Mildly Irritated

There was a young man on ABC television this evening who seemed to think he was a comedian. Somebody Ballard I think. Sadly most of his audience did not seem to agree with him perhaps because they, like me, were of the Baby bBoomer generation he was harranging in the name of comedy.

It seems he was very irate that we weren’t dying and leaving our children our homes as he would like. Obviously he had not read the basic rules for Baby Boomer home ownership n the 60’s- 1970’swhich were:

1. Finish school with an education.

2. Get a job and continue educatiion at night school, TAFE etc. Or get an apprenticeship. Or a Uni degree then a job.

3. Work hard to save for a block of land. Pay off land for getting a mortgage.

4. Apply for mortgage and build house, often self-build with mates and tradies.

5. Work hard to pay the mortgageagainst 11% interest rates.

6. Give birth to, indulge and support ungrateful children who will blame you for all their failings.

7. Support and care for elderly parents.

Finally, pay taxes honestly your whole working life life to ensure the government has money look after you in your old age. Unfortunately see much of this money used to maintain millennial dole bludgers you don’t know the meaning of hard work (and perhaps are never going to get the chance to find out).

At least this one did not get blaming my generation for global warming. That began if anything, with the Industrial Revolution. My generation forced smokeless zones, and cleared city smog. We replaced coal fires, found natural gas, and were great at recycling everything, especially furniture.

It was not us who invented the disposable society that created all the plastic bags and messed up the world so I am not taking the blame for that, though it seemed a brilliant idea at the time.

Even when coal mining was still seen as an acceptable occupation we made sure that the older inefficient methods were replaced and the mess was cleaned and land reclaimed. Once production increased pollution we became aware, and we protested and took action. There is such a lot to discuss on that one but we did our best and are still making change.

We were not just sitting in front of computers making a lot of angry emojis and twittering.

And as for dying just to give him the family home to do what with because certainly he will not know how to maintain it, well I’m sorry but I am like one of those old cars. While they still make plenty of spare parts I will be around.

at this point I lost interest in his rantings and switched off my hearing aid

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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