The Timer is Set

At 8am my new coffee percolater is set to spring into life, and hiss and burble as it drips boiling water on to the coffee grounds in the paper filter. The water will then percolate through and drip into the jug on the warming plate. Assuming it actually knows when 8am is in my part of town. Time will tell, haha

All very high-tech for an impulse buy on special at JB Hifi. What made it special to me was the large print on the buttons, since I am vision impaired. I am sorely tampted to press the ‘brew now’ rather than the ‘brew later’ which means I have less than 4 hours to go. Back to sleep for now…

Similar version today on Amazon

Nothing will ever be as much fun, however as the syphon system of a 1960,’s Cona coffee percolater, which looked similar to this Bodum model on sale at Amazon today.

With its hourglass shape and toughened glass stopper, the Cona was fascinating to watch as the heated water began to infiltrate up past the stopper into the brandy glass top, where it then steeped the coffee grounds in near boiling water till the upper level contained all the liquid. The contraption was then stood aside where pysics took place as the brewed coffee syphoned back down into the now empty jug at the base. With a final slurp and gurgle the coffee was finally syphoned back, ready for pouring once the top was removed. I never tired of watching this magic, but the glass rods broke eventually.

The Italian stove-top silver metal model works in a similar way, and is still very popular today.

Italian coffee maker

Plunger, or cafetiere coffee being the simplest method.


No, actually instant coffee from a jar is the simplest, but we will pretend I didn’t day that.

On the other hand, a plethora of space age coffee machines has seen increasing sophistication in home coffee brewing.

I have three simple models retired to the pantry, plus a tiny saucepan to use on a stand over a candle to boil in a power cut.

Meanwhile my new machine with timer (memories of the fantastic bedroom Teasmade!) kicked into life after I hit the ‘brew now’ button, and the reset timer worked like clockwork on the next attempt. Happy Days.

My own design mug looks good with it. See next post

Watch “Connie Talbot Sings LIVE! at GMTV Album Launch (4:3 version)” on YouTube

Please click here to watch

When you can’t sleep which is a big problem for us parky’s people YouTube s a real help and last night or around 4 a.m. this morning I came across this lovely little girl and her lovely voice. Connie actually wrote the song she performed on Britain’s Got Talent when she was 14 but I have started watching from when she was 6. When all the country seems to be burning around you as it is here at the moment it’s a good thing to know hat really nice people re still out there. I always feel a tinge of worry for these young children because so many of them get destroyed by all the fame and apparent success and then end up with nothing but this little girl and her parents seem very grounded and that is really good. Anyway enough of me please do go and try watching the YouTube videos of Connie Talbot just for the feel-good factor of it.

Youtube screenshot

Bedroom Update – something from nothing

Well it has already been described as ‘Bohemian Fairy’ and ‘whimsical, but my updated bedroom is nearly there after a lull over Christmas.

I picked up my Indian carving from Cherry Road Garden Centre, and Naughty-Norman-93 (he of the runaway mobility scooter on Youtube), insisted on staggering along the path with it. He is still standing. What a legend!

Today Terrific Trev, our resident Maintenance Expert, came and fixed it to the wall very firmly to make sure the hydraulic bed movement doesnt dislodge it onto my head. He also out up two of my paintings so that feels good.

The velour large cushion has the Eiffel Tower in rhinestones

My design board

The two Ikea uplighter standard lamps are in the mail, so hopefully the bushfires around Sydney wont delay matters (my heart is breaking for those who have lost absolutely everything). Here am I fussing about cushions, but I know what it is t lose everything, and we just start piecing it back together. This work in progress is part of my own story.

The bedside tables still require new wooden toos, and the Venetian glas lamps

Deja Vu

Highly strung! Lights at Xmas

Just spent two hours ttempting to untangle 50 metres of solar garden lights. Since they are not coloured thought I would string them around the courtyard. Untangling was quite therapeutic really – for the first 90 minutes. The lights cling together like velcro.

Tomorrow I will attempt to untangle 50 metres of …

Update: Sunday.

”Stubborn’ is the word that most describes me. My son took one look yesterday and said ‘Mum, just bin it and get some more next Xmas’. Very sensible, but the Scot in me says ‘Ye cannae waste it while it stiill wurks,’!

It. is quite absorbing – a reverse form of maccrame and good exercise for my left Parkinson’s arm. Also, with the tension of the bushfire threat it is quite good my calming the nerves up to appoint then you just have to walk away till another time. With. the weather being as it is and very hot and humid it is not worth going out and gardening so it’s Sunday morning and I will have another little go at it.

I have got bundles held with cable ties and really it is a two-person job but I simply don’t have the patience..

Day 3. The end. 50 metres was 40 metres too far.

Merry Xmas to Mee!

Isnt this the most beautiful thing?! Designed and made in Sydney, Australia, by Sheryl and Brooke of WHICH BAGS, to fit in the front bag of my rollator. I am absolutely wrapt with it!

Each item is carefully hand-made, so I requested a large makeup bag for my Dance Mom daughter-in-law in this dance fabric.

for my dancer grandaughter they had this embroidered denim number with internal pockets which will hold lots of stuff for rehearsal nights.

The ‘Harley’ rollator next to a huge scoter

And finally, with specially done machine embroidery is the wedding makeup bag for my lovely home physiotherapist, Nicola. Each visit I get an update on the arrangements for what is going to be a fabulous and romantic special occasional. There will be no last minute panic trying to find Which Bag belongs to the bride!

Finally, my 18-year old Beautiful and elegant older Grandaughter is receiving her Xmas money folded into this cute change purse made by Sheryl. (both she and my grandson’s girlfriend were very pleased with them

What a very stress-free way to do my Christmas shopping, especially since I included something beautiful but very usefull for myself! That is called therapy.

Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!

Here in Australia we were so proud to see baby Archie wearing the tiny sheepskin boots given to him by retired Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, on our behalf. Called Ugg boots here for as long as I remember (although there has been a legal challenge to the brand name from outside the country) they are made here in the Hunter Valley and they are the softest cosiest things you can put on your feet, so no wonder Archie looks comfy. His tiny toes would be toastie warm!The photo was taken by his Mother, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Ugg boots are an Aussie icon. Worn by both men and women, indoors or out, they are the nearest thing i can think of to an adult ssecurity blanket! At the end of a long day I would pull on my soft grey original-style ones, feel my toes sink into the soft fleece and sigh as the world slipped away. Sadly, I lost that pair to my teenage son but how could I as a mother deprive him of such a source of comfort? As Aussies we do have an emotional attachment to them, in the country or city.

See the Ugg boots factory website The Mortels website describes itself thus:

Mortels manufacturing base is located at Thornton, and they retail their locally manufactured product from showrooms in both Thornton and Warners Bay. Mortels only distribute in Australia through their own retail outlets to preserve their brand and the quality of Australian manufacturing. They also offer a large range of their products through their website, direct sales to local, national and international customers. Mortels sheepskins are specially selected from Australian grown sheep….

Oops I didnt intend to copy all the above, but this is such an Australian local no-hype company and I have really enjoyed wearing their products. It includes the style of boots Archie is swearing, so now you know where to get them!

Photo courtesy of Mortels web site

Name Dropping: Sir Peter Cosgrove – retired Australian Governor General.

I met Sir Peter early on in his military career in the 1970’s when he was an officer at the Singleton Army base and I was involved in local tourism.

‘A real man’s man’, as they say, totally involved in the running of a busy training camp and the welfare of his troops. A no-nonsence kind of person, got to the point. Got it done.

My connection was through the Army museum on the camp. I remember having a short but interesting conversation about what they were training to defend us from, since Australia seemed a very safe continent. That was a real eye-opener!

He managed to keep the local town of Singleton onside, despite our houses being constantly rattled by the Army’s bombing and shelling practice. He had the total respect of his troops. He and his wife, Lynne Cosgrove were very popular at social eevents.

He has gone from strength to strength but I haven’t followed his career until he appeared on the news doing a good job as our Governor General and the only person I know who could keep this current bunch of politicians in line.

Even back in the 1970’s Sir Peter had a presence, and he is one of the few people of whom I have ever stood in awe.Biography

Proper Bushfire Fire Prevention for Australia

Watch short segment from programme here

Sorry, have lost his name: I was a paid fire fighter for nearly 15 years in the 80’s and early 90’s, with the FCV. Fought many a fire, never ever saw anything like what’s happening now…

In those days, we would do controlled cool fuel reduction burns in the Spring and late Autumn, we would maintain bush tracks. We allowed Cattle to graze in the High Country and allowed Stock to feed on roadside vegetation. Landowners could sink a dam anywhere on their property, a valuable resource in any fire situation. Landowners could make and maintain fire breaks. This all led to a reduction in fuel loads in Forests. Sure, we had droughts and we had fires, but not of the intensity and ferocity of what we see today. A lot of our Flora relies on fire to regenerate, but when you get fires like we have now, the sheer intensity and heat generated in them destroys some of those species and any chance they may have of survival. There is a big difference between being a Conservationist and a Greenie, I know this post will piss a lot people of, that is not my intention, just my experience .

Link to how Indigenous people manage fire