Xadago Day 3

Friday:First day had my carer worried. Very weak.

Got blood pressure monitor through chemist. Friend came to visit and had livened up enough to make pastry for meat and potato pie by 6.30pm. Watched new dvd with visitor. Usual arthritis discomfort while seated.

Still usual sleep pattern: wake abt 2am-4am.. Go back to sleep with meditation on Youtube.

Sat day 2.Wake 8am. Medisafe alert rings to tick off as I take tablets. etc etc. Went for picnic and shopping. Quite active. Only verypainful hip.

Day 3. Sunday.

Meds now on new times with Levothyroxne@ 7.30am

Xadago and Paroxetine @ 8am (despite being possibly toxic together) ll8am with Madopar 1-1/2 4×day. Sofril at 6pm nstead of morning. Madopar slow release @ 7pm.

Yesterday felt good apart from bursitis in hip. Had picnic with Angela. Very tired but ok by evening. Later, burstis in hip excrutiating. Couldnt rest. Moved to settee while Ang comfortable in rmchair. Went straight to deep sleep. Woke hours later and changed places with Ang who had gone to use my bed.

Woke at 2am as usual. Back to sleep 4am after playing Freecell on internet. Woken by Medisafe alarm. Had slept through 7.30 alarm alarm. Not feeling very strong. Finished blog story and got verssion off to newsletter bfore shower. Very lethargic. Sat outside with neighbour Ros while Ang at shops. Had usedArnica cream on bursitis. No painkillers needed. Felt bit detached.

bp 117/64 was a bit lower. Had another split-second blackout outside while sitting with Ros but it passed abt 12 noon. Had previiusly got some pots ready for planting but real effort as was putting sauages in oven for lunch.

. Ang has gone home. Been very helpful but need to rest now with audio book. Did well on new meds yesterday but bursitis in hip was very painful and wouldnt let me rest.

Drank and passed lots of fluid. Dont feel usual bloattted with puffyhands.

Have got alarm pendant on in case of emergency so am now in bed for the rest of the day.

5.31pm day 3. Was this the side effects I have the printout about? Am too comfortable to go find the printout.

I am wearing my alarm pendant that immediately triggers help through our system. I can be heard by them from my bed and vice versa.

I have taken all my tablets on chedule and am feeling ok. Now for my audio book for an hour then something to eat. Been a strange day. 5.39pm

2 thoughts on “Xadago Day 3

  1. Thanks Mandy. I do pretty well considering but I have to be honest when things are not well because it helps others with the same conditions so they tell me (I have 5 separate ones). iIve just been outside after the rain for more photos of the plants. How is your fence looking?


  2. That alarm pendant is an excellent idea. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, Eunice. I love audio books. They come in handy when you are bottomed out. Hugs💐


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