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  1. Who is your favorite author?

1. Jane Austin is my favourite author. I always .’got it’ that she was subtly sending up all the snobs and hypochrites of her society.

I grew up nearby to where Jane Austen lived, amongst – but not in – the many stately homes. We lived in Worksop, Nottinghamshire – “Gateway to the Dukeries”, as jt says on the sign. Worksop is smack on the borders of Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Formerly a market, then mining town, it tolerates the Toffs on their estates who had such an influence on the town.

Wentworth Woodhouse today. Still soot-stained and under scaffolding. Love this place.

Check out the recently saved Wentworth Woodhouse, and what they do to keep it alive. Really worth a visit A good friend is descended from one of the maids who was ‘begat’ by the son of the Wentworth Woodhouse gentry of the time. (You had no choice if you wanted to keep your job and accommodation.)

She was sent away to the big family-owned hotel in Leeds until her confinement. Then the family paid a stable hand to marry her and bring up the child. It was quite common in those times. My friend thinks a dna study of the village and area could be quite fruitful!

The property has been through some owners since. There is a BBC tv programme about it. Jane Austen would possibly have visited there.

I really liked Jane Austen’s storytelling over most of my life, hers being among the few novels I can read over again.

However, being a Libran, I have to swing the scales. Remember though that at the time of writing my brain is still recovering from the medication debacle. Nah, that is no excuse for thinking in jigsaws; a piece here, a piece there, hopefully coming together into a cohesive whole with the insertion of the last piece. Or realising the last piece belongs to a different puzzle altogether.

D.H. Lawrence. Naughty D.H.Lawrence, whose ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ was banned on publication when I was at school in Darlington, did not so much influence my writing. His writing reflected a short part of my married life…Some other time.

Question 2 will be on a separate page. There is a book in this. What have you started Wee Writing Lassie!

I’ve Been Nominated For a Blog Award!

Cooooooool! Just woke up after finally getting some sleep and found a notification in my email

Hi there, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award

Gosh, how nice. Somebody cared enough to name me in her own journey as a nominee. Her acceptance speech is the best!

Thank you to the Wee Writing Lassie at:

I will do mine on a better day. There are a few hoops to jump through but at least I don’t have to sleep with a producer.

My Nominees’ Questions

  1. Who is your favorite author?
  2. If you could rule one of these five fictional/mythical lands: the Galaxy of Star Wars, King Arthur’s Britain, Westeros, Middle-Earth or Discworld – which one would it be and why?
  3. If you had the powers of a god, what would you do with them?
  4. Which famous historical figure would you have round to dinner?
  5. You’ve been abducted by aliens, and they demand that you take them to your leader – who do you take them to?
  6. If there was a film made of your life story, which famous actor would you want to play you?
  7. If you were trapped in a historical time (presumably your time machine has malfunctioned) what period would you be most likely to survive in? 
  8. What is your favorite kind of weather and why?
  9. Chocolate or Caramel? 
  10. If you could turn into any mythical creature, which one would it be?
  11. Who are you surprised.)

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to him/her. (Check)
  2. Answer 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you. (Double Check)
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions. (Mwahhahaha! *cough* I mean, 

Sunshine Blogger Award – Q4-8

  1. Which famous historical figure would you have round to dinner?

I was going to invite Jesus. He brings his own wine, has some great party tricks and tells great stories. He is a really nice bloke who stands up for his rights. He is the original sandal-wearing, long-haired hippie. Not a vegetarian though as he is very big on fish. With bread. Very full of peace and love. Wants us to love everyone. He is a lot more fun than people think.

Unfortunately he has his scarred hands full at the moment what with one thing and another, and now there is this latest plague to deal with. His Dad is very proud of him. “Well pleased” in fact.

Anyway the late Dowager Duchess of Devnshire has graciously agreed to fill in. She has been a big influence on me (Q11),and going back to my previous answer (Q2) saved the Chatsworth Estate from absolute ruin by making it commercial yet beautiful together with her husband, the Duke of Devonshire. They put on exhibitions of huge modern art in the gardens and had fabulous farm foods in their shop next to the cafe. The family continues to do a fabulous job.

My main interest at the moment is that she is/was a very lively American (one of three Mitford sisters), who made huge success of marrying into the British Aristocracy. Hopefully if Meghan turns up the Duchess will be the one person who can sort her out.

  1. You’ve been abducted by aliens, and they demand that you take them to your leader – who do you take them to?
  2. A. I have no leader. I take orders from no one.
  3. If there was a film made of your life story, which famous actor would you want to play you?
  4. A.
  5. Rene Zwellneggeer in Briget Jones character as the younger mee.. I know, it’s tragic!
  6. Maybe Mae West during my mid-life crises (sic). She had my boobs.
  7. In later life it would have to be Keeping Up Appearances tv series Mrs Bouquet/Bucket actress, Patricia Cornwell, according to LSS ( long suffering son).
  8. If you were trapped in a historical time (presumably your time machine has malfunctioned) what period would you be most likely to survive in?

A. Sadly, only the modern day. I am a Miracle of Modern Science.

  1. What is your favorite kind of weather and why?
  2. A.Snow – when viewed from 12,000 miles away in Australia, although I always get exited here when it finally rains. Snow makes everything beautiful.
  3. Chocolate or Caramel?
  4. A.Caramel. Best of all caramel In chocolate. This body was built on Mars Bars and McDonalds caramel sundaes.
  5. If you could turn into any mythical creature, which one would it be?


Unicorn by Eunice Hobson-English

Why a white Eunicecorn, of course!

My Questions for My Nominees:

Why do owners of Health Food shops never look healthy?

2. What meal would you cook for the Queen?

3. Have you ever gone somewhere wearing odd shoes?

4. If they let you play for one night in a heavy metal band, which would it be.

5. Are eyes important to you and why?

6. What item goes everywhere with you?

7. What do you write using?

8. Do you go all misty at the sight of an old-fashined typewriter?

9. Does your blog rule your life?

10. What country are you currently in?

11. What country would you like to be in?

About Mee – Questions 2&3 – Sunshine Bloggers Award Answers

  1. Im having a few technical issues with the formatting using my new iPhone and, due to impaired vision (only see parts of words so cannot use html but Im having fun with this so please make allowances. X
  1. If you could rule one of these five fictional/mythical lands: the Galaxy of Star Wars, King Arthur’s Britain, Westeros, Middle-Earth or Discworld – which one would it be and why?

FIRST DRAFT: One train of thought. Well none, sorry. All too tense, too violent, too nerve wracking. Despite Karen Ractliffe’s extreme knowledge, I couldn’t get into either Harry Potter or the Hobbits. Lost interest in Star Wars after the first two movies, and years of tripping over Star Wars toys , followed by standing on sharp pieces of Star Wars Lego.

Iam constantly muttering‘Beam me up Scottie’ in various situations but Star Trek does not feature here, and I lost interest in that. But then I am of the generation that watched the first moon landing live as it happened.

Too many sharp objects in King Arthurs Britain, especially axes. I have been past two believed sites of his kingdom, and nope,dont fancy all that armour-clanking and in-fighting.

Know nothing of Westeros or Discworld. Im a Viking/Norman conquering descendent, and once we invaded raped and pillaged, we settled down among the locals, drank each other’s beers, and adopted the best bits of the lifestyle.

Dont even want to rule a fairy village. Always having to fight gremlins and wicked elves. Been there, done that. Survived with minimal battle scars. No, correction, quite a lot of battle scars actually but an equal amount of trophies and scalps.

My motto is ‘Dont mess with this mother’ and my theme song is Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing‘.

No I have ruled my little empires fairly and justly. Now I am one of The Wise Ones.

Let someone else deal with the truculent populace. If they had listened to me global warming would not have happened.

There is no joy in being a ruler. Let them get on with it. I will sit over here and tell them where they are going wrong. Usually by one of my famous letters containing constructive advice.

Want to see my nice replies from The Queen, State Premiers, etc.? You dont have to rule to make change. You have to offer solutions.

Next Question?

  1. If you had the powers of a god, what would you do with them?. First move: Give myself a painless facelift from the ankles up and cover my beautiful self with flowing silk and velvet garments in which to smile benignly upon an adoring and loving people.
  2. Change the mindset of employers and company directors back towards worker welfare and conditions. All companies making 20 percent profit must put the next ten percent into the community before keeping the rest. Think Cadburys Bourneville, Bairnswear in Worksop (before the Courtauld takeover). And that Scottish guy who provided libraries all over the world, thus educating freely so many people.
  3. Wipe all coal mines off the face of the earth and restore the land to its beauty.
  4. Provide work for miners in production of natural energy, including wind, wave and crystal power but emphasis on efficiency with artistic design of wind structures to be pramount.
  5. Keep plastic because I remember before, but make technology to make it go ‘pouf’ when no longer needed, and to especially dissolve in seawater.

And here is a biggie. Magically free up and expose thousands of patents held by oil and pharma companies that they have bought from inventors then buried until the oil runs out. Put these into production now, employing oil and relevant people who become redundant.

Build beautiful affordable housing, everywhere ; some in kit form (like Ikea) for self-assembly where possible. Provide free training in TAFE

Send a cloud over the planet to obliterate all non-essential drug use and reset all bodies to harmony. Also stop governments getting tax from drugs and tobacco so it is in their interest to use the drug antidotes they are holding..

Make all weapons vapourise, with enphasis on weapon manufacturing premises.

Finally, wipe discontent from the human psyche.

And one for today. Make all tax evasion to be viewed as theft from the community, to be replaced by pride in providing schools and hospitals, affordable housing and foor for the poor. If you are proud to earn it, be proud to pay it.

Note to self: Write one of Famous Letters to Chancellor and Prime Minister.

Right. Am I the only goddess or is there a spare god I dont have to magic up for myself.

It is lounging with grapes and chocolate time

Eek! Crucial! As a god all chocolate is healthy, non-fattening and free. Hey I like this job (tosses long blonde tresses, pouts luscious lips, and bats long eyelashes playfully.)

Next question.

Disaster! Your Fault WordPress

Why, oh why, did you suddenly swap me to block mode without permission, mess up and move those blocks and lose blocks and blocks of my writing? You forgot to autosave didnt you? Didnt you!

Then, after I switched to clasic format, when I tried to save to backup, you have thrown a hissy fit and deleted, or say you dont recognise, all those blocks in your previous we’re block formatting.

I trusted you. I was on a roll; lying here slowly typing one letter at a time with jittery Parkinson’s fingers. constantly going back to correct.

I have spent four hours on the first question alone. I was off on an interesting tangient wjth my mind of pictures – mostly leafy lanes, long vrass.. and Lady Chateley.
I was in the zone. I saved. I went back.

What have you done, WordPress? It is too late to undo. My compliance for the Sunshine Bloggers Award has een adversly compromised. You have even lost this pic, and it was one of yours.Now I am going away to take my 8pm tablets. .They have ben beeping away but I was too involved in writing to notice. I can never come back to rewrite exactly what I lost, so on my return I will expect you to have sorted jt, understand?
Or I shall tell Facebook. You dont want me to tell Fecebook, do you?

Update: Came back via iphone, changed to classic mode and most suddenly came out of hiding. Will continue working on page tomorrow.

Geting Back on the Parkies Meds

Finaly coming back to life, but it was a close call. Taken in car while waiting for my Chinese meal to be collected

Thursday 13th Feb 2020

Because I had been missing sifrol for over 2 weeks, the hospital could only describe me a half dose for six days. Should be getting back into my system. Yesterday my new Carousel game with my tablets in.

And last night I took the 1st full tablet on my normal dose of Sifrol, expecting to wake up feeling much better.

But during the night after only a couple of hours sleep, I was in so much pain throughout my body. It would not let me sleep, so I had to get up. I moved about so stiffly, but I had walked a fair bit yesterday to get ny weak legs back.

finally fell asleep in the recliner chair in front of the TV about 4 a.m. This morning. Woke at 7am and waited for the medication alarm to go off at 8 a.m. Then started getting ready for my helper to come and take me out.

I could hardly walk at all. But just needed to get away for a change of scene and some fresh air. This place gets very airless. We went to the Cherry Road nursery for a milkshake, sitting in the outdoor area among all the lovely plants.

The toasted raisin bread did not taste right. This is a problem with the medications at the moment but I was able to pick up some of their fertilizer for my plants, plus some for Frank who has just fixed my bathrom scales today. Shock increase of 4 kilos.Know that is right as the tape said 5cm increase.

We decided that we fancied some Chinese so rang up on the way home,and collected it. I had no sooner eaten some of mine, and I came to bed and went fast sleep for a couple of hours. And here I have stayed quite comfortably for the rest of the day, but my mind feels like my mind. And I am thinking ahead once more.

Then I got a surprise! I have been nominated for a Blog award. More about that later.