Grandma on Grammer – playing around with punctuation

Two of my best friends are University-educated (so am I – to a degree), Karen Ractliffe, and writer/actress Gwen Downing, are very particular about the use of good grammer, and punctuation in particular. Both are excellent writers in there own right.

Here is a train of thought from an email to Gwen just now. My former English Lecturer, Dr Chris Polnitz, would absolutely cringe. Read on

With the freedom of expression blogging brings, my grammar and especially punctuation are now woeful.

But I am trying to cut out but, but but seems to be one of my key buzz words.

As for ‘!’, those are even starting to annoy me, after scattering them wildly about all these years!! But surely it is better than lol (laugh out loud), or LOL (laugh out loud- LOUDLY), lol!

I do like to occasionally use focl (fall off chair laughing) or in my case foclngmu – falls off chair laughing now get me up).

If I just put vf (very funny) instead no one under 40 would understand, would they? Lol focl foclnpmu! Ha ha.

However, (another of my buzz words no one under 40 would use), is a word I am making an effort to obviate.

A serious effort is being made to curtail exclamation marks (these things !) but how will anyone know I am being funny? Oh yes, they will LOL without needing to be told. Hmm.

Well that was fun, if not funny. You cannot say it is not good English for I am Eunice English so whatever I write or say must be the proper English, as I once pointed out to my boss when I worked in the English Language Centre at the University of Newcastle . Named after me- not.
Time for coffee.

Love Euni

PS if you would like to comment feel free. If you would like anything explained please ask. I am not promising that my answer will make any more sense (nearly put an exclamation mark.)

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