No Going Back With Plastic

A series of photos on facebook taken over four years by photographer Antoine Repesse’ really hit home. He had stored his family’s four years of packaging, then took photographs of each room- including the toilet – filled with four years of its relevant packaging. It was quite shocking, and triggered a train of thought, and a surprising memory:

“At least I dont have plastic drink…oh wait, yes I do. 4 big bottles of mineral water x 52 = 208 + 52 2lfruit juice(though I do get tetra packs sometimes). I dont buy bottled drinking water when I am out but on my own I am sending a minimum of 268 plastic bottles to landfill per year”. That was only the tip of one tiny packaging iceberg, but I confess I don’t want to go back to how it was before.
remember when my Grandma’s milk used to arrive by horse and cart, until the early 1960’s. The milk was in big steel churns and a holiday treat would be to take out the two-pint jug up to the cart and pet the horse as it stood patiently while the milk was ladled directly from churn to jug. The jug then sat on a stone slab in the pantry, covered by a net circle edged in black beads.
In cold and damp Lancashire, England, at that time fridges, which were very small were a new home luxury. Supermarkets were springing up, but corner stores were the norm and everything was wrapped in greaseproof paper then put in a paper bag. We carried these packages home in a string bag, and we walked or cycled.
Plastic became the way of saving the planet by saving all those trees that were being chopped down to make paper. Paper recycling was in the future
So where do we go from here?
Photo by Antoine Repesee’ Photographe-screenshot from Facebook.