shopping Was Easy?

Will come back and edit later, when I have caught up on my sleep! This took place between 2am and 5am today After taking hours using the Woolies site it asked for my card no which meant getting up so I left my virtual trolley in the aisle and reordered most of my usuals fromContinue reading “Did I say Online grocery Shopping Was Easy?”

My New Adjustable bed is a Life-Changer!

In fact, I have been waking so pain-free and energised I havent had time to stop and tell you! I’ve been getting lots done, spring-cleaned for Xmas (massive giveaway of stuff), entertained visitors, been out to lunch, and actually having a god time! And all because my new adjustable bed has arrived. It is (auseContinue reading “My New Adjustable bed is a Life-Changer!”

She Really Did It!

Just as I was writing the follow-up to my friend Naomi Allen’s headshave event, the news announced that raging bushfires had reached the little town where she and her family lives! I nearly died with shock. I knew she hadn’t been well that morning. ‘The boys were very scared’ was a bit of an understatementContinue reading “She Really Did It!”

Something from Nothing – Upcycled Garden Feature

Haven’t done any upcycling for a while, but my lamp switch was getting a bit flickery, while the birdfeeder was getting rusty. so I consulted my good neighbour, Frank, through his ‘manager’, wife Jenny, about the feasibility of combining both into a garden ornament, and this was the result. Whole thing would not have takenContinue reading “Something from Nothing – Upcycled Garden Feature”

Bed Wars – The Sequel

While the bushfires are raging and getting closer, and the news is full of terrifying footage, my new bed arrived. Three days ahead of schedule, because the bushfires all over the state are closing roads and making all normal deliveries impossible. Fortunately Captain Snooze lives only minutes away at Bennetts Green. If only I hadContinue reading “Bed Wars – The Sequel”

Tsunami Map – Scary Stuff

I live in New SouthWales, Australia, about 1.1/2 hours. drive north from Sydney along the expressway.(Interestingly it usually takes a storm 3 hours later to reach us). It’s not the same with tsunamis f course. NSW is a huge area. Just below the bulge on the right-hand side of the map – the east coast.Continue reading “Tsunami Map – Scary Stuff”

My New Bed Comes Next Week

Dear Diary, I have deleted my Bed Wars posts because I dont want to look back on how emotional and overwhelmed – and alone the whole scenario made me feel. It has brought home the obvious, that Parkies is beginning to win in its relentless progression and insidious takeover, of my mind especially. The physicalContinue reading “My New Bed Comes Next Week”

Bit of Excitement

All hands on deck at Coles Westfield Kotara on Thursday 31/10/2019 when a water leak found its way found its way along the decorative gold flashing at the shop entrance. “It look like those icicle Xmas decorations melting!” quipped one bystander, but the fast-flowing wster (best seen against the fluorescent lighting) looked to be fallingContinue reading “Bit of Excitement”

WOOHOO – We Oldies fight back!

Well done Adrian Matthiasson!While I loved and embraced many modern advantages I objected to some and like everyone was kept in the dark about the bad effects. Once those were made known I did my bit – but not enough – to offset or change. Now I am saving water, recycling batteries, using much lessContinue reading “WOOHOO – We Oldies fight back!”


I left before the fight started. Photo from the wine education talk and tasting by Superior Vineyards Pty Limited in our Village Hall on a rainy Saturday afternoon that drew about 24 residents who sampled a good range of Australian wines from around the continent. I would ike to say a wild party with raucousContinue reading “VILLAGE LIFE-Wine Tasting”