My Little Superhero and His Mum

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Braxton Allen

I have known this little boy’s amazing mother since she was wheeling her dolls around aged six!

She and her partner Nikki, have three gorgeous and lively little boys. Despite a broken hand, Nay still took them camping two weks ago and they had the best time. There is nothing this couple wont do for their kids to make sure they have a happy and well-adjusted life.

Braxton is aged 4, and following a sever virus was left with difficulties.

Despite this Braxton continues to do more things than most kids, including soccer, swiming and dancing.

Unfortuntely alopecia areata was a result of that virus and his hair will no longer grow. He is blessed with good looks and a build that should have him looking like a movie action hero as he grows older, but right now at age four he has ben made to feel different to all the other kids by one nasty child at his new pre-school. Braxton came home broken hearted.

So what does this loving Mum do? Not only will she shave off her long hair to look like her son, she will donate the hair to a charity that makes real-hair wigs for this condition, at the same time fund-raising for this charity, the Alopecia Areata Foundation of Australia. Nay has put it on her facebook page with the link for donating, but you can hopefully donate by clicking on the link in the photo.

It would make me very happy if you could all go there and make a small donation -any amount, even a fiver, to show Braxton that it is ok to be himself, and help him to help other kids with no hair.

Braxton is currently in and out of hospital fighting illness, but the bond between himself and his big brother, Lincoln, aged 5, and his little brother, Franklin is so strong.

The official haircut day will be October 30th, and I will get before and after pics for you.

Please join me in supporting not only this event, but this lovely little boy and his family.

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