When Scots Send Me Xmas Cards

From the frozen north they came. Maybe on the same jet in the same bag in the hold. Certainly in the same bag on the postie’s motorbike because he rode it right up to the front door!

25C already on the outdoor thermometer in the shade by the front door at 10.40am. Up to 40C to come according to the news. I need snow!

Now I have snow, and a funny cat that made me laugh.

The second card is bringing me a bit of Scotland, where I grew up. Beautifully hand made by Hazel, specially for me, says John in the accompanying note. How cool is that!

So they are sitting before me by the window, one card from my Scottish cousin, Maureen, and one from Scottish friends in England, sitting together against the glare of the sun. Tonight they will stand out when the light is on and all is dark outside.

After Xmas they will go into the special box for special memories.

They said on TV last night that people are now sending emails instead of cards, but that will pass, because there is nothing nicer than a tangible piece of decorated card showing that someone thought of you.

Brian could hardly contain his excitement for the imminent arrival of Christmas

‘As if!’ I read into Brian’s disdainful expression. Love it.