toHand writing

._. Ihave accidentally. downloaded. a keyboard cha t lume Nyhanliving into- text- Not working is it. will give tgat a niss even if lafely I keep mssing the correct letters on the keyboard as ooposed to stuttering.?more later…

Well that was embarrassing. What it says above is that I tried a new keyboard _ by accident pressed the wrong keyboard button and it accepted handwriting which it converted into text. But of course it did not read my handwriting. I should have been a doctor. I still have problems with dictation and my Scottish accent.Now with the recent deterioration my typing has become vey is stuttery again and it is extremely frustrating to keep going back and correcting it.

Last week’s Lucentis eye injection does not seem to have done much and in fact the vision seems to be worse with light and dark patches and missing letters in each word.

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