Float Your Boat

On Saturday evening Angela and I set off for the yacht club nearby to bag a good spot for watching the Float Your Boat Parade, a Lake Macquarie Council initiative. To give them credit they do try, and the event was a big success, with people travelling from as far as Singleton,87 kilometres up the Hunter Valley to view the spectacle

The flotilla of led light decorated boats was due to set sail this night at 6pm, so we found two surprisingly comfy outdoor chairs on the outside deck

and waited, and waited. It was so nice to be out in the evening for a change.

On checking the itinerary we learned the float-by was not due at our part of this big lake of many bays until after 8pm so we enjoyed a really tasty roast lamb dinner out on the deck in quite balmy air that was only just taking on a chill.

The water was very calm, reflecting all the lights around the lake’s edge.

The effect of the architect’s design is to feel as though one is sitting on the deck of an ocean-going luxury liner.

My better photos have to be uploaded from my ipad but these give an inkling of the bright colours of the shark, dinosaur, pineapple, red stilletto shoe, and sinking Titanic as they passed, then returned closer to give us a good look.

That was enough excitement for one day so we came home and tried casting our photos to my tv to see what we had taken on our phone cameras.

Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist

Note: clicking on the blue lettering should lead to my Youtube videos. You may need to tap the speaker icon to unmute and the square in the bottom right-hand corner to turn it sideways! Please comment below if it doesn’t worķ. x

Do You Like Elvis? Phil Nicholson’s voice is uncannily like the late Elvis Presley.

Known as Arron Phillips, Phil Nicholson and his wife Pauline have a lot of fun going around mostly the UK singing Elvis songs, using backing music but definitely his own voice for all the lyrics.

Pauline makes his very effective and professional-looking Elvis costumes, of which he has several.

Some of my best evenings out have been at the Olive Grove Courtyard Arron Phillips at Olive Grove and local clubs enjoying Arron’s performances. Like Elvis he has a quick wit and enjoys a bit if banter with the audience, in the same manner.

Of course I have seen many Elvis impersonators around but Arron (not Aaron) is a tribute artist, not an impersonator, he stresses, and while I have listened to Elvis many times throughout my whole life and like most of us am totally familiar with Elvis’s voice, however the timbre of Phil’s voice as Arron singing Elvis is just so much like Elvis Presley that I can’t tell which is the Elvis CD and which is the Arron cd without looking at the label.Phil Nicholson as Arron Phillips singing Love Letters

I think it swould be awesome if be were to include an original song of his own into his set, after all the songs only stopped because Elvis had left the building, so to speak.Arron Phillips sings Gospel

In outback Australia we have the hugely popular Parkes Elvis Festival, where in the full heat an sun of an Aussie summer everyone, even the kids, dresses as Elvis, and Elvises from all over the world come to meet and perform. It makes the national news as the whole country town gets into the spirit. Maybe the 21 hour flight may be as daunting for Phil/Arron as it was for the real Elvis Presley, but they are missing one of the best voices of all of them, plus a real character and nice person who in his own way puts the joy back into being Elvis, before the burgers.

https://www.parkeselvisfestival.com.au/2020-program/ click here to see the 2020 Parkes Elvis prigram

And 9 years ago the Singing Santas doing ‘Blue Christmas’Singing Santas Blue Christmas at Dobbies Garden Centre near Worksop, UK to a recording by Elvis (or is it Elves)? This one for you, Phil!

The Height of Crazy!

Once you stop caring what other people really think life becomes a lot more fun!

For instance I can now swing from the chandelier – literally !

I mentioned before my love of glass and the more my sight deteriorates the more I like sparkly.

If you look carefully at the photos of Matt and Ainslie Hallcroft’s outdoor wedding (Will post on a separate page) you will see in their wedding marquee three chandeliers that they bought second-hand for the occasion. Afterwards they offered them on sale on Facebook marketplace and a friend brought them to my attention. Sold! Always wanted exactly this old-style type.

Problem. Sort of. Nowhere to put it. It was wired to suit an extension cable to a power point so what about my outdoor room?

I asked Matt, who is an engineer, if he could wire it to a little solar panel. Then I suggested I would just festoon it with fairy lights.

But Matt went much better. When they arrived for morning tea the chandelier had solar lights plugged into all the holders in place of light globes, safely secured with electrical tape.

He then fastened it to the patio with heavy duty cable ties!

I can’t wait for tonight when it gets dark and the lights come on. It won’t bother the neighbours and should fade out after a while.

It is such a joy to look at. I wonder if you can see it from space?

Much more shiny and sparkly in real life

My Outdoor Room


My neighbour Jenny from across the way just called in.

“I didn’t know the Queen had moved in!” she laughed.

“No, just Mrs Bouquet (Bucket)!”, I retorted. Happy days.

It is only coincidence that I am booked in for a brain scan next week).