Parkinson’s update…My neurologist

One I
One of my gift mug designs

I’ve done quite well for a while without needing to increase my Parkinsons medications but lately I have been having great difficulty even typing with a stylus onto the tablet or iPhone because my fingers are not going either far enough or getting the signal to the right place which is totally frustrating.

I have always typed from being at least 15 years old so we are talking 50 odd years now. That is really slowing me down.

Dictating is also nequally frustrating and I have mentioned it before and to be honest I keep forgetting to go back and ‘train my dragon’ recording machine because it means reading out a long paragraph from the screen.

I have trouble reading with my eyesight deterioration. I am about to risk having my cataract done in my only good eye. (note to self: remember to ask specialist for forms)

. I am pleased that the one thing I like about the new iPhone 11 I got last week (Still hating it but beginning to adjust) is that it seems to cope with my Scottish/ Australian accent for dictation which frees me up no end, because I have been taking as long going back and correcting what I have d dictated as the actual dictation.

So everything now is hard work but it’s worth it just to be able to communicate.

Once my vision goes completely I will have to rethink the situation yet again but I have got this far.

I did mention podcasts previously , but I haven’t had time to look into it yet and somehow it’s a bit too upfront. It doesn’t show, but I am a bit shy, and at least here I have a glass screen between me and any critics of my blog. Luckily you have all been really lovely and supportive and no one has said anything negative. Just drift away if you don’t like, that way no one gets hurt😕 Oh help, I felt the need to inset a detested emoji, somebody shoot me!

My neurologist has stepped up the latest tablet which is Xadopar (I have to pronounce it like a Spanish dance fandango with castanets to remember the name. Xadopar! More later.


Not doing too well, but having been shut in for 5 days due t 41C weather has not helped. Dyskasia happening. Deeply depressed.

6pm Suicidal thoughts. Total hoplesness. Baked puff pasty into chicken pie. th

rew awy

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