Xadago – Day 4

Started off very sluggish and opted out of shopping. It poured which is great. Got outside and Potted up two new geraniums under shelter then a tomato plant plus my pink spiky cutting. The olive trees have flowers. Used my walker for support and afety. Gardening is always very painful but cant top entirely!

Had taken a sarsparilla capsule between meds and it had seemed to brighten me up as before. Had stooppedfor 3 weeks.Wish I could get hold of that Chinese research that says sarsparilla helps Parkinson’s. It does seem to clear my mind and liven me up.

Had home-made cream of asparagus soup and lay down with bar of chocolate and phone. Think I had 2 Paracetamol and raised bursitis hip on firm pillow and all pain went. Ate bar of chocolate and had lovely calm, pain-free, snoozy afternoon. Got up and had salami with coleslaw and walnuts for dinner. Fell asleep in recliner all through Midsomer Murders. Back to bed and feeling peaceful. Hope I can get back to sleep. 11.18pm

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