Day 7 – without Data to-Back to Abnormal

Including overspending in the Reject Shop! You know, that bargain shop you pop into because it is the only place to find those microfiber cleaning cloths with the mesh on the other side for scrubbing and only $2. then $41 later you come out with a pile of stuff that you didn’t know you really needed till you saw it.

So with great trepidation I got up today determined not to take the Xadago, after a week of feeling sicker and sicker. I will still take the Sifrol from now on the new evening instead of morning time. Got the washing on, the kitchen cleaned and me showered and ready for ‘My Public’. I didn’t know what to expect, especially after a poor night’s sleep, but we went to Mt Hutton Mall.

My stiff legs started to ease as we walked around and I stayed focused and got all the things on my list. I was dying for a cup of coffee by the time we had finished but there was only time to pick up some fresh noodles from the noodle bar and a coffee which I had in the courtyard at home. I was very tired of course but managed to put everything away plus get the washing brought in before lying down. My head feels clear and I am not tight in the chest and although my blood pressure was slightly up before going out that was reasonable. I am not shaking anymore so I will see how I go today and tomorrow and then let the neurologist know. At least I don’t feel like I’m being poisoned any more.

From a photo I took in Cornwall

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