People Have Been Fighting for Toilet Rolls!

Good story today D and the video is brilliant!

What craziness has been going on over the last week and all connected to the Coronavirus. It seems leople are mistakenly including severe gastroenteritis among the symptoms and have been panic- buying and stockpiling massive numbers of toilet rolls. My helper and I saw it for ourselves last Thursday. They must have nust refilled the previous night’s emptied supermarket shelves, for one man came walking out carrying nothing but a twelve-pack – not of the usual beer but loo rolls!

Fortuntaely I had a pack of 12 in the laundry cupboard anyway and no room for storage, because admittedly there is nothing worse than running out, and sadly it was the pensioners who only buy a twin-pack at a time who suffered.

The lack of empathy and sharing is what is actually terrifying. In some places, even locally, it has been likened to a scene from Mad Max, the movie, where people totally lost self-control and fought over such a simple item. It bodes ill for when the food shortages hit from the drought, bushfires and floods over the coming months, Perhaps I should stockpile frozen peas!

The news reminded me of the days before toilet tissue or even toilet rolls were invented (talking the 1950’s in Scotland) Sheets of waxed paper came in a flat box with a slot, This fitted into a chrome holder on the wall. The paper was neither absorbent or comfortable to use. The alternative – what we call recycling today, was to tear newspaper pages into even sized squares, thread them on to a loop of string to hang next to the toilet, as my 80-year old Grandad did. At least you kept up with patches of the news – and the comics if you were lucky. We had something to read to pass the time.

It became a sign of status for councils and businesses to have each waxed sheet printed with name and logo. It was fun to have a collection from your travels! My best was from Rolls Royce when even they hadnt heard of toilet tissue yet.

The first new rolls were fairly stiff but great progress. Then we had a roll of patterned rolls a couple of decades ago but they seem to have gone down the drain.

So have coloured rolls, come to think of it. I liked pale blue, and peach, but then even my very nodern bath and loo were the latest avocado green (1970’s).

Today’s soft, pristine, extra-long rolls are bliss. Oh yes, even poo has made progress.

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