Got By The Cornavirus

Rang the mobility shop to enquire where my new special walking shoes had got to. It seems they are not being allowed out of China where they were manufactured because of the coronavirus. So at least my feet will not be catching the coronavirus and spreading it to the rest of me which is wasContinue reading “Got By The Cornavirus”

Musical Bathroom Chairs

I’m hating this old person thing, buying all these aids, such as a deep sided dinner plate, but I do love my new bathroom chair in the shower. Quite expensive through my Occupational Therapist, but there now case of those split- second blackouts I have now and then. My bathroom is tiny but easy-clean lowContinue reading “Musical Bathroom Chairs”

Really Helpful and Positive PD Video have found these the least daunting and most helpful sources of information regarding Parkinsons and living with it. Families and caregivers may recognise some concerns they may have, and be able to accept that is why we are behaving this way. Perhaps then the family doctor or specialist can be consulted.Some PD vids scareContinue reading “Really Helpful and Positive PD Video”

The Nicest Thing You Can Say

“I forget you have Parkinsons” my helper said as I was struggling to get out of tthe car after our two hour outing. For a professional to say that was praise indeed, for I try hard to stay on top of it. We had set off for the little shopping centre at Jewells with theContinue reading “The Nicest Thing You Can Say”

Does Retail Therapy Kill Pain?

Well that got your attention! I did find the most wonderful bag today which has been made locally in Belmont and was so nice and well done with lots of inside pockets and the smell of leather that it simply had to come home with me. At the time I felt no pain apart fromContinue reading “Does Retail Therapy Kill Pain?”

The Social Effects of Parkinsons

Something disconcerting happened in the cafe yesterday that is the first time I had experienced. Due to arthritis and degenerating vertebrae, scoliosis etc and the slowness of signals from my brain to reach my muscles I will often think “Let’s go!” and my body goes “Whaaaaat?” before it reacts. My friend first noticed it aboutContinue reading “The Social Effects of Parkinsons”

Flying Not So High But Thrilled

Photo courtesy Airborne Flight Training Going up tandem in a motorised hanglider, or microlight (we used to call the ultralights) is one of the best experiences of my life, and I highly recommend going up for a bird’s eye view of the world while the wind rushes past. Coming down to land is such anContinue reading “Flying Not So High But Thrilled”

Im a Level Four!

Which in government terms means I have one leg practically hanging off, or am at deaths door OR – there is a general election in the next few weeks. Well they have my vote. This means funding is now available for a few hours more support through my agency, Uniting. Take note though I haveContinue reading “Im a Level Four!”

Watch “Walk more normally with Parkinson’s – 4 simple ways” on YouTube

Not something you can do along the main street but these movement hints really work! Especially the unlocking ones, which can be done anywhere. Needs must. Well worth a .try. Alexander Tressor himself lives with PD so he knows what works. Some of his other videos are set outside which is a nice change fromContinue reading “Watch “Walk more normally with Parkinson’s – 4 simple ways” on YouTube”