A Mere Trifle

Just when I am weaning off chocolate with sugar -free lollies Harris Farms puts this recipe on facebook!

But fruit is healthy, right? Also, I am pretty sure mango is one of those foods that is good for Parkinsons.

Speaking of which, it doesn’t contain jelly so wont end up all over the table ha ha.🍨🍛You dont have that problem with my jellies, once described as ‘industrial strength’. You can cut my jelly with a knife, and eat it with a fork, but I do have a PHD in trifle-making. Every Christmas at least since 1967.

Nearer Christmas I will post my traditional English trifle recipe.

Hmmm, that will require the production of a photo exhibit. Oh well, at least it isnt chocolate. But it can be. 4.07am. Back to sleep with Youtube meditation.

My online groceries are due to arrive between 9am and 2pm, and guess what? My order includes frozen mango (great for smoothies).

recipe here

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