Synchronicity – again and again

Ive been up for hours writing. The idea came from a post on the blog called The Wee Writing Lassie, who has just become a follower of my site. Her blog featured a quote by Ailish Sinclair (we are all three Scottish writers) that unblocked the obstacle holding up A Door Slams. I had got bored with my characters! Now I knew why.

In the meantime, where to go with the story for the newspaper competition that I was working on that had to refer to the above photo of the cat on the suitcase.

My story featured my cousin’s awful tatty white cat and our constant contest for my bed while I was visiting in Scotland. But Snowball was winning!

Now I have found a way to put the detestable moggy in its place.

I am part-way through writing a book, Ailish has just published a book, while The Wee Writing Lassie is writing about that.

Synchronity -again! Ive talked about synchronicity before. Those pivotal points or moments that take your life in a serendipitous new direction.

Well maybe serendipitous is going a bit far every time, but isnt it a lovely, happy word? Full of sunshine.

Well the story got finished, and attached to the email to the address given. I got an automated response, but when I checked the attachment Office 365 had attached the unfinished first draft! Horrors!

So I went and deleted that version, and re-edited the correct version, which I then attached to the email address, and hit send.

No response this time. I sent another. No response. I read the terms and conditions again and had a strong feeling that by it being published in the local paper for all to see there may be repercussions that could upset the status quo.

Then an email came saying my email could not get through. Then another.

I decided my story was not intended for this competition.

I checked the correct address, sent of a withdrawal of my entry, took out the two uncomfortable parts, and am sharing it here with you instead here.

I would be interested to know what you make of it in the comments box below. I keep hearing the beginnning of that song : a circle in a circle, and a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning..,’ but I see my recurring patterns as triangles. Three points connection. etc etc. You tell me.

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