Parkinsons and Oestroģen – News

This really interests me because of my mediçal history. Via the Ñewcastĺe (Aus) Parkinsons Assn Newsletter: Published In Medical News Today onTuesday 13 August 2019 By Tim Newman Fact checked by Isabel Godfrey) Researchers already knew that men and postmenopausal women have a higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease than premenopausal women. Now, a recentContinue reading “Parkinsons and Oestroģen – News”

IT It is Real Cars I Dont See Coming

Well done to Vision Australia for getting changes made to mobility vehicles (like Norm’s) so that we vision-impaired can hear them coming. Acually, Norm’s makes a whining-whoosing sound (not quite breaking the siund barrier) but anything louder will drive me nuts as he whizzes past. Mý regular drivers have quickly learned not to ask “AnythingContinue reading “IT It is Real Cars I Dont See Coming”

Still in Warrior Princess Mode – Update They have started calling her by the new version, Boudica but to me she has always been Bodacea. Warrior Queen in Ancient Britain. That is the Wikipedia link to her story. It describes her as: …It is agreed that Boudica was of royaldescent. Cassius Dio describes her as tall, with tawny hair hanging downContinue reading “Still in Warrior Princess Mode – Update”

Village Life – A Stiff Letter

Nobody messes with this mother. Letter to village management : Dear ****, today the unsociable and dictatorial behaviour of John **** came to a head when he caused a confrontation in the driveway to the garages by unit 25, ***** Village, in front of my carer, who was attempting to drop me, my walker, andContinue reading “Village Life – A Stiff Letter”

Balloons and Tristan the Twister

How lovely must it be to have a Daddy who is a magician! Daisy and Willow could tell you. I came across these photos taken years ago when I first met my magic young friend, Tristan the Twiister, or Tristan Stothard. He was entertaining at The Lockeeper during lunch, blowing and twisting bright balloons intoContinue reading “Balloons and Tristan the Twister”

Viral Dance Craze – Git Up Challenge

It keeps popping up on Facebook and Youtube and is a lot of healthy fun! Im starting to pick up the routine but my back will never cope. Have a go though! Here is some more about it Go to the second video down, then the Austin Police Dapt one. It is such aContinue reading “Viral Dance Craze – Git Up Challenge”

Some Things Are Worth Stopping For

Weve just got a new movie channel called SBS World movies, and it is wonderful! I was a little disappointed at first as every time I switched on the movies were about dirt and poverty, situations I cannot change for the world, so I stopped watching, but last night a visually beautiful movie called ‘ThisContinue reading “Some Things Are Worth Stopping For”

Watch “My Courtyard Garden” on YouTube

Two years in the making and a work in progress. Coming into spring here so exciting times ahead, apart from the forecast water restrictions if we dont have a lot of rain soon. Ive put the video slideshow on Youtube to open quickly (may show an advert first) so please click on the picture andContinue reading “Watch “My Courtyard Garden” on YouTube”

Weight loss: The foolproof Ayurveda guide to lose weight in JUST 7 steps – Times of India Common sense really. My current bad habit is to eat late because I stay up till midnight. I will give this a go.

Dr Eugene Hollenbach Saved My Sight – In Defence of a Good Man

The original news story AI am very sad to read this, as I have Dr Eugene Hollenbach to thank for saving my sight, after my optometrist had failed to pick up a haemmorhage in my left eye due to macular degeneration. ” It is just old age” the young optometrist casually said. Then my visionContinue reading “Dr Eugene Hollenbach Saved My Sight – In Defence of a Good Man”

An Easy and Fun (Free) App for Photos and Videos

I have reached the stage where I am up to my ears (new headphones) in technology but I have found a (previously recommended somewhere) little free app at Google Play Store by that starts by showing you how to edit bits of videos or add photos, then it is fairly easy to follow theContinue reading “An Easy and Fun (Free) App for Photos and Videos”

Euni and Morag do Abba (or The Two Ronnies!)

My Scottish friend, Morag, and I come from the same part of Ayrshire in Scotland, where we both have delatives. Not sure if we are related, but she looks like my lively wee sister! Morag is mad keen on karioke (as we spell it here), has all the equipment at home, and before I movedContinue reading “Euni and Morag do Abba (or The Two Ronnies!)”

Really Helpful and Positive PD Video have found these the least daunting and most helpful sources of information regarding Parkinsons and living with it. Families and caregivers may recognise some concerns they may have, and be able to accept that is why we are behaving this way. Perhaps then the family doctor or specialist can be consulted.Some PD vids scareContinue reading “Really Helpful and Positive PD Video”

Making a Stand on Germs My friend Jen was so angry she told me all about her experience so I wrote it out, checked it back with her then forwarded to Damon Cronshaw, my contact at the Newcastle Herald who can always be trusted to correctly and entertainingly put together a story. Besides his Topics column his bigger fact-basedContinue reading “Making a Stand on Germs”

The Nicest Thing You Can Say

“I forget you have Parkinsons” my helper said as I was struggling to get out of tthe car after our two hour outing. For a professional to say that was praise indeed, for I try hard to stay on top of it. We had set off for the little shopping centre at Jewells with theContinue reading “The Nicest Thing You Can Say”

Vinyl Record Sales Are Soaring

Coloured vinyl records are back! I wonder where my blue coloured Elvis Presley ‘Blue’ LP is now? They think they invented them, these young ones! Actually I was just about to write about the rise in sales of new ‘old-style’ vinyl records in Australia- the big ones you play on a record deck – butContinue reading “Vinyl Record Sales Are Soaring”

Need Peace and Soothing?

“I will give you rest.” A really nice, gentle app with lovely music, a daily word from the Scrptures, short prayer and gentle love. No shouting, accusing or upsetting. My counselling friend, Kim, plays the daily message in her car on the way yo work. I find it gently soothes me before I goContinue reading “Need Peace and Soothing?”

The Olive Tree Wedding Gift – Update

Update:. The Queen was very pleased to hear about the tree planting inspired by, and now part of, her Commonwealth Canopy initiative. Recently she sent me a lovely letter in response to my sending her the story. It may not be the done thing to discuss it but I will say that I was soContinue reading “The Olive Tree Wedding Gift – Update”

Med Appts Are the New Hot Dates

There was a time when seeing a good-looking doctor could at least brighten the day but now all my doctors are either children or young females so that takes the shine off that. We are still trying to coordinate carer transport and medical appointments which nearly sent me round the twist this morning. First IContinue reading “Med Appts Are the New Hot Dates”

Avoiding the Showers at Cherry Road Nursery

Potting mix and primulas were my reasons for going, but a passing shower saw us running for shelter into the open part of the cafe of the garden centre. I ordered a chai latte and the smokey BBQ pulled pork platter which as you can see from the photo was beautifully presented and very flavoursome.Continue reading “Avoiding the Showers at Cherry Road Nursery”

Does Retail Therapy Kill Pain?

Well that got your attention! I did find the most wonderful bag today which has been made locally in Belmont and was so nice and well done with lots of inside pockets and the smell of leather that it simply had to come home with me. At the time I felt no pain apart fromContinue reading “Does Retail Therapy Kill Pain?”

Its Pleasant Peasant Pizza Night!

My kitchen smells divine, and Rustic Italin.I used to go out with a rustic Italian. Too tired to do much, but made a pizza to share with my neighour. Not being one for following tradition, and espousing Dominos, I add herbs to my plain flour, and minced garlic, before adding the olive oil and yeastContinue reading “Its Pleasant Peasant Pizza Night!”

The Things You Do…

….when you are wide awake following a few hours good sleep: 3am and had fallen asleep in my chair immediately after switcing of the computer following several pain-free hours of updating my new Philips voice recorder and Dragon software, registering online, downloading manuals, trying to find unloaded zip files, getting sidetracked into offloading personal filesContinue reading “The Things You Do…”

Float Your Boat

On Saturday evening Angela and I set off for the yacht club nearby to bag a good spot for watching the Float Your Boat Parade, a Lake Macquarie Council initiative. To give them credit they do try, and the event was a big success, with people travelling from as far as Singleton,87 kilometres up theContinue reading “Float Your Boat”

My Garden Ornament – Eeh its grand to be daft

Poor Bessie is old and fragile. Shortly after she came to hang out with me a previous mend of one of her arms failed and she had to come down. I told you about my repair-by-braille and after a week the clear Hard as Nails cured around the new metal clamp and, thanks to myContinue reading “My Garden Ornament – Eeh its grand to be daft”

The Social Effects of Parkinsons

Something disconcerting happened in the cafe yesterday that is the first time I had experienced. Due to arthritis and degenerating vertebrae, scoliosis etc and the slowness of signals from my brain to reach my muscles I will often think “Let’s go!” and my body goes “Whaaaaat?” before it reacts. My friend first noticed it aboutContinue reading “The Social Effects of Parkinsons”

Just Found Portrait of My Ancestor. On TV! A Family Likeness?

being editedProgramme leading to distant relatives What a surprise to be watching a TV programme and find that not only are we related to the people involved, but they actually have a portrait of our mutual ancestor – a Medi eval selfie! It is a portrait hang ing in Craufordland, a Stately home near KilmarnockContinue reading “Just Found Portrait of My Ancestor. On TV! A Family Likeness?”

Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist

Note: clicking on the blue lettering should lead to my Youtube videos. You may need to tap the speaker icon to unmute and the square in the bottom right-hand corner to turn it sideways! Please comment below if it doesn’t worķ. x Do You Like Elvis? Phil Nicholson’s voice is uncannily like the late ElvisContinue reading “Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist”

Village Life – The Bell Tolls for… EveryOne!

ur little complex of 60 units is nestled in tiers up and around te inward curve of a rock hillside. It has the acoustics of an amphitheatre. Our latest incident, and we dont have many, fortunately, was when my doorbell rang at 7.15pm. Very unusual. I opened the inner door on to the security creenContinue reading “Village Life – The Bell Tolls for… EveryOne!”

Depression? Sing Your Little Heart Out

I know, the last thing you feel like doing when you are really depressed is singing. La lala la la. How bloomin’ chirpy that sounds. Punch the perpretator.Home karioke is the thing. Home alone karioke even more preferable, because complaints are counter-productive.I used to get out my guitar and go through my repertoire of broken-heartedContinue reading “Depression? Sing Your Little Heart Out”

A Wolf in The Forest

Im just in the process of looking back at the things I have done, now I have more time and am in the process of trying to keep my brain creative while my body is deciding what to do with itself. This is what I call one of my word paintings, published in Wolf WarriorsContinue reading “A Wolf in The Forest”