She Really Did It!

Just as I was writing the follow-up to my friend Naomi Allen’s headshave event, the news announced that raging bushfires had reached the little town where she and her family lives! I nearly died with shock. I knew she hadn’t been well that morning.

‘The boys were very scared’ was a bit of an understatement when I was able to contact her later.

I have known Naomi since she was six, and her Mother is one of my best friends.

I had already been worried about her Mum’s safety the day before when yet another fierce bushfire was being fought in her area along the coast.

Now her daughter had to flee and drive for safety from the encroaching bushfire with three children aged five years and under!

25 fire trucks arrived in the little country town on the New England Highway while the inferno was being watched live on television.

Meanwhile Naomi was driving her precious boys to safety in the opposite direction.

Naomi and four-year old Braxton recently featured in the Newcastle Herald story here after she had promised Braxton she would cut off her hair to make him feel better about his baldness condition, alopecia areata universealis details of alopecia which occurred following a severe virus. Currently the diagnosis is life-long hair loss.

A situation at pre-school had broken Braxton’s heart, and told him he was different. Now Mum was going to shave off her hair so he would not feel alone. “Goodonyer Mum”!

The haircut on 30th October not only made the little boy so happy, “He keeps touching it”

Naomi says, but it also helped raise awareness about Alopecia Areata.

Big brother, Lincoln, helped hairdresser, Stacy, with the head shave – with relish!

Lincoln turns Barber!

Nay had decided to make the head shave into a fundraiser to help a charity that makes wigs for children with Braxton’s condition. They were thrilled by one of the largest single financial donations (nearly $,800) they had ever received.

They will also put Naomi’s former long hair to good use.

So much love

(You can still donate here)

Something from Nothing – Upcycled Garden Feature

Haven’t done any upcycling for a while, but my lamp switch was getting a bit flickery, while the birdfeeder was getting rusty. so I consulted my good neighbour, Frank, through his ‘manager’, wife Jenny, about the feasibility of combining both into a garden ornament, and this was the result. Whole thing would not have taken an hour. The designer dribbly paintwork is result of remnants of a spray can of paint.

I had the rose garland lying about in a cupboard.

Bed Wars – The Sequel

Captain Snooze to the rescue of my lost sleep, and no the fan is not attached or included!
The electrically powered King Single base. much bigger than it looks here.
The look that says “look lady I’m listening but you keep getting in my way”!

While the bushfires are raging and getting closer, and the news is full of terrifying footage, my new bed arrived. Three days ahead of schedule, because the bushfires all over the state are closing roads and making all normal deliveries impossible. Fortunately Captain Snooze lives only minutes away at Bennetts Green.

If only I had gone there first, what a lot of angst and frustration would have been saved.

My fight with the goverment legislation over control of how and where our Aged Care funding is spent is ongoing, but is now safely in the hands of our local State Member of Parliament, Mr Pat Conroy, who has previously addressed this situation in Parliament. My thanks to the many people who spoke to me in support, and who are also struggling with the handling of their Aged Care funding.

In my case it had been agreed by my Occupational Therapist and Care Co-ordinator that a bed that could alter position would be very beneficial. My usual co-ordinator had resigned and my new one was on leave for a fortnight when I went shopping, so a lack off communication plus my desperate need for a good night’s sleep escalated into ‘Bed Wars’.

When I found the most comfortable medical-grade base and mattress that had welcomed me into its soft-but not too giving folds. I was home!

This bed arriving today is not the initial bed I wanted from Sleepys, which store unfortunately was not on my care provider’s list. This bed is a compromise, thanks to my neighbour telling me about his brilliant new adjustable bed from Captain Snooze he had just bought.

John and his wife Judy offered to take me to this store on the way home from our Parkinson’s Support Group meeting and thanks to genuine interest by young Lucas, and his Manager, Jason, a very similar and suitable substitute was found.

I had a meeting at the store with my co-ordinator, while I had a lie down. By then I was feeling so ill, after all the stress. While I was horizontal the other staff member, a very nice young woman from Yorkshire, explained the various technical advantages of the Sealy base and mattress (in the next episode) to my Co-ordinator, whose very valid concern was that when I come to need nursing this bed will not comply. But this is now.

So here is my new bed being assembled this morning. It may not be the perfect bed but it does have 2 USB Ports! At the time of writing I am not quute comfortable on it, but I have been running about getting things ready.

Jason, the Captain Snooze Manager is coming to check things later today and see how the safety bed rail can be fixed so it wont slide. In the meantime we have relaxation therapy at 1pm and a Residents Meeting in the hall at 2pm, fire warnings are coming from all directions and the situation is very scary. Getting any sleep under these circumstances will be a plus.

Now I need to go shopping for new bedding, a bedhead etc (but not from my funding) And YES I had the best night’s sleep! More on that later, after I charge my tablet on the inbuilt USB port. That is such a brilliant and handy idea.

Bushfires Everywhere

NNot a good time to live among trees! The lady in the neurologist’s surgery said her father in Yappoon had heard the fire roaring down the gully and it had just got to his house when the Rural Fire Service arrived in their engine and saved him. Today is supposed to our turn with 37C hot winds and fires already at Sydney and Toronto. Life goes on as usual till it happens. Hanging the was hing out now. It will dry in minutes, abd my new adjustable bed arrives about 9am, delivered 4 days early because scheduled deliveries couldnt be made elsewhere. Here goes today.

Rural Fire Service says

Well that is not going to help our Tuesday relaxation Therapy session with flames burning all around us.

My hose is ready and working. I will sweep up the highly inflammable eucalyptus leaves that keep blowing over from the huge gum tree. It is due for removal since it has reached the end of its life so I hope it goes before it burns down, taking us with it.

I have my bottled water, my meds, my overnight bag. Better add my passport to it. My clothing is not very safe. My preferred breathable Cotton burns easily, nylon melts on to your skin. A wool blanket to hide under is the best thing but I dont have one. Bad move.

We are supposed to gather up at the hall in case of emergency. We still havent had our fire drill.

At our speed most will be choked or smoked to death on the path up there. I doubt many will bother leaving their homes! Last time nearly all just slept through everything.

Already the smoke from other areas is aggravating our breathing but that always happens.

Like California we get hot dry conditions and bushfires. It comes with the territory, with sunshine and sand.

It is only a couple of months since the last fire came within 2km of my home, and at night it was very scary.

I have just spent the last few days spring cleaning and getting things moved around ready for delivery of my bed next Friday. I shall be very cross if my home burns down in the meantime but at least I can start again with my insurance and my new bed.

“She’ll be right, mate”.