Archibald Art Prize in Muswellbrook, NSW

By my Special News Correspondent – Angela Bennett:

This Thursday just past, I accompanied Marion Fellowes and several of her friends on a train trip to a Regional art gallery showing of the 2019 Archibald Prize finalists, which is currently touring Regional NSW, after being initially displayed at the Art Gallery of NSW in The Domaine, Sydney.
We travelled as part of a social group, to a special After Hours showing at the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, organised by the Two More Trains for Singleton lobby group.
Although the Lobby group’s primary aim has been to lobby State government in aid of better train services for the Upper Hunter Valley [yay, we got 2 more train services per day after 10 years!], the group also organises social train trips from Singleton to various destinations and events in the Hunter Region, to promote social train travel in the area and also to boost train commuter numbers in the process. We all know how the government loves their Statistics. 😁

Getting back to the Archibald Art Prize, the link to the professional photos on the Art Gallery of NSW website, which shows photos of pretty much all of the finalists, from the Prize’s inception in 1921 (in separate links /folders for each year, of course) is here:
I think my favourite is the absolutely luminous, riveting painting of an Aboriginal Elder by the name of Daisy Tjuparntarri Ward, by David Darcy.
I have no idea how it didn’t win first prize.
I was quite fascinated by the additional imagery in Anh Do’s composite work depicting George Gittoes. Though I’m not particularly a huge fan of the way Anh applies his paints to the canvas, the thick layers certainly make an impact…
I was also intrigued by the portrait of actor David Wenham through the window of a cafe, where the artist has included the window reflections from the opposite streetscape.
Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre has been exhibiting the paintings from 26 January. Their exhibition ends tomorrow – Sunday, 8 March.
The collection of paintings then go to Moree, Bathurst and Coffs Harbour.
14 September 2019 – 5 November 2019
TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria
16 November 2019 – 12 January 2020
Gosford Regional Gallery and Arts Centre
26 January 2020 – 8 March 2020
Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre
21 March 2020 – 2 May 2020
Bank Art Museum Moree
15 May 2020 – 28 June 2020
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
4 July 2020 – 15 August 2020
Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery
I’m quite chuffed that Muswellbrook is only the third regional town in Australia to host the 2019 Prize Tour, after the Art Gallery of NSW in The Domaine, Sydney, which I think is rather special!
It’s a bit strange that The Newcastle Regional Art Gallery doesn’t even appear to be in the touring schedule this year. Considering Newcastle is a major regional city…
Anyway, that’s all my news.
Hugs, Angela. 😀☕👍

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