Mandy, how are you?

along the way as a blog writer you become interactive with some followers. They become riends, and when you write, you write with them in mind.

Mandy is one of these. Her tantalising insights on her own blog into her troubled (to put it mildly)youth always left me hanging, wanting to know more. She is definitely a survivor.

She has health issues, but fights on. I hope she is OK.

I went to her blog page just now, and found her site had shut down. I feel a deep sense of loss. Mandy and I had a connection, albeit tenuous, or so I thought.

Mandy had hinted that she was going to leave her blog to focus on writing her book. This is hopefully the case.

Mandy was/is a kindred spirit. As such she is hopefully still following me on here.

Good luck with your book Mandy. Let me know when it is being published. I hope you are well. I care.Thank you

for all your comments and support. Regards, Eunice

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