Its the News presentations that are Making us ill say patients

A group of patients who realised they were now doomed by inadvertantly being placed in close proximity to each other got talking today. The catalyst was one woman who had slathered herself in sanitiser gel, for the fourth time, saying something about shopping before everything was gone. As the door closed behind her one man spoke ” I bet she’s the one hoarding all the rice and toilet rolls”, and everybody laughed, which was a great relief. I mentioned at least 65,000 people globally at last count had recòvered, and would be going back to work. “There will always be somebody. “its gking difficult for a while but people will be coming back to work. If we are in a fit state of mind to carry on at all. We all agreed that the ghoulish way the presenters are putting over the news is creating division, tension and even suicidal thoughts by seeming to convince us we are all going to die. What about unity and all in this together, for the greater gòod? Where is “she’ll be rigght, if we do it right. So for the moment it is getting worse – but we can help to make it better. We need hope, not the news banging on about confusion in the leadership that makes us more anxious. What about how all the leaders are working together in what is a real wartime situation. People in Syria have been getting bombed for years. Babies in Africa are dying by the .minute. Up to now we have literally been the lucky country, are still the lucky country in this global epidemic. It is nature’s way. I am one of the high risk people. If I catch it I may not make it but we all have two chances. Personally I had chest pains this morning just from the stress created by the relentless pushing of the news channels that we are all going to die, starving and without toilet paper. Well yes some of us will. People are still dying from cancer, and that is an epidemic. But a lot of people will live. Even in self-isolation,,the more we help each other, the more we help ourselves and our country. Rant over.Eunice

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