Making Black Marble Effect- Something from Nothing

Using a pouring acrylic kit -$28.

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Update: Next norning.What do you think? Rubbish? I quite like it. It’It’still settling. Update: Some of the white marble effect has turned blue as it is curing. Even more effective. A visitor thought it was real marble!

blue starting to appear
Now for a band of rhinestones aaround the top edge!

First attempt. watched some Youtube videos then poured colours on top of each other in a plastic cop like they did in the demo.My kit didnt say to. Poured it out and let it ooze.

How it began. Incoming meteor $50,000! (there are people daft enough tp pay that, in the right place

Scribbled it with my finger. Tried the hairdryer to spread, didnt like the effect.

Topped with scribbled black and white then skewer then finger painting.Back at pre-school!

Now resisting the temptation to fiddle further but it will keep moving and settling overnight.

Hoping for a subtle pink/grey Italian marble effect. One can but hope. If it fails I just cover it with a wooden board.

gloal warming.$59,00 in an art gallery!

second pour

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