It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd

Note: goto Facebook group: Telstra Complaints (the vent your anger one)

Don’t talk to me about TElstra – again! After an hour on chat because I don’t have a valid passport or drivers lecence for ID (I have alternatives that online won’t recognise) which are necessaryfor them to post out free my desktop phone using my Extras credits, I was given a number to take into official TElstra office in Kotara. Rang yesterday, couldn’t get through “leave a message and we will get back. Nothing. (No surprise there.). This morning, rang and queued up. “Leave message etc” (eventually. Left terse msg saying was on way in, gave ref no.
nothing. 1pm headed with carer @$50 an hour to TElstra office in Kotara. Expecting me? Nope (no surprise then). Put name on clipboard for hour’s wait.” But..but… Go for lunch. Hour up, time up, head for home. Literally driving out of shopping Centre when phone rings. No going bask, we are out of time. Turns out That handset not in not in their shop anyway. Go home to bed having wasted all that time. 2.51 in agony from walking all those steps. aAbout to go online later to see if new ID card will let me check phone out. Sigh.

I do seem to have gone in for tilting at windmills a lot lately but then I have the time these days if not the energy.

But Wait is this progress?

NO, maybe not!

21st Feb 21stc2020Update

Today my hard -won phone

One thought on “It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd

  1. I totally agree. I have followed your ID struggles closely. There are no two ways about it: it’s absolutely sloppy customer service and shocking discrimination that your current forms of ID are not acceptable. Especially when they are perfectly valid LEGAL forms if ID if you were required to present 100 points of formal ID at a bank/ Social Security, etc.

    There are many people in your situation, disabled as well as non disabled, who have neither a valid passport nor a valid driver’s licence through no fault of their own, and they are being made to feel like 2nd class citizens just because they don’t have the ‘right’ ID according to Telstra.

    Shame, Telstra; shame! 😠


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