Potato cakes with fried egg and hollandaise – Recipes – delicious.com.au

6am. Been awake with fibro/ligament and connective tissue pain so must get up and moving. Might as well give this a go for brekky. Death by cholesterol! Might as well add bacon. https://www.delicious.com.au/recipes/potato-cakes-fried-egg-hollandaise/264ceaa1-ccbf-4164-9cbc-b138714f4afc And here is the low vision, been awake since 4am version. Couldnt’t stand up long enough to stir a proper Hollondase sauce,Continue reading “Potato cakes with fried egg and hollandaise – Recipes – delicious.com.au”

Volunteer of the Year? – Village Life

He may be in his eighties, but Narla long-time resident, Frank O’Grady, likes to keep busy. With his wife Jenny, they are responsible for creating and looking after some of the nicest parts of the village gardens. The fountain is located next to the rotunda, and had been unused until recently when the pump wasContinue reading “Volunteer of the Year? – Village Life”

Village Life – Ssh don’t tell the neighbours!

Just waiting to get a call from the estate manager asking why the heck my former flatmate,Angela, and I were spray painting a couple of bedside cabinets out in the communal garden on a Sunday afternoon. All I can tell you is that we won’t be doing it again but I’m rather pleased with theContinue reading “Village Life – Ssh don’t tell the neighbours!”

Synchronicity – again and again

Ive been up for hours writing. The idea came from a post on the blog called The Wee Writing Lassie, who has just become a follower of my site. Her blog featured a quote by Ailish Sinclair (we are all three Scottish writers) that unblocked the obstacle holding up A Door Slams. I had gotContinue reading “Synchronicity – again and again”

Xmas Shopping All Done Online and in Bed But

What to give my sons in their forties if its not a JB Hifi always welcome gift card. Then I saw the very Aussie humorous advertising on the Knobby’s hugely successful website. It had their email address. I had an idea! And before you scoff I got a Distinction at the University of Newcastle forContinue reading “Xmas Shopping All Done Online and in Bed But”

Did I say Online grocery Shopping Was Easy?

Will come back and edit later, when I have caught up on my sleep! This took place between 2am and 5am today After taking hours using the Woolies site it asked for my card no which meant getting up so I left my virtual trolley in the aisle and reordered most of my usuals fromContinue reading “Did I say Online grocery Shopping Was Easy?”

My New Adjustable bed is a Life-Changer!

In fact, I have been waking so pain-free and energised I havent had time to stop and tell you! I’ve been getting lots done, spring-cleaned for Xmas (massive giveaway of stuff), entertained visitors, been out to lunch, and actually having a god time! And all because my new adjustable bed has arrived. It is (auseContinue reading “My New Adjustable bed is a Life-Changer!”

She Really Did It!

Just as I was writing the follow-up to my friend Naomi Allen’s headshave event, the news announced that raging bushfires had reached the little town where she and her family lives! I nearly died with shock. I knew she hadn’t been well that morning. ‘The boys were very scared’ was a bit of an understatementContinue reading “She Really Did It!”

Something from Nothing – Upcycled Garden Feature

Haven’t done any upcycling for a while, but my lamp switch was getting a bit flickery, while the birdfeeder was getting rusty. so I consulted my good neighbour, Frank, through his ‘manager’, wife Jenny, about the feasibility of combining both into a garden ornament, and this was the result. Whole thing would not have takenContinue reading “Something from Nothing – Upcycled Garden Feature”

Bed Wars – The Sequel

While the bushfires are raging and getting closer, and the news is full of terrifying footage, my new bed arrived. Three days ahead of schedule, because the bushfires all over the state are closing roads and making all normal deliveries impossible. Fortunately Captain Snooze lives only minutes away at Bennetts Green. If only I hadContinue reading “Bed Wars – The Sequel”

Tsunami Map – Scary Stuff

I live in New SouthWales, Australia, about 1.1/2 hours. drive north from Sydney along the expressway.(Interestingly it usually takes a storm 3 hours later to reach us). It’s not the same with tsunamis f course. NSW is a huge area. Just below the bulge on the right-hand side of the map – the east coast.Continue reading “Tsunami Map – Scary Stuff”

My New Bed Comes Next Week

Dear Diary, I have deleted my Bed Wars posts because I dont want to look back on how emotional and overwhelmed – and alone the whole scenario made me feel. It has brought home the obvious, that Parkies is beginning to win in its relentless progression and insidious takeover, of my mind especially. The physicalContinue reading “My New Bed Comes Next Week”

Musical Bathroom Chairs

I’m hating this old person thing, buying all these aids, such as a deep sided dinner plate, but I do love my new bathroom chair in the shower. Quite expensive through my Occupational Therapist, but there now case of those split- second blackouts I have now and then. My bathroom is tiny but easy-clean lowContinue reading “Musical Bathroom Chairs”

Bit of Excitement

All hands on deck at Coles Westfield Kotara on Thursday 31/10/2019 when a water leak found its way found its way along the decorative gold flashing at the shop entrance. “It look like those icicle Xmas decorations melting!” quipped one bystander, but the fast-flowing wster (best seen against the fluorescent lighting) looked to be fallingContinue reading “Bit of Excitement”

WOOHOO – We Oldies fight back!

Well done Adrian Matthiasson!While I loved and embraced many modern advantages I objected to some and like everyone was kept in the dark about the bad effects. Once those were made known I did my bit – but not enough – to offset or change. Now I am saving water, recycling batteries, using much lessContinue reading “WOOHOO – We Oldies fight back!”


I left before the fight started. Photo from the wine education talk and tasting by Superior Vineyards Pty Limited in our Village Hall on a rainy Saturday afternoon that drew about 24 residents who sampled a good range of Australian wines from around the continent. I would ike to say a wild party with raucousContinue reading “VILLAGE LIFE-Wine Tasting”

My Favourite Pharmacist is retiring

Good story from The HeraldThis was my pharmacy when I lived on The Hill and also for the special cocaine eye drops I had to get made up with the prescription from my eye specialist (great stuff!) for my macular degeneration eye injections back then. He always was nice and I loved his umbrellas hangingContinue reading “My Favourite Pharmacist is retiring”

A Helpful Medical Fund NIB

I dont know about you, but dealing with these robot pretend chat customer relations people online “does me ‘ead in” but once you get past it can be marginally better than hanging on the phone forever. Having said that, my medical fund staff and service at NIB Medical Fund are always great, but it wasContinue reading “A Helpful Medical Fund NIB”

Good Sense With Veg and Fruit

Just heard from Harris Farms, the fresh food barns people: IMPERFECT PICKS is our seasonal range of fruit and vegetables that might not look perfect from the outside, but are as perfect as ever on the inside. IMPERFECT PICKS helps reduce the astonishing statistic that 25% of farmers crops currently never leave the farm gateContinue reading “Good Sense With Veg and Fruit”

An Unfurry Bear

I have this special teddy Its not a furry teddy, its specially made in the Shetland Isles as a collectable and is made of special machine-nitted knitted lace. Cost about $130. I got my grandaughters little matching ones made out of recycled knitted Fair Isle jumpers to go with mine, but they are too oldContinue reading “An Unfurry Bear”

Day 7 – without Data to-Back to Abnormal

Including overspending in the Reject Shop! You know, that bargain shop you pop into because it is the only place to find those microfiber cleaning cloths with the mesh on the other side for scrubbing and only $2. then $41 later you come out with a pile of stuff that you didn’t know you reallyContinue reading “Day 7 – without Data to-Back to Abnormal”

Xadago Day 6 wed afternoon – going off med

Dictated outside suuurgery while waiting for taxi. It doesnt cope with my Scottish accent. Apologies but cant face correcting it right now. See if you can make some sene of it!. Woke up with the highest blood pressure ever 156/97 and it kept saying that so I thought the machine was broken. I made myContinue reading “Xadago Day 6 wed afternoon – going off med”

Still Day 5 Tues – feeling very ill

One important thing I should mention. Lack of anger restraint. Ive just got myself into bother on fb! First I actually trolled (first time I think), one of these females who seem to spend their lives having their lips plumped, then sitting in front of a camera being inane. It was one of those unsolicitedContinue reading “Still Day 5 Tues – feeling very ill”

My Little Superhero and His Mum

Please donate here I have known this little boy’s amazing mother since she was wheeling her dolls around aged six! She and her partner Nikki, have three gorgeous and lively little boys. Despite a broken hand, Nay still took them camping two weks ago and they had the best time. There is nothing this coupleContinue reading “My Little Superhero and His Mum”

well Here Goes ‐ Xadago

Note: haven’t edited the typos at this stage: Safinamide – Common side effects of Xadago include: abnormal movements (dyskinesia), falls, nausea, insomnia, dizziness upon standing, anxiety, cough, indigestion, hallucinations Common Side Effects of Xadago (Safinamide Tablets Well this could be interesting, and I will definitely be wearing my medicalarm pendant today and not goiñg anywhere.Continue reading “well Here Goes ‐ Xadago”

Medisafe helps me take my meds on time. Try it out now!

Check out Medisafe – pill reminder and medication management. Get it now http://bit.ly/getmdsf I have been trying the free version of this for a week now and it has got me back on track. A bell tone rings on time, then every few minutes till I click that I have taken that dose, plus itContinue reading “Medisafe helps me take my meds on time. Try it out now!”

Watch “Surprise prank goes 😂 wrong when 91 year old David meets actor Lionel Blair – BBC” on YouTube

Delightful and inspirational This short ideo of David Owen age 91 getting a surprise chance to sing to a theatre audience had me in happy tears and inspired to have a karioke fternoon at least!

Depression and Anxiety

https://www.michaeljfox.org/news/depression-anxiety Trying the new frames. Very similar to old frames Now my Parkinsons meds are losing their potency both depresion and anxiety are creeping in but I went to my eye test on my own today. My vision is deteriorating again so I ordered new spectacles. $550 though only one lense can be seen through.Continue reading “Depression and Anxiety”

Thspeaking Thpanish

Just been watching Kevin Bridges (Scottish comedian) on Youtube. Love getting back to Scottish humour, since I grew up in Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland. Kev was talking about people translating him from Scottish into English, something I still encounter here in Australia. He was hilarious, especially telling about learning to speak SpanishContinue reading “Thspeaking Thpanish”

Tiny House Living – Nearly

Letter to The .Editor: Hi Damon, if and when the construction of the proposed new Ikea store on the new Boolaroo site comes to fruition, will the new building arrive in one giant flat pack with a sheet of instructions and an allen key? Regards, Eunice. Child’s play: the latest self-assembly hall table from KMartContinue reading “Tiny House Living – Nearly”

A Fridge That Does Your Shopping

You know that moment when you are in the supermarket aisle and you know there is something missing in the fridge that you were going to replace, but can’t remember? Or you wonder which vegetables you wanted and you wish you could just ring your fridge and ask it to tell you? Well now youContinue reading “A Fridge That Does Your Shopping”

Take the Grandchildren!

Australia has many unique animals. Our family used to love visiting the Reptile Park, especially Eric the huge crocodile. You dont need to worry about the snakes there. They help provide anti-venom that goes out to save lives. heck them, and everything from cute koalas and huge hairy spider to baby Tasmanian Devils out atContinue reading “Take the Grandchildren!”

Tilting at Windmills – letter to newspaper

Developers proposal Hello Damon, I’ve said it before but does this council have massive shares in a concrete company to be so insistent on spreading it across Newcastle? The new plans for the former bus depot by the Foreshore are nothing less than awful. What used to be a lovely, happy, green area for childrenContinue reading “Tilting at Windmills – letter to newspaper”