The past three days I havè felt better in myself, but the shakes and internal trembling have been worse. I cant bear feeling full of wobbly jelly. My eyes are flicking rapidly when I try to focus. Am now writing this in bed. Audio book time. Escape.

The Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

I haven’t talked about my weekly visits to Rankin Park Hospital for assessment and mentoring but I am still feeling the benefit of the course, which was the precursor to the excercise classes I am booked to begin in January. The clinic seems to focus on living with PD, as opposed to dying fròm..and livingContinue reading “The Parkinson’s Disease Clinic”

Home Hairdo

Annette has just been to cut my hair, ready fortomorrow’s family birthday outing. I go for ‘wash and wear’ these days. It is nice sitting out in the fresh a air gettng it done. Fresh air, fresh hair lol. ery pleased with the result.


Dear Diary, got up at 8am determined to get my online groceries in transit. The usual struggle to dress after showering. Put washing on. It poured. Still pouring. Happy plants. Must give in and get a clothes drier. Right now the washing is on the airer outside under the canopy. Was determined to finish myContinue reading “Rain”

Burning Round Bunnings.

Our local Bunnings between school hours tends to be inhabited by ‘traadies’ (tradesmen) in highh-viz tops and dark blue shorts over brown muscly legs ending in socks and worker boots……and retirees looking for parts for their projects or replacement liggt bulbs. And then there is me, and my shopping helper, Ebony, doing my fitness workout.Continue reading “Burning Round Bunnings.”

Online Parkiñsons Grocery Shopping

Comes with a warning: be careful of ordering with trembly fingers. I nearly ended up with 111 packs of twelve toilet rolls! Apart from that I find shopping online through Coles so much better than dragging round the supermarket, Especially for heavy items. I choose my delivery time and the driver not only carries inContinue reading “Online Parkiñsons Grocery Shopping”