Folding Phones are back! – HUAWEI Mate Xs | HUAWEI Australia

Coming to JB Hifi soon, according to my son who just returned from a conference in Melbourne.

I dont think it will help me since it opens like a book, not a flip phone. I really liked those. The attached video is impressive though, but after my experience with combining my new iphone 11 with the Samsung tablet (I do my blog working between the two), I have gone back to my Samsung A5 phone that lets me flip back and forth between apps easily and us set up for low vusion, as was the iphone, but it just made me very unhappy.

I am going to get my original choice of Huwei that has a better camera setup than the iPhone, despite the iphone 11 supposedly having a good camera. I wasnt impressed with my point and shoot photos at all, and I have 2,500 photos on my Google photos on my cloud, not to mention the thousands I have taken over the years. Other phones have allowed me to tweak photos much more easily, without resorting to expensive additional programmes. As for actually using them as a phone, the iphone worked best of them on speaker, meaning I didnt need to hold it up to my ear.

Pity we cant take a sample phone home to try before we buy, like test-driving a car.

But then there is always the alternative for oldies of the basic large numbee mobile phone I featured last year, which is simple and cheap. I am apparently quite tech savvy, but I dont want to work this hard to be happy with a handset. In the neantime my grandauggter has been desperate for the iphone 11 it happens, so it is now factory reset, in its box, and on its way.

Update: The other popular option is the Oppo. Apparently Huwei may be banned in Aus for security reasons.

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