When a Hypochondriac Self Isolates

Apart from being at the dental clinic on Monday (necessary), doc’s yesterday (all clear so far, usual scripts but he insisted I come in), podiatrist and physio both home visits and necessary, all while trying to self isolate! 2 taxis to doc and back (sprayed his handles and seatbelt with disinfectant on the way in). Carer is picking me up this morning to take me to hip injection in a ksurgery (prime source of collected germs?) Then I will sit in the surgery waiting away from others. All due to allready to trying to stay well! My auto-immune system is usuaĺly too strong, hence a lot of my probĺems so we will see how it copes with that onslaught. Might as well go ahead with mý visit to the garden centre with carer on thurs. At least it is all out in the open amongst healthy plants, though the carer is a risķ. But I am staying away from family, friends and neighbours to avoid anything I may have collected on the way, and my place is covered with antiseptic..

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