Red Letter Day!

My sanitised safe delivery zone!
new phone on left with large buttons

It’s arrived! My long lost new landline phone replacement (thank you Telstra).

I am sitting here totally exhausted but happy, having finally assembled, connected and tested my new home phone .

Since all manufacturers these days want to be Ikea, even the handpiece came separately, which is not good when your left hand drops everything. It took time to piece the puzzle..

All you used to do was plug it into the wall and off it went. Unfortunately, these days it links to the landline, which links to the modem, which links to the wifi, which talks to the tablet which talks mobile, which lets me talk to the rest of the world – except today.(cue for a song?)

Even before the new phone arrived, something was amiss. I wont go into the flashing lights on the modem box, but my modem box was getting as hot and bothered as me. Then photos werent uploading here on my blog.

That has been a problem for days.

I have been blaming everyone using the internet for working from home.

Ive checked for outages and line problems, and even that app struggled. I am quite tech savvy for a 73-year old former blonde you know!.

To see what is going on, I have to take a photo then zoom to enlarge.A few switches round with plugs and cables, and voila AE8059 is back on wifi. High five chums! Oh, no touching, I forgot. Maybe you could hit like below in lieu of a pat on the back? Teehee.

Well I am off for a lie down. Ive made my test call (to my young man in Telstra Head Office, and thanked for his assistance.

I wonder what happened to the ‘real’phone’? I suspect we will never know.

Some of the saga thus far:


What’s the betting the first phone tuns up tomorrow?

I will do a review, for my Parkies* friends in particular, once I have given it a fair go.

*Parkies – Parkinson’s Disease

3 thoughts on “Red Letter Day!

  1. What’s the betting the first phone tuns up tomorrow? Absolutely odds on would be my bet 😀 So the easy control phone wasn’t so easy assemble, eh? Typical. But at least you have it at last! Congratulations! :)))


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