Health Update

For the record: Sorry but things are not feeling too good at the moment and I feel like I am the energizer bunny advertisement whose battery keeps running down.

The latest developments, that others with Parkinsons have mentioned too, is that the tendons in my feet are being pulled shorter and my toes are turning under, making walking uncomfortabe.

The tremors are coming back and I had a bad batch of restless legs, the first for ages, the other night. Now I can’t get to sleep for bursitis pain in my hip with the arthritis. Then pain wakes me up.

I am not getting much sleep I’m waking up around 2 a.m. till around 6am so I am very tired all the time.

I cant type without a stylus as my fingers are too jittery and they dont reach the correct keys any more. Ive just changed the settings to ignore repeated strokes and to pop up each letter now, although I usually typed without watching the keyboard, which is set to high contrast.

Due to macular degeneration and cataracts, I miss the two first letters or numbers with my good eye so editing ìs dodgy.

Im still cooking, but prefer blended veg as soups to cooked veg and my swalowing/saliva has sorted itself. Im not doing enough exercise due to my crumbling spine but sìtting or lying now cause pain that gets intense so I have to get up añd keep moving, which is one form of exercise. My mobility varies. Standing up is a slow process.

.My short term memory is suddenly woeful. Ìt could aĺl be linked to my thyroiď though and my tests are due.

Chronic pain is my main niggle.

on the upsde: the arthritis pain in my knee has ceased, thanks to glucosamine. .Just have to keep changing position.

The bout of depression has passed. The weekly relaxation class in the hall that I organised with Tracy is working and every cell feels rested.

Im çutting down on sugar and am fooling my sweet.tooth with sugar- free sweets. Too many of those give one ‘the scootrums’ so restraint is imperative.

The pain and swelling in my face and jaw have responded to all the subsequant dental work. More expense.

My bood oresure is normal, sugar usually ok so things are prety good. Now 4.30am and think I can get back to sleep with 2 paracetamol. Not bad for 73 on the 25th. Will foçus on anti‐in inflammatory foods and stretching. Must do more walking.

So not too bad really.

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

2 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Remind me, do you have a bath in your place? If not, do you have anywhere with a hydrothermal pool or spa nearby? A warm bath is a great temporary pain reliever, and maybe you could get a little exercise at the same time. Just a thought. Ignore me if it’s not useful.


    1. Bless you! No bath but a good flexible shower. I can no longer get out of a bath. Not for years. Its quite scary to not b able to heave out. Spa would be lovelý. I dont take opiates and as little paracetamol and clebrex becuse my Dad’s kidneys failed from taking them and they dot do much anyway. Ive done a lot of hynotherpy for pain when I got fibromyalgiabut my immune system istoo strong I was told and fights everthing causing inflammation. But I dont get colds and flu – had pneumonia twice though. Too many mixed genes perhaps. My sis is fine.


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