Has Telstra been Hacked?

copy rxt from fbWell gang, after all day going back and forth over wrongful delivery of my puny little handset with the large numbers, I became convinced their delivery computer has been compromised, and so did they.

I cant bear to document my whole wasted day but at the last minute I noticed that on my ‘Hey Eunice, delivery today, ,letter it said, next to the tracking button small prt after 9 PM that night. Not 9AM to track it during that day. Maybe up till 9pm it referred to another order? The one in Grafton.

Anyway my package still didnt arrive so at 9.30pm so I tried the link again. Delivered to Grafton, but I found something in the small print (I have very impaired vision). Look carefully. That order had been delivered on 10th JANUARY! My letter said it was on its way friday, 21st FEBRUARY. This order was nothing whatever to do with me!!! It was just linked into my separate delivery.

Not one of the three offshore guys or the two Star Track operatives had picked that up.

Now it may mean my handset has been left up at the village office because he couldnt be bothered to come to me, but no one has told me, or something suspicious is going on.

Telstra knew Toll transport recently had their system hacked into which is why my package was fifteen days late apparently, even if it is with Star Track, not Toll.

I havent let the nice lady at ST know yet, as she bad given me a special James Bond code word that would get me through the secret door at Telstra. Judging by the electric response to that word, it must lead to a S.W.A.T.Squad! “Who gave you that word” he demanded (honestly I am not making it up). “Just put me through”, I said grimly, but he refused, clearly agitated. So now the James Bond theme is going through my head, I have missed dinner, have given up on my parcel for the weekend, and informed him it seems their system may have been hacked, or there is fraud going on. THIS COULD EXPLAIN SOME OF YOUR ISSUES if the computer has been got at?

Outcome? Their ‘team is going into it over the weekend and will get back on Monday, (pictures Telstra weekend team as a fraud squad of black-garbed ninjas, ducking down corridors)…..watch this space.

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