Village Life – Ssh don’t tell the neighbours!

Just waiting to get a call from the estate manager asking why the heck my former flatmate,Angela, and I were spray painting a couple of bedside cabinets out in the communal garden on a Sunday afternoon.

All I can tell you is that we won’t be doing it again but I’m rather pleased with the results.

On my ‘Something for Nothing’ Click here page you will see my bedroom makeover in progress and the two shabby chic bedside cabinets or tables that were badly in need of some relief.

Since Angela was visiting and had volunteered to help we went to Bunnings and came back with 3 cans of silver spray paint.

Now I have never been any good with spray paint. Last time my German friend, Michaela helped with it on the outdoor chairs.

I hate to admit defeat but my eyesight is so bad that spray painting, or even any kind of painting now is a bit substandard to say the least.

Most of the men here have a garage to do any work in where they can disappear to the Man Cave/Shed, but I have had no need of one since I no longer drive a car.

Angela arrived with her little mouse sander all ready to get started, however it was a very windy day, and hot, and the only open space was over on the path by the birdbath.

She was careful to bring a mask but when I looked out after hearing her sending for 30 minutes I nearly freaked to see all the cloud of white just from the chalk paint that was flying around! It is actually fortunate that we had a lot of dust already in the air over the last few days so it seems so far nobody has noticed. Ssh!

We were careful to do it between the start of the Monthly Sunday Birthday Bunfight up in the hall and the finish, so no one knew what was going on.

Also fortunately, the white dust washed away with the afternoon watering of the plants, since the current water bans do not allow wasting water on unnecessary cleaning outdoors.

This morning the cabinets were re-assembled in my bedroom and have only got the wooden tops to on.

They look pretty fabulous to me and I love the way the one near the window reflects back the light on to the wall.

I plan to use two extra large cutting boards as the new tops to the table as they will arrive already finished, and with routing around the edges that will stop stylus and pens from rolling off. It was proving a lot more difficult to source a piece of dressed wood, and much more expensive, so I will pick them up on Thursday from K-Mart (2 x $17).

Cost of 2 tins silver paint? Approx $20. Two upcycled bedroom cabinets.

Big sound of applause for Ang, please?

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PS Anyone want a spare can of silver spray paint?

Bit of a worry?

8.01am Just cauught myself sitting on the edge of the bed, finger poised over the phone screen, watching the seconds tick down till 8am, when the Medisafe alert will pop up with its maddening jingle that cant be ignored.

8am Up flashes the blue screen with the aqua button I have to tap to stop the awful cacophany.

My finger pounces on the first nnote. ‘Gotcha!’, I cry triumphantly, and the music stops. The tiny mariachi band sadly puts down their instruments and goes off for a tequila till they return for 12noon.

8.18am, and I still havent taken my tablets.

So I lied? Nobody tells me what to do. I will be the worst patient in the eventual nursing home.

My ‘grim granny gardening,’ look

Taking tablets now.

Synchronicity – again and again

Ive been up for hours writing. The idea came from a post on the blog called The Wee Writing Lassie, who has just become a follower of my site (hello the noo) which featured a quote by Ailish Sinclair (we are all three Scottish writers) that unblocked the obstacle holding up A Door Slams. I had got bored with my characters! Now I knew why.

In the meantime, where to go with the story for the newspaper competition that I was working on that had to refer to the above photo of the cat on the suitcase.

My story featured my cousin’s awful tatty white cat and our constant contest for my bed while I was visiting in Scotland. But Snowball was winning!

Now I have found a way to put the detestable moggy in its place. No, I cant tell you that till after the writing competition in the Newcastle Herald closes soon.

I am part-way through writing a book, Ailish has just published a book, while The Wee Writing Lassie is writing about that.

Synchronity -again! Ive talked about synchronicity before. Those pivotal points or moments that take your life in a serendipitous new direction.

Well maybe serendipitous is going a bit far every time, but isnt it a lovely, happy word? Full of sunshine.

So for now the first draft of what is becoming my competion entry is locked away on a page in the WordPress vault, because nothing published can be used.

The plot thickens.

Famous Writer Pose

Bushfires Everywhere

There is so much smoke and pollution thickly in the air, that according to BOM – the Bureau of Meteorology, it is showing on the Radar as cloud, but no rain in sight, unfortunately.

Even my son, wo is pretty practical, remarked on how eery it was to look outside the store and see the usually bright sunlight so dull: light now orange, then gray, even brown. What is unnerving is that what is affecting us here is the sign that, though we at the moment are watchful, not so far in every direction firefighters – many of them volunteers, are fighting valiantly to keep the many raging fires under control.

My friend in Medowie, an area of the Hunter Region prone to bushfires, has a bedbound husband and spent last weekend watching so many helicopters and water-bombing planes going over to fight the latest fires, she said it was like World War Three. She is normally such a complacent person.

So here we are, im the midst of bushland with our bushfire emergency bag packed in the wardrobe and fingers crossed. Last time was too close for comfort, but did burn off a wide area. But no rain and it has been very hot for days.

In the meantime life goes on, and definitely no White Chrismas for us, yet in the midst of this it has snowed in other parts of higher New South Wales!

Lastly, our New Year’s Eve annual fireworks display at the Lake has been cancelled, due to the Extreme Fire Danger, so like the rest of the world we will be watching the display on TV from Sydney, in air-conditioned comfort.

Elf Update

Angels and MiniSantas have joined Elsie and Nigel

The mini-Santas and some ,angels have flown in to join Nigel and Effie. Things are livening up! I will take a better pic for sure once they settle down lol.

Meanwhile outside the pollution from the bushfires is quite toxic so I am stuck inside, as we have been warned to do. You can see the grey air through the trees. The sunlight is a strange orange colour, due to the red dust from the inland desert having also been caught up. No fresh sea air today. It is even worse in Sydney, one and a half hours away.

The plants are beginning to show signs of the Level 1 water restrictions, but whole towns inland have already run out of water, and their dams are dry. It is an unbelievable situation, and I am sick of hearing the global warming words.

At 32C we are in the first week of summer, though spring has been summer weather from week one. We now only have two seasons – winter/summer.