Get in line girls He’s mine!

From the Topics column Newcastle Herald

Tucked away at the bottom of the Topics column today was a snippet that made my day. Mr D’Arcy and his wife have finally separated. Whoopee!At last he can be mine! Cutting back on chocs and Christmas pud immediately. Never mind a New Year Resolution. What better incentive go hit the gym and finally start the diet. And no I am not sorry for the former Mrs Colin Firth, (the actor who played Mr D’Arcy so succesfully in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. No female forgets his wet shirt scenewatch it here.You’re welcome.). She allegedly had an affair with a hot-bloded Italian journalist for Heaven’s sake, just when poor Colin has reached the pipe and slippers stage. Well he suits me fine ‘just the way be is’ (Bridget Jones).

Cornelius and Mrs D’Arcy
Coincidentally, I only lately connected the surname, after years of reading Jane Austen, with a real, older, charming Mr D’Arcy in my life: My Irish Grandad, Cornelious D’Arcy, pictured here with Grandma in the 1950’s.

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