When modernisation fails

Will have to send a notice to head office of our village saying

“If It aint broke dont fix it.” I mentioned my sadness at our little loyal weekly garden team bbeing ‘given the boot’ (fired) or Wellington in this case for what reason I don’t know because they did get things done quietly.

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o after a delay they contracted one of these garden conntractors that turn up and whizz through except the new team did not turn up till recently and it has been 6 weeks since the leaf blower came through my courtyard. So much for modernisation. Then they turned up the other day and he walked straight past here with his leaf blower in hand and never returned. I have since heard that they will not be returning but I don’t think they will get our little garden team back who at least got the job done despite the weather. I don’t know why companies prefer contractors with no loyalty or even reliable service when in the long-term it does not seem to provide as good quality service or save much money if any. So there. I had better menntion thhat I live in close proximity to a very large eucalyptus tree which sheds loads of highly inflammable leaves to gather in my courtyard. Clearing them is painful for me where it literally takes the gardener two mins to scoot it all out of the corners wit his leaf lower and bin it.

Next the powers that be will decide it is not pprofitable (what happppened to quality of life?) to keep the bushland gardens going and will be replacing them with concrete that will soon crack and crumble. Tthey have already done this to the ccourtyard gardens as each unit is vacated and refurnished. The trellis is being replaced by horizontal dark blue fencing and the place is begining too look as depessinng as a detention centre. Not just my own opinion.

Fortunately the new residents soon start covering the concrete with pot plants to recreate the missing garden and keep the heat down.

No wonder we are all getting grumpy. Rant over!

Ttthe old-style feencing

Last year’s birthday in my vourtyard
Looking out on the restful greenery

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FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

One thought on “When modernisation fails

  1. Just a though Eunice but perhaps your friend Ros might help if a blower is required. 👍😏😏😏

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