Going Through the Archives – 1975?

“Im a celebrity, get me out of here!” OMG, that was the bright yellow Yamaha Chappy automatic, straight out of the showroom. Only one in Singleton, and possibly this side of Sydney. 70kmh flat-out downhill – with the wind behind it.

The local Nomads treated me with respect, I was told (by one of the Mums – even dangerous bikers have nice Mums). The notorious motor cycle gang said it was a death machine, with its low centre of gravity, and the fact that I rode amongst the huge coal trucks. They made me an honorary member – a distant one!

In the usual holdup on Dunnolly Bridge in Singleton, the truckies would creep up behind me, their air brakes going ‘pst, psst’ as one would creep up and make a sandwich of me. Great fun, they thought.

In my Chips wing mirrors I could see him pull down his two-way radio, speak to his mate, then laugh uproariously. I would angle my handlebars so I could meet his eyes in my wing mirror, and smile brightly. A regular occurence. You only die once. I must have been on Valium.

In a short time they became protective of me. How I loved the freedom that scooter ave me. $450 that I paid off myself. elow is my second scooter, the Yamaha Belipuga. Beautiful.,

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