Fearless or Foolhardy – Parkinsons update

Off to a free Seniors concert down at the hall to catch coronavirus with the other old people. Clever ploy by the government to wipe a few off the care funding bill and save lots of dollars? Must run that past Lou. Wonder if the free lunch will still be on with finger food? I

I’ve probably already had it, mixed in with all my usual coughing and sneezing fits, bedbound with muscle pain, temperatures and even the odd rash. Oh and that nodule in my lung. When lying flat I sound like an accordion! Anyway since things are only going to get worse it can be my final bid for notoriety. If your number’s up it’s up.

Otherwise the chance for a good singsong. Deep breaths inhaling germs… la la la

Update: Surprisingly good morning. Not only morning tea and sandwiches, but a very good performance by Adam Price,of the Blue Water Cowboys.
What a versatile voice he has. Up there with the best.Adam Price arrives

Unfortunately I had to leave before the pizza!

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