Telstra Saga Progress – full Circle

Something is happening…BUT..second day in a row I get a pleasant call, from a faraway place, saying, in a cheerful voice, that my case (for my free customer credit handset – value $40!) is stull being followed up by their team (I get a whole feam, that is why they are too busy to put your phone on, sorry). I start to sit up..mumble mumble, consignment, mumble mumble (does this mean they have found it? Are they sending another? Careful girl, dont get your hopes up. The weeks of waiting in for the delivery may be over?) Then it came, faintly: mumble mumble..five days..mumble mumble..but if not we will give you a full refund (didnt spend any money) of your 15,000 credits! CRASH!!! You know what this means, my new chums? This means they do nothing for five days, refund my brownie points for being an exemplary customer, then I go back and re-order. Oh yes I will re-order, but I suspect it is out of production. This has become my new hobby. I have no hope of succeeding but I have come so far (can you hear the music building, drums thrumming, trumpets tootling). I have broken through barriers, I have scaled unknown heights in Telstra customer relations. Hey, last week I nearly got through to their S.W.A.T squad and I started a fraud enquiry. Somewhere in there I have made waves. (you can cheer now) Oh yes, my friends, but there is one slight hiccup. (music stops abruptly) I still dont have the valid valid passport or a drivers licence he demanded to order online. I do have multiple govt photo ID’s he wont accept. I will have to use my son’s drivers licence like before for ID, but as before he doesnt live here. He will suggest I go into the store, register, wait an hour only to find you can only get them nline…no, I may be crazy, but I’m not that stupid. No I will order, use the licence, and sit back to wait for delivery. Im retired, it passes the time.

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