Garden Update Slideshow Xmas

2019 Sorry I havent been up to much over the past week. Divericulitis got out of control. kept me awake, all very sore and boring, but am on second lot of antibiotics, had ct of lung nodule for monitoring today and once they found the vein for the contrast and got the dreaded canula in it took no time at all. But the referral was supposed to be for abdominal ultrasound when doc and I were talking. Since I was able to get in for the scan I did not go up to the hospital a and as planned and Karen and I decided to postpone he. planned New Year Eve visits since the weather is so hot and smokey from the bush fires and her area is very unstable as far as fire danger goes so once I realised we can do the same thing whether it’s being New Year or not and when the weather is more suitable and my symptoms are under control it didn’t seem so drastic to be giving up what was to be he highlight of my Christmas holiday. But anyway I have made it through another year and so have you so onward and upward gang let’s see what we can achieve in 2020!

I had a lighthearted piece in the Newcastle Herald last week. thanks to Damon Cronshaw of the Topics column. It is here if you would like to read. Click on the photo read the whole paper.


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