The Timer is Set

At 8am my new coffee percolater is set to spring into life, and hiss and burble as it drips boiling water on to the coffee grounds in the paper filter. The water will then percolate through and drip into the jug on the warming plate. Assuming it actually knows when 8am is in my part of town. Time will tell, haha

All very high-tech for an impulse buy on special at JB Hifi. What made it special to me was the large print on the buttons, since I am vision impaired. I am sorely tampted to press the ‘brew now’ rather than the ‘brew later’ which means I have less than 4 hours to go. Back to sleep for now…

Similar version today on Amazon

Nothing will ever be as much fun, however as the syphon system of a 1960,’s Cona coffee percolater, which looked similar to this Bodum model on sale at Amazon today.

With its hourglass shape and toughened glass stopper, the Cona was fascinating to watch as the heated water began to infiltrate up past the stopper into the brandy glass top, where it then steeped the coffee grounds in near boiling water till the upper level contained all the liquid. The contraption was then stood aside where pysics took place as the brewed coffee syphoned back down into the now empty jug at the base. With a final slurp and gurgle the coffee was finally syphoned back, ready for pouring once the top was removed. I never tired of watching this magic, but the glass rods broke eventually.

The Italian stove-top silver metal model works in a similar way, and is still very popular today.

Italian coffee maker

Plunger, or cafetiere coffee being the simplest method.


No, actually instant coffee from a jar is the simplest, but we will pretend I didn’t day that.

On the other hand, a plethora of space age coffee machines has seen increasing sophistication in home coffee brewing.

I have three simple models retired to the pantry, plus a tiny saucepan to use on a stand over a candle to boil in a power cut.

Meanwhile my new machine with timer (memories of the fantastic bedroom Teasmade!) kicked into life after I hit the ‘brew now’ button, and the reset timer worked like clockwork on the next attempt. Happy Days.

My own design mug looks good with it. See next post

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One thought on “The Timer is Set

  1. Noice! Good idea to put next to fridge; then you don’t have far to stagger for the milk when blearily making a cup of your famous tasty coffee. 💖🌹


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