Pizza Night

Oops, loks a bit disgusting here but tasted fine. Anyone for leftovers and calories?
Thank goodness that is over

A week since my meds were changed and what an awful week it was but this is day 2 off Xadine and I slept from 2.30am to 7.30am, got up, stripped the bed and had the washing on the line and was taking a break on the settee with the heat massage blanket soothing my back by the time my helper arrived. The tremors have eased off but my typing is still a bit erratic. So it was home pysio day and I finished potting up my plants, had chheese and nuts for lunch then had an hour of being unknotted. Then I did the pizza dough( having scrubbed up thoroughly) and added double garlic. I shared it with Ros, my neighbour who loves my pizzas. I will stop here; quit while ahead and try to get comfortable. My physio has done too much work on the bursitis in my hip so that it is actually uncomfortable so I cant focus. It has been a great day.

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