Proper Bushfire Fire Prevention for Australia

Watch short segment from programme here

Sorry, have lost his name: I was a paid fire fighter for nearly 15 years in the 80’s and early 90’s, with the FCV. Fought many a fire, never ever saw anything like what’s happening now…

In those days, we would do controlled cool fuel reduction burns in the Spring and late Autumn, we would maintain bush tracks. We allowed Cattle to graze in the High Country and allowed Stock to feed on roadside vegetation. Landowners could sink a dam anywhere on their property, a valuable resource in any fire situation. Landowners could make and maintain fire breaks. This all led to a reduction in fuel loads in Forests. Sure, we had droughts and we had fires, but not of the intensity and ferocity of what we see today. A lot of our Flora relies on fire to regenerate, but when you get fires like we have now, the sheer intensity and heat generated in them destroys some of those species and any chance they may have of survival. There is a big difference between being a Conservationist and a Greenie, I know this post will piss a lot people of, that is not my intention, just my experience .

Link to how Indigenous people manage fire