Coronavirus Effects Impacting Already

In case you haven’t heard, here’a s story on supermarkets opening especially for older people from 7am to 8am etc.

7am? I can barely function by 9am, honestly. Plus I need to book a carer with trànsport to help me because of my limited vision, if one is available, because most do the early morning client washing and dressing routine etc. I can try to get a taxi, if one is available, then haul everything home from our parking area.

This is why I have been relying on online grocery shopping, where the delivery person unpacks my order right to my bench top. If that is stopping it is going to impact me in a big way. Although this past weekend I booked my order in on Saturday for Monday delivery, and it still arrived minus the one pack of toilet rolls I order regularly.

But its not just us Oldies who are being hit at the most basic level. Young Mums like my friend Naomi have been thrown out of their normal routines by the shopping crisis, and it seems to be the case for many parents with babies and toddlers. She posted on Facebook that:

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Effects Impacting Already

  1. Looks like Woolworths have cancelled my order now, too. I received an email from Coles today that said they’d still be delivering to retirement villages, yet they still cancelled my order. Bugger. Well, I’m not going out there until I absolutely have to.


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