Gardening is Kids Play

Planting these is not for the vision impaired or less dexterous. Trust me!

These little kits came free with my Woolworths online shopping order yesterday. 1 per $30 (it was a small order this time).

Since we dont keep (or even ncourage lol – no I’m joking) small children in our village, my inner child decided it would play.

Of course I could not read the tiny print on the pack for instructions, so headed off to my oracle, Youtube, and sure enough there was a choice of how-to short videos done by people with nothing better to do – like me right now.

The most fun was adding water to the compressed dirt pellets and watching them instantly grow as they soaked in the water.

Then I stirred it with a plastic fork, thinking this is definitely gardening for high-rise apartment dwellers.

Put 2/3 of soggy compost soil mix into fibre container.

Lay square of tissue containg evenly-spaced seeds on top, cover with remaing soil and press down carefully, preferably while wearing garden or plastic gloves. Oh well.

Put little marker in the correct pot. Probably wise in retrospect to open only one pack at a time to avoid confusion.

Anyway I am pretty sure I have basil under the basil label, bok choy nder bok choy and I think one or more beetroot in the remaining tub.

Now I have to find a shady spot where, most importantly it seems, they wont blow away, hit the ground, and intermingle as in video one. Now we wait.

Gets a bit messy when you dont have central vision

In the meantime I will tear open the proper packet of basil seeds. and sprinkle them into the new planter I had filled with potting mix earlier and add water. Much more satisfying.

Then we wait, again…

I have been happily growing potted parsley, oregano, mint and silverbeet which all came as seedlings, but unfortunately the pest control man came round the whole complex, spraying without notice two weeks ago, thus rendering my daily consumbed fresh herbs possibly highly poisonous.

I had been in the habit of picking and chewing them, unwashed except by watering, and only remembered the guy with the spray-pack on his back after the mint, oregano, agave and ferns starred to die sudenly last week. Perhaps the Xadine was not to blame last week when I was feeling poisoned? No, I felt muh better as soon as omitted them out of my regular egimen. Worth making a note of, just in case.

I have decided it will be wise to dispose of both contaminated herbs and their pots because as I write I am remembering this was a residual insecticide he sprayed around theperimeter and gutters, (which I would have prevented given notice), so anything edible grown there now is a health risk since rain drips down off the sprayed gutters.

We have all seen how much cancer is caused by these chemicals.

The two tomato plants should be okay. One seedling has just been repotted into new pot and soil and is just now flowering over by the trellis.

Two tiny tomatoes

The other was proteccted by parsley at the time,which I just cut back. It has just got its first tiny tomato and I am loathe to let it go but what is now in the soil?

This has made me realise the true importance of organic fruit and veg. It is worth the extra expense to reimburse the farmers for keeping us safe and healthy.

I will pass on my three potted babies to Bruce, who is a keen veg gardener and who will undoubtably send some results home with Ros as he did last summer.

As for the original instigater of my derailed train of thought, I suspect the landfill at the local garbage dump will shortly be burgeoning with tonnes of greenery and occasional betroot and bok choy as all those discarded efforts from the Woolworths sales strategy hit the green waste bins.

4 thoughts on “Gardening is Kids Play

  1. I couldn’t keep the water up to my Woolies Discovery Garden cress seedlings. Those little cardboard pots dry out horribly quickly.

    If I get any more, I’ll put them straight into seedling trays.


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