Now Our Phone System is Virus Compromised

Why my phone would not work yesterday, as mentioned in my previous post. All the anxiety, discomfort and total disruptions to our lives has little to do with the actual viral illness (as yet), but everything to do with the pandemonium surrounding the threat of it spreading. I live a couple of hours from SydneyContinue reading “Now Our Phone System is Virus Compromised”

Poor Postie Panicked – Virus Life

“Stay back!”, he cried out, but I was only putting my head round the screen door to spray my delivery box with sanitiser for him (and take his photo). Spare a thought for our postal delivery people at this time- right in the front line of germ warfare, handing package after bacteria-covered package. The motorcycleContinue reading “Poor Postie Panicked – Virus Life”

(More) Good News From Telstra

Praise where due. Telstra is leading the way in bringing back some reality into this madness, while also responding to a groundswell of discontent regarding customer service. Hopefully this will halt the move away by customers, which may help ensure these jobs in six months time. Wheels within wheels. Self-isolating is easy and peacefulContinue reading “(More) Good News From Telstra”

Telstra Saga Update – good news

I am promised, by someone in head office (very nice and working from home due to the Coronavirus isolation moves) that my replacement landline phone is on the way after 3 months. He is also going to follow the trail of how my consignment disappeared, to be linked to a previously completed (in January) consignmentContinue reading “Telstra Saga Update – good news”

When a Hypochondriac Self Isolates

Apart from being at the dental clinic on Monday (necessary), doc’s yesterday (all clear so far, usual scripts but he insisted I come in), podiatrist and physio both home visits and necessary, all while trying to self isolate! 2 taxis to doc and back (sprayed his handles and seatbelt with disinfectant on the way in).Continue reading “When a Hypochondriac Self Isolates”

Keep Calm! The mug says it all

Just got back from the garden centre with punnets of marigolds and pansies for autumn. Mind you, it is still 30C out there today, but I rarely feel up to gardening till the sun starts to move lower in the sky. Now with water restrictions and extreme heat, we courtyard gardeners are turning to gardenContinue reading “Keep Calm! The mug says it all”

Coronavirus Effects Impacting Already

In case you haven’t heard, here’a s story on supermarkets opening especially for older people from 7am to 8am etc. 7am? I can barely function by 9am, honestly. Plus I need to book a carer with trànsport to help me because of my limited vision, if one is available, because most do the early morningContinue reading “Coronavirus Effects Impacting Already”

Telstra Update – came so close

Hello again. Three months later I am resigned. Everything has gone full circle but I have proved the missing handset is a problem between Telstra and its carrier, not my fault. This seems to be a major breakthrough. Last I heard, about 8 days ago was that if not resolved in 5 days ny 15,000Continue reading “Telstra Update – came so close”

The Toilet Roll Crisis Hits Home

OK joke’s over. Despite putting in my online grocery order on Saturday, and the only delivery time being 8.30pm tonight Monday, they didnt manage to put aside these items. Boohoo! Now I am down to my last 8 toilet rolls. It’s enough to give you the s****, and yes this is real. Some bastard hasContinue reading “The Toilet Roll Crisis Hits Home”

Its the News presentations that are Making us ill say patients

A group of patients who realised they were now doomed by inadvertantly being placed in close proximity to each other got talking today. The catalyst was one woman who had slathered herself in sanitiser gel, for the fourth time, saying something about shopping before everything was gone. As the door closed behind her one manContinue reading “Its the News presentations that are Making us ill say patients”

Folding Phones are back! – HUAWEI Mate Xs | HUAWEI Australia Coming to JB Hifi soon, according to my son who just returned from a conference in Melbourne. I dont think it will help me since it opens like a book, not a flip phone. I really liked those. The attached video is impressive though, but after my experience with combining my new iphone 11Continue reading “Folding Phones are back! – HUAWEI Mate Xs | HUAWEI Australia”

Heroic sacrifice or tragic mistake? Revisiting the Eyam plague, 350 years on – Didelot – 2016 – Significance – Wiley Online Library It is a strange village to visit, this village in England that history tells us halted the further spread of the horrific Bubonic Plague  350 years ago by self-isolating the whole village.  Even before you are told the history, the village  has a strange feel about it. People within the village still died butContinue reading “Heroic sacrifice or tragic mistake? Revisiting the Eyam plague, 350 years on – Didelot – 2016 – Significance – Wiley Online Library”

Bee House From the Men’s Shed Belmont

Isnt it just ‘the bees knees?’ Tjis hand-made little winter home for bees is on sale very cheaply from The Men’s Shed Community Project, based at the Neighbourhood Centre in Belmont North.I have been pleased with my extra- long spice rack for $20, and came home lately with a leaf-shaped platter. There is a veryContinue reading “Bee House From the Men’s Shed Belmont”

Coronavirus Shopping Madness Affecting Mums and Aged

Mums are unable to buy even sanitizer to keep their children safe. Also, I do my grocery shopping online with Coles fortnightly as I am vision impaired and have mobility problems and Parkinsons. I usually order on Sunday evening for Monday or Tuesday home delivery but have just heard delivery may take a week becauseContinue reading “Coronavirus Shopping Madness Affecting Mums and Aged”

Fearless or Foolhardy – Parkinsons update

Off to a free Seniors concert down at the hall to catch coronavirus with the other old people. Clever ploy by the government to wipe a few off the care funding bill and save lots of dollars? Must run that past Lou. Wonder if the free lunch will still be on with finger food? IContinue reading “Fearless or Foolhardy – Parkinsons update”

People Have Been Fighting for Toilet Rolls!

Good story today D and the video is brilliant! What craziness has been going on over the last week and all connected to the Coronavirus. It seems leople are mistakenly including severe gastroenteritis among the symptoms and have been panic- buying and stockpiling massive numbers of toilet rolls. My helper and I saw itContinue reading “People Have Been Fighting for Toilet Rolls!”

Archibald Art Prize in Muswellbrook, NSW

By my Special News Correspondent – Angela Bennett: This Thursday just past, I accompanied Marion Fellowes and several of her friends on a train trip to a Regional art gallery showing of the 2019 Archibald Prize finalists, which is currently touring Regional NSW, after being initially displayed at the Art Gallery of NSW in TheContinue reading “Archibald Art Prize in Muswellbrook, NSW”

Telstra Saga Progress – full Circle

Something is happening…BUT..second day in a row I get a pleasant call, from a faraway place, saying, in a cheerful voice, that my case (for my free customer credit handset – value $40!) is stull being followed up by their team (I get a whole feam, that is why they are too busy to putContinue reading “Telstra Saga Progress – full Circle”

Going Through the Archives – 1975?

” “Im a celebrity, get me out of here!” OMG, that was the bright yellow Yamaha Chappy automatic, straight out of the showroom. Only one in Singleton, and possibly this side of Sydney. 70kmh flat-out downhill – with the wind behind it. The local Nomads treated me with respect, I was told (by one ofContinue reading “Going Through the Archives – 1975?”

Watch “Vulcan Bomber Takeoff 2012 on YouTube! and it was gone! After a long wait the ancient bomber from the ‘Cold War’ and Falklands War UK days took of with its famous growling roar from Doncaster Airport, where it is now stationed in its own museum. Aged 21, I used to watch it take off low over my office in Worksop,Continue reading “Watch “Vulcan Bomber Takeoff 2012 on YouTube”

Using up old paint – something from nothing

Being vision-impaired I cant see how this worked till I blow it up on the big screen. Dis a pour onto paper with the last of the acrylic marbling paint.Rolled it up then eased it open. Filled it with blue glass balls for weight. Will add string and tie it up. Bext time I willContinue reading “Using up old paint – something from nothing”

Dream On 🏖

In Harthilll, England, stands a ruined barn. It faces a castle motte from Norman times. The castle itself has gone but the old walls are nice. Harthill is a nice friendly village in Nottinghamshire, England. An ice cream van sits by the pond most days, selling its own Parnhams ice cream from a machine. .ItContinue reading “Dream On 🏖”

Latest Water Saving Technology – well technically it is!

“Like the sands in the hourglass…” Due to the longest drought we are now on level 2 water restrictions. Despite the recent heavy rain over the pasr two weeks, in its wisdom Lake Macquarie City Council and the Hunter Water Board has issued all households with a free 4 minute timer. You just stick itContinue reading “Latest Water Saving Technology – well technically it is!”

Making Black Marble Effect- Something from Nothing

Using a pouring acrylic kit -$28. Update: Next norning.What do you think? Rubbish? I quite like it. It’It’still settling. Update: Some of the white marble effect has turned blue as it is curing. Even more effective. A visitor thought it was real marble! First attempt. watched some Youtube videos then poured colours on top ofContinue reading “Making Black Marble Effect- Something from Nothing”

Got By The Cornavirus

Rang the mobility shop to enquire where my new special walking shoes had got to. It seems they are not being allowed out of China where they were manufactured because of the coronavirus. So at least my feet will not be catching the coronavirus and spreading it to the rest of me which is wasContinue reading “Got By The Cornavirus”

Painting With Max Watters – a memoir

Funeral Report The funeral for succesful Australian artist, Max Watters, was held on Wed 19th February, 2020. He was 83 when he died. So sorry to lose my friend and former art tutor. Many others will feel the same, because as mentioned at his funeral, Max didn’t hold art classes, he had art groups. WeContinue reading “Painting With Max Watters – a memoir”

Grandma on Grammer – playing around with punctuation

Two of my best friends are University-educated (so am I – to a degree), Karen Ractliffe, and writer/actress Gwen Downing, are very particular about the use of good grammer, and punctuation in particular. Both are excellent writers in there own right. Here is a train of thought from an email to Gwen just now.Continue reading “Grandma on Grammer – playing around with punctuation”

Which Historical Figure Would I Invite to Dinner?

I was going to invite Jesus. He brings his own wine, has some great party tricks and tells great stories. He is a really nice bloke who stands up for his rights. He is the original sandal-wearing, long-haired hippie. Not a vegetarian though as he is very big on fish. With bread. Very full ofContinue reading “Which Historical Figure Would I Invite to Dinner?”

Geting Back on the Parkies Meds

Thursday 13th Feb 2020 Because I had been missing sifrol for over 2 weeks, the hospital could only describe me a half dose for six days. Should be getting back into my system. Yesterday my new Carousel game with my tablets in. And last night I took the 1st full tablet on my normal doseContinue reading “Geting Back on the Parkies Meds”

My Flying Saucer! – new medication dispenser

I am very pleased with my new gadget. Battery operated, it’s to help get my medication at the right time. Also the right amount. The cardboard Pack that I will get was getting ready-made from the chemist was not working with my vision. After I had fought my way in there was usually one tabletContinue reading “My Flying Saucer! – new medication dispenser”

Xadago – Safinamide – Im Dreaming Horror Films – progress diary

Xadago – 5/2/2020 Fell asleep into blisful sleep ay 7pm. Had wanted to wait till after 10pm when I take my Madopar PBS overnight tablet. Disgusted to wake at only 10.30pm thinking it must be at least 3am. Got up had belated meal but not hungry. Got a sudden fancy for seafood. Seafood saladContinue reading “Xadago – Safinamide – Im Dreaming Horror Films – progress diary”

First time ever I have experienced disabled discrimination (Telstra)

Tonight I made another attempt to obtain this phone using my points for being a loyal customer. The fact that I am a loyal customer did not carry any weight where the call centre is in some foreign country. Remember this is my third attempt. Despite being told I cant see to drive, so noContinue reading “First time ever I have experienced disabled discrimination (Telstra)”

It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd

Note: goto Facebook group: Telstra Complaints (the vent your anger one) Don’t talk to me about TElstra – again! After an hour on chat because I don’t have a valid passport or drivers lecence for ID (I have alternatives that online won’t recognise) which are necessaryfor them to post out free my desktop phone usingContinue reading “It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd”

Parkinson’s update…My neurologist

I’ve done quite well for a while without needing to increase my Parkinsons medications but lately I have been having great difficulty even typing with a stylus onto the tablet or iPhone because my fingers are not going either far enough or getting the signal to the right place which is totally frustrating. I haveContinue reading “Parkinson’s update…My neurologist”

When You Can’t Sleep

When you try to cash in your customer credits online for a $40 desk phone and it will only accept passport or drivers licence for delivery identification and neither of yours are still in use. Yet they delivered a very expensive iPhone last week without any I’d! Begin forwarded message: From: Telstra 24×7 Chat TranscriptContinue reading “When You Can’t Sleep”

Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube

I am blown away by the sound these two create together online even though it seems they are not in the same place, or even the same town. Amazepots! Check them out from the link (click on the pic) and tell me what you think on the comments below. I will see pwhat I canContinue reading “Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube”

Missing Wartime Bomber Found A authorities are trying to track down relatives belonging to the violets lost in this plane crash during the war. Its believed theremains may still be inside the bomber and a proper funeral will be respectfully provided which is why they want to find family members even after this time. It must be goodContinue reading “Missing Wartime Bomber Found”

Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?

Well for those of you my friends who have been watching the progress of my bedroom refurb (hope you weren’t holding your breath) you would have seen from the original plan that my finishing touch was to be the lights to stand behind the bedside cabinets. I have found the perfect ones thanks to Google,Continue reading “Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?”

This Scottish reporter was tricked into wearing full protective gear to hold a fearsome Aussie drop bear So we got another one and the funny thing is that the reporter, Debi Edward, is Scottish like me and in Scotland the haggis is the equivalent of the Aussie drop bear where we can warn tourist to look out for them! She will be forever always welcome in Australia and be ‘shouted ‘aContinue reading “This Scottish reporter was tricked into wearing full protective gear to hold a fearsome Aussie drop bear”

You gotta know when to fold them

From The Gambler by Kenny Rogers country music star. Well I was sitting watching a program on the ABC about stroke victims coincidentally from my area and I realised I was still trying to untangle the blooming Christmas lights to put up in the garden. Then I realised my face was very red and IContinue reading “You gotta know when to fold them”

Watch “Connie Talbot Sings LIVE! at GMTV Album Launch (4:3 version)” on YouTube

Please click here to watch When you can’t sleep which is a big problem for us parky’s people YouTube s a real help and last night or around 4 a.m. this morning I came across this lovely little girl and her lovely voice. Connie actually wrote the song she performed on Britain’s Got Talent whenContinue reading “Watch “Connie Talbot Sings LIVE! at GMTV Album Launch (4:3 version)” on YouTube”

Bedroom Update – something from nothing

Well it has already been described as ‘Bohemian Fairy’ and ‘whimsical, but my updated bedroom is nearly there after a lull over Christmas. I picked up my Indian carving from Cherry Road Garden Centre, and Naughty-Norman-93 (he of the runaway mobility scooter on Youtube), insisted on staggering along the path with it. He is stillContinue reading “Bedroom Update – something from nothing”

Merry Xmas to Mee!

Isnt this the most beautiful thing?! Designed and made in Sydney, Australia, by Sheryl and Brooke of WHICH BAGS, to fit in the front bag of my rollator. I am absolutely wrapt with it! Each item is carefully hand-made, so I requested a large makeup bag for my Dance Mom daughter-in-law in this dance fabric.Continue reading “Merry Xmas to Mee!”

Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!

Here in Australia we were so proud to see baby Archie wearing the tiny sheepskin boots given to him by retired Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, on our behalf. Called Ugg boots here for as long as I remember (although there has been a legal challenge to the brand name from outside the country) theyContinue reading “Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!”

The Annual Xmas Dinner – Village Life

Off the record. Definitely NOT for the newsletter. Hottest Xmas dinner on record? At least by temperature when the aircons werent coping. Knew it was a big mistake when the young soprano sang Brahms Lullaby before we even lined up for the food. It started off with everybody quite chirpy and a good crowd butContinue reading “The Annual Xmas Dinner – Village Life”

Get in line girls He’s mine!

Tucked away at the bottom of the Topics column today was a snippet that made my day. Mr D’Arcy and his wife have finally separated. Whoopee!At last he can be mine! Cutting back on chocs and Christmas pud immediately. Never mind a New Year Resolution. What better incentive go hit the gym and finally startContinue reading “Get in line girls He’s mine!”