Invitation to Harry and Meghan

Here in Australia we are very fond of the UK Royals, especially Prince Harry and his new wife, Meghan.

There has been a bit of a hiccup since they got married and had baby Archie. We did expect they would ‘share the love’ and wave the new baby in front of us for a quick photo, not hide him away. Bit miffed.After all we (ok maybe the royal ‘we’ meaning me), were just as excited as they were.

They unwitingly have then got the British press against them, and the servants (according to the gossip mags), as it seems Megs, as we call her, has got ,’a bit up herself’ while settling in to her new life.

It hasnt helped that the poor girl is an American (!), and Americans moving into the Royals and landed gentry have always shaken them up, which never went down well. They are a stuffy bunch.

The press forget that these are two children from dysfunctional families. They have been through more than the average young couple, and have found love and solace in each other, and Archie.

Everyone makes mistakes in a new job. We usually learn from our mistakes and move on.

This young couple has been verbally battered, and no longer wish to perform for us as expected.

Here in Australia we are as a nation are more accepting and laid back. If you try to speak the language, and make an effort to fit in, you will gain respect and friendship. If you are going to complain, just go back to where you came from.

Above all, as a nation, we are known for our laconic sense of humour, and disrespect for authority.

Which is why the local paper yesterday had a bit of fun at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s aka Harry and Megs expense, but with affectiion.

It was actually highlighting the plight of one of our beaches that has recently been destroyed by severe storms.

There is a strong feeling here that Harry and Megs should up camp and come to live among us. So long as they dont expect ‘the royal treatment’.

My Associate, jornalist Damon Cronshaw, together with Lisa McLean,came up this this:

To which I just had to respond: Damon, what a hoot the Harry and Megs story was. Totally credible not. I think Harry and Megs should move into my retirement village in Belmont with me. Nice and peaceful but never dull. After all I have the famous Topics chandelier in the garden. Pretty royal that

Even a screaming baby wouldnt matter. We just switch our hearing aids off.
Megan would find peace here with our kind old ladies. She likes making cakes. She could fashion shop at Mt Hutton where nobody would bother her, and remember she gets two free donuts (US spelling) with a coffee there. Harry could go kayaking on the lake at Warners Bay with my son Richard. He’s not a chatter but no paparazzi would get close. And our Andrew could introduce him to local soccer, having been both player and coach of Singleton Strikers! Harry could wander into any pub in the Hunter and people would just say ‘Oh yeah, that’s Harry. “What are you drinking? (what would you like to drink).
And, Big Finish, Megan could join our little church drama group and star in our annual comedy performance. She could even play in The Importance of Being Earnest as Lady Bracknell, or even dress up as a princess. One main thing though. No point Harry and Megs coming if they expect to be treated as someone special. Here in the Hunter we are all pretty special. We just get on with it.

Oldies Get a Voice

I have been sending copies of my Bed Wars emails to my local MP, Pat Conroy to voice my frustration at the system. I have also forwarded on to him two emails I received from two women made homeless, each by putting a loved one into Aged Care and now coincidentally he has organised a meeting here in Newcastle with the ongoing Commission into Aged Care to allow ‘a limited number of people’ a chance to speak of their problems.

I have done my bit, but I will contact the lady who contacted me about being made homeless through having to put her husband in a care home, and the treatment she is still receiving. The problem is she seems so absolutely worn down by the situation I doubt she could make it, but I will enquire whether transport could be arranged for her. If she wishes me to go with her.

In my own case it has been pointed out to me that an adverse effect may come from people not understanding the need to spend our care package on items like an adjustable bed but for me it is a matter of life and death. Just because my bed is on order doesnt mean I will be sitting back, well I will actually. I am writing this lying down in bed which is mainly my usual writing mode. My new bed will prop me up and stop the pain in my neck and shoulders and back muscle spasms that comes from writing lying down (and Parkinsons etc).

Typing sitting up with a twisted and disintegrating spine is another story. I do know that just the four weeks stress of trying to get something through the system on my own made me very ill indeed. By ĺast Monday before the meeting I could hardly think where to find things to get ready. I was totally ill from stress and nothing would alleviate the pain. I didnt even think to make some of the famous medicinal apricot liquer (!) and I still havent done my online grocery shopping, instead ordering meals in from the village kitchen and Dominos pizza, having lunch while out with my carers. Dont worry I havent starved!

But I can identify if many people will be totally unable to get in to the Commission and fight. Aĺl the fight has been knocked out of them.

But I am seeing Pat Conroy, our local (Labour) Member of Parliament as a bit of a hero and that is a first for a politician!

Here is a clearer link to details of the meeting Go to Newcastle Herald click here

Tsunami Map – Scary Stuff

I live in New SouthWales, Australia, about 1.1/2 hours. drive north from Sydney along the expressway.(Interestingly it usually takes a storm 3 hours later to reach us).

It’s not the same with tsunamis f course.

NSW is a huge area. Just below the bulge on the right-hand side of the map – the east coast. Our cool winds come from Antartica, our hot winds come straight off the Simpson Desert in Central Australia. The United Kingdom fits x4. times into NSW on the map. My geography has always been hopeless. I do know that I have lived mostly upside down since 1972!

I live on a huge coastal lake, linked by the Swansea channel. When the sea is rough, the lake is very choppy. If a big tsunami comes, it won’t just come up the Swansea Channel, it will come straight over the low-lying areas, almost to my doorstep ,according to the map. Phew that is close! If the bushfires dont get us first. That is on the other map. The links are below.

I cant swim. C’est la vie. Que sera sera. Lalalala.

Check the map here

My New Bed Comes Next Week

Dear Diary, I have deleted my Bed Wars posts because I dont want to look back on how emotional and overwhelmed – and alone the whole scenario made me feel.

It has brought home the obvious, that Parkies is beginning to win in its relentless progression and insidious takeover, of my mind especially.

The physical signs are not so obvious to the untrained eye but as my doctor pointed out yesterday depression is a common part of Parkinsons, whether it be chemical or from the situation.

The loss of all kinds of control really scares me.

I always enjoyed being on my own, because I was able to get about and had a wide circle of friends, and a handful of very staunch long-term friends.

I am no longer able to see to drive, and each one of my dear friends is fighting their own difficult battles for survival. We support each other still but dont gravel well.

Suddenly, on Sunday, I felt very, very isolated, and even detached from life and my comfy little home. Even my plants no longer seemed to connect to me. It felt horrible and very scary.

I felt so ill I nearly cancelled my outing with my son but instead admitted to him that I wasnt coping and what I really needed was to get some replacement flowering plants for my pots and the all-important potting mix.

Of course that outing put everything back into kilter, especially as my lovely teenage grandaughter came too.

Yesterday my helper came and we went back to the third bed shop to meet up with my new Co-ordinator to see if this bed would meet my medical needs. It doesnt meet nursing care requirements but my occupational therapist had assured her that I did need this for my current medical and lifestyle needs.

So Captain Snooze is fast-tracking the order and a week on friday I can be supported sitting up in bed while writing this, and sleeping in the anti-snore position to stop waking myself up. I may even get a good night’s sleep!

I have to firmly tell myself this is not a miracle cure, but judging how my body eased up while lying on it while discussing it yesterday, any relief will be bliss.

My later visit to my doc to review my meds didnt offer any hope so I am back to my busy neurologist on 29th – sooner if there is a cancelation – to see if there is an alternative to the failed Xadago (see ptevious posts). There are new options coming along.

So enough of this maudlin stuff. Those poor plants need potting up to fill the dead spaces with colour once more. Maybe later.

Onward and upward.

A nice cafe lunch at the new Cafe Alonjerho cartainly helped my day

Musical Bathroom Chairs

I’m hating this old person thing, buying all these aids, such as a deep sided dinner plate, but I do love my new bathroom chair in the shower.

Simple but effective
Adjustable hand- held or fixed hose works well with he shower seat
Add a clear acrylic long-handled back brush (hanging from tap). Plus a strong double-length grab rail on the wall for safety

Quite expensive through my Occupational Therapist, but there now case of those split- second blackouts I have now and then. My bathroom is tiny but easy-clean low maintenance. No room to swing a cat (pets not allowed). This is the second bathroom chair. The first nearly shot me on to the floor like a slippery dip when wet! Extremely dangerous. The company dont usually accept the return of used goods (I had only tried it once), but they decided the risk of accident and repercussions was not worth it and rang to offer an alternative.

Actually the tall and burly youngish man and I ended up having a good laugh as we tried squeezing nto spaces while we passed each other several times trying to adjust the seat height. I hope the neighbours weren’t listening, now I recall our dialogue relating to the chair, ending with “Yes that feels great. Thank you.”

So I can really recommend a shower chair. It is just lovely to take the weight off and let lovely warm water cascade gently over to ease the muscles while washing with lovely scented shower gel. How I miss no longer being able to use a bath, but this comes close.

Bit of Excitement

All hands on deck at Coles Westfield Kotara on Thursday 31/10/2019 when a water leak found its way found its way along the decorative gold flashing at the shop entrance. “It look like those icicle Xmas decorations melting!” quipped one bystander, but the fast-flowing wster (best seen against the fluorescent lighting) looked to be falling close to the electronic checkout machines.

Falling rain in the centre top of pic if you look closely
Look against the fluoro lighting