Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?

The NOT (yes it is) lamp on my design board

Well for those of you my friends who have been watching the progress of my bedroom refurb (hope you weren’t holding your breath) you would have seen from the original plan that my finishing touch was to be the lights to stand behind the bedside cabinets. I have found the perfect ones thanks to Google, that brought up lots of pictures from Bunnings to IKEA and places in between. The IKEA ones are perfect, or will be once I get them assembled .

Now IKEA assembly and Parkinson’s are not the best companions so I have put in a prequest for eldest son, who you have met previously while assembling other ideas, and I’m waiting to hear back from him . This usually consists of a text while I am still in bed saying “will be there in 15 minutes” which initiates a scramble for the shower to be fresh and dressed before he gets here.

The great thing about IKEA, The Swedish furniture company, is that because you are saving the cost of assembly you get some great pieces at very reasonable prices. These lamps cost only $17 each plus postage and we are well over $40 ready-made from other brands, so it is worth the effort.

Ordering was a bit odd as it is called the not lamp.NOT. Reading the blurb was a tad confusing; was it not available or was it, the NOT, not available?

Anyway two were available so I ordered online and they were due on 8 January. That was exciting until 8 January came and went then a few days more and when I went to the tracking online (which is a great idea incidentally) it seems that my packages were lost in the warehouse in Newcastle. This was confirmed by a very time consuming phone call to TOLL transport who told me eventually they had two consultants who would get back to me. Still waiting, so I went back to IKEA who are very nice (and sound Swedish). They sent me out another one so my package arrived by the same carrier but as stated at the right time.

Unfortunately I did not have the energy to even open the box for a few hours as I have been to the doctor just see about my swollen face. My the glands have apparently flared up. Booked for an ultrasound Wednesday (tomorrow). Already on antibiotics for diverticulitis.

Got up this morning feeling more adventurous and having opened the box yesterday evening after a few hours rest here are the assembled or disassembled parts ready to assemble.

STOP PRESS.. text just arrived:

I finish earlier today so I can pop over later to assemble them

Isn’t my son just wonderful? …to be continued

This Scottish reporter was tricked into wearing full protective gear to hold a fearsome Aussie drop bear

So we got another one and the funny thing is that the reporter, Debi Edward, is Scottish like me and in Scotland the haggis is the equivalent of the Aussie drop bear where we can warn tourist to look out for them! She will be forever always welcome in Australia and be ‘shouted ‘a beer for taking it in such good part.

‘Goodonyer’ Debi.

Screenshot from SBS featuring Debi Edward

You gotta know when to fold them

From The Gambler by Kenny Rogers country music star. Well I was sitting watching a program on the ABC about stroke victims coincidentally from my area and I realised I was still trying to untangle the blooming Christmas lights to put up in the garden. Then I realised my face was very red and I had been sitting still too long trying to untangled all those lights (50 metres lol) which frankly can’t be done. So I went over and checked my blood pressure 166 over 87 and the warning bell 20 went off in my head before anything else did.

As the song says you’ve got to know when to hold them/ know when to fold them know when to walk away I know when to run.

Compulsive behaviour is a side effect of Parkinson’s medication, especially Madopar I reminded myself. So, before I myself have a stroke I got the scissors and cut through those lights. and put them in the bin.

I said previously I am stubborn but I am not stupid. After all the Reject Shop has plenty on special at the moment.

I am wondering how much of this is Parkinson’s and how much is dementia I as my mum started to get a bit vague at this age. But then I have always been like this.

I will do an update on my symptoms progress in a separate item but for now I’m having a lie down after just realising I had lied to my meds alert that I have taken my tablets and just found out I had not and one of them was my blood pressure tablet so I am now 4 hours behind and that explains why my left arm was getting very jerky. more on that later

A Mug for a Mug

Something I like to do is turn my photos into graphics, then have them Printed on to mugs in very small numbers for special people. These were my Xmas gifts for friends and helpers last year.

The photos were taken around the gardens in my village and I like the vibrant, cheery colours.

In addition I took one of my photos of the interior of a cafe up the Valley in Singleton that Janet thought looked ‘a bit Monet’ and added jt to a pink-lined m

ug. She has now requested the second photo on a matching mug for her birthday in May.